[[caption-width-right:275:"[[PreAsskickingOneLiner Witches don't need ... prayers]]."]]

''Bullet Witch'' is a 2007 ThirdPersonShooter developed by Cavia and published by AQ Interactive (Japan), Creator/{{Atari}} (North America/Europe), Creator/{{Codemasters}} (Australia) for the UsefulNotes/Xbox360 and by Creator/XSEEDGames for PC.

Taking place in [[TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture 2013]], the story revolves around a supernatural event that occurred six years earlier and resulted in a large horde of demons (calling themselves the Geist) emerging and driving humanity to near-extinction.

In a coastal city in the U.S., a [[HotWitch witch]] named Alicia arrives, driven by a [[HearingVoices disembodied voice]] called "The Darkness" that speaks to her. In her investigation of the city, she comes upon one of the last human military outposts and is asked by their commander to help save mankind. Using a magical broomstick that can change its shape and allow her to cast spells, Alicia sets out to rescue the surviving military forces in the city and confront Omega, a weapon- and magic-resistant demon.

The game was notable for allowing the player to summon various powerful spells, including [[InstantThunder lightning strikes]], [[BlowYouAway powerful tornadoes]] and [[ColonyDrop meteor showers]]. The player's weapon could also [[MorphWeapon transform into]] [[SwissArmyWeapon four different types of guns]]. A PC version was released on April 25, 2018 through Steam and Humble Store bundled with support for higher resolutions, improved frame-rate, rebalanced gameplay, and all of the game's [=DLCs=] (the extra missions however must be unlocked first) for free.

Not to be confused with ''VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}}'' or [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Marisa Kirisame]].

!!This video game features the following tropes:
* AmericanKirbyIsHardcore: The Japanese cover art (and page image) features Alicia with her broom standing behind a moonlit city. The [[https://i.imgur.com/stPjODj.jpg overseas release]] changes the background with a city in an inferno with some of the game's enemies. However, the overseas cover is also reversible for those who prefer the Japanese cover art.
* AttackOfThe50FootWhatever: [[spoiler:The final boss, and the giant geists]].
* AwesomeButImpractical: Nearly all of the spells besides Lightning. Tornado has a massive attack animation but does little damage to enemies. The player is also more likely to kill themselves with the Meteor spell than other enemies..
* AwesomeMcCoolName: The leader of the [[LaResistance human resistance]], Maxwell Cougar.
* BareYourMidriff: Alicia in her default outfit, Dynamite Beauty, Pixie, and Mummy costumes.
* {{BFG}}: Alicia's gun, which is supposed to look like a broomstick. It can also [[MorphWeapon transform]] into several other weapons.
* BittersweetEnding: Heavy of the sweet. In spite of Alicia's efforts, she's only liberated one (bombed-out) city and killed one major demon by the end of the game while demons still inhabit most of the rest of the world spreading pure misery. However, her presence has given hope to the remnants of humanity that the demons can be defeated and Alicia has sworn under a deal not to stop until all the demons are destroyed. The credits show Alicia's exploits around the world in various countries, amassing victories for the human resistance, helping mankind gain the upper hand by diminishing the demon population, and being instrumental in defeating the demon threat. A virus antibody had been discovered to make a vaccine for the plague afflicting humanity, its food supply was recovering, and a provisional government had been made to establish law and order.
* BlackMagicianGirl: Alicia.
* BlowYouAway: Alicia's Tornado spell.
* BoomStick: Well, more of a Broom Stick. It's a gun that looks like a broom. It can morph into several [[SwissArmyWeapon other weapons]].
* BottomlessMagazines: PlayedWith. The ammunition for Alicia's broom/gun is created through the use of magic, but she cannot fire it unless she has mana to use.
* CastFromHitPoints: The Sacrifice spell, used to heal people. Presumably due to EquivalentExchange.
%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample * CelibateHero: Well, Heroine. Alicia.
* CrapsackWorld: The world was hit by earthquakes, wars, famine, a plague that induces murderous violence... and now demons. When the plot starts, the world's population has been reduced to just under a billion, nations have crumbled into disarray and mass death, and humanity is on its last legs gearing for the end.
* CruelAndUnusualDeath: Geists will continue to shoot Alicia after a game over, causing her body to jerk repeatedly.
* DarkIsNotEvil: Despite being a witch, Alicia is a good girl.
* DealWithTheDevil:
** How the demon invasion started.
** Also, implied how [[spoiler:Alicia got her powers]].
* DeathFromAbove: Alicia's ultimate spell, Meteor.
* DifficultyByRegion: The American version has Alicia's gun do less damage, as the localization team wanted American players to use magic more.
* DownloadableContent: All of the extra costumes are absolutely free. However, in the UsefulNotes/Xbox360 version,everyone outside of Japan has to pay for the extra missions (they cost about $0.25, roughly $4.25 in total). But they're free in the PC version. Alicia's costumes include:
** CatholicSchoolGirlsRule: The Schoolgirl costume.
** FairySexy: The Pixie costume.
** HellBentForLeather: The White Witch costume.
** MsFanservice: The Dynamite Beauty costume, consisting of a small open shirt, [[DangerouslyShortSkirt a mini-skirt]], and [[ZettaiRyouiki thigh-highs]]. Also sports a pair of [[{{Meganekko}} glasses]].
** {{Mummy}}: The Mummy costume.
** SexySecretary: The self-explanatory Secretary costume.
* ElementalPowers: Alicia can imbue her ammunition with elemental properties, and learn spells which control the elements.
** PlayingWithFire: Fire ammo for the machine gun.
** BlowYouAway: Wind ammo for the shotgun and the Tornado spell.
** ShockAndAwe: Electricity for the gatling gun and her Lightning spell.
** DishingOutDirt: While not used offensively, Alicia can summon stone walls for cover.
** GreenThumb / PetalPower: The Rose Spear spell.
** LightEmUp: Light ammo for the cannon.
* EquivalentExchange: Implied, with how healing someone with Sacrifice CastFromHitPoints, in addition to some {{Mana}} to heal someone. And it's called Sacrifice.
* FateWorseThanDeath: [[spoiler: Jumping into that pit didn't kill the guy from the introduction. He's been kept alive in the pit for months unable to die, and likely aware that he brought about the end of the world,]]
* GatlingGood: One of Alicia's most powerful guns.
* HealingHands: The Sacrifice spell, which heals people, which is CastFromHitPoints, and uses {{Mana}} as well.
* HotWitch: Alicia, of course.
* ICannotSelfTerminate: [[spoiler:The human sacrifice from the introduction scene, who didn't die after he jumped in and has been trapped alone in a pit for months]].
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: Alicia's Rose Spear spell summons a dozen spears that burst out of the ground, impaling everything in the area of effect. This results in HighPressureBlood and then subsequently a [[IncendiaryExponent blaze of death]].
* LaResistance: Maxwell Cougar is the leader of the human resistance, whom Alicia meets with (and later fights beside) at the beginning of the game.
* LadyOfWar: Alicia's personality has elements of this. In the credits, she was questioned as being the reincarnation of Joan of Arc when she liberated France from demonic occupation.
* LifeMeter: At the top right of the screen, in a blue bar that decreases from left to right.
* LukeIAmYourFather: [[spoiler: The guy who throws himself into the pit and summons the demons is Alicia's father]].
* MadeOfExplodium: Shoot any vehicle enough and it will explode. Doesn't matter where you shoot it, either. Shoot the windshield? '''BOOM!'''
* MageMarksman: Alicia fits this troupe to a T as she has a magical gun that looks like a broomstick, which can morph into either machine gun, sniper rifle, shotgun, or gatling gun, and its ammo is reloaded with magic. She also has a set of deadly mass-destruction spells when things get really hairy.
* ManaMeter: At the top right of the screen, in a purple-ish bar that dcreases from left to right.
* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands: Alicia slowly gets her ultimate spells from Darkness.
* NightOfTheLivingMooks: And day-time, too.
* OneHitKill: The result of flinging any physics-affected object into yourself. This is often caused by casting Meteor, as it tends to fling things everywhere.
* PantyShot: When wearing the schoolgirl or secretary outfits, and while side-dodging.
* SensualSpandex: Alicia's downloadable Pixie outfit.
* SomethingAboutARose: Alicia's Rose Spear spell summons a line of razor-sharp blades shaped like rose petals to impale enemies.
* SpiritualSuccessor: To the ''Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex'' game for the UsefulNotes/PlayStation2, which was also developed by Cavia. Both games share similar shooting elements.
* StandardFPSGuns / SwissArmyWeapon: Your broom can take form of a [[MoreDakka machine gun]], a {{shotgun|sAreJustBetter}}, a [[SniperRifle cannon]], and a [[GatlingGood gatling gun]].
* UpdatedRerelease: The Japanese Platinum Collection reprints contained all of the game's [=DLCs=] on the disc. Unfortunately, it's also region-locked. The 2018 PC re-release however comes with all the [=DLCs=] bundled and available internationally, along with support for higher resolutions, improved frame-rate and lighting, and rebalanced gameplay. This version also restores the missing dash function left out from the original Xbox 360 release.
* WalkingTechbane: Alicia, specifically for aircraft -- any aircraft she's on ''will'' crash for one reason or another. It's so universal that Darkness '''orders''' her not to board a helicopter during the ending.
** It's funny until you consider how all this started.
* WhatTheHellHero: If Alicia engages in DestructiveSavior tendencies the newspapers at the end of a stage will call her out on it. Especially when she destroyed the Tower of Pisa in Italy or burned down the Amazon Rainforest with a Meteor Strike while fighting a demons.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Some of the DLC costume changes Alicia's hair color. The Schoolgirl costume changes her hair to blue, Dynamite Beauty changes it to green, and Pixie changes it to pink.