''Bomberman: Act Zero'' is a 2006 reboot of the ''VideoGame/{{Bomberman}}'' franchise for the XBox360, loosely based on the original ''Bomberman'' game's story and box art while retaining the franchise's core gameplay.

Bombermen are destructive robots built to prove their worth by destroying each other: whoever comes out alive wins. The player's Bomberman (or Bomberwoman) is awakened from deactivation and thrown into battle, planning to fight its way to the surface of the Earth to escape.

''Act Zero'' is one of the most [[EpicFail infamous and critically panned reboots in gaming]] ''[[EpicFail history]]''. Not only did the [[DarkerAndEdgier new grim and gritty design]] win no new fans, but the gameplay was considered tedious and repetitive, giving the player [[NintendoHard 99 levels with no save options, one life, and no continues]] (Admittedly just like the original game, but that was twenty years ago). The game also introduced ''First Person Bomber'', which places the camera behind the player -- in what's technically a ''Third'' Person View -- who must control it while they play because it doesn't adjust otherwise. There are literally no other gameplay changes in this mode. [[ScrappyMechanic It worked about as well as you'd expect]]. The multiplayer, the ''Bomberman'' franchise's cornerstone, had its problems as well, offering no offline multiplayer and generally feeling as thin as the rest of the game.

In short, it [[AWorldwidePunomenon bombed]]. Even Hudson Soft, despite a brief attempt to defend the game, [[OldShame eventually abandoned it]].
!!This game provides examples of:
* AWinnerIsYou: Completed 99 levels in one go, without dying? Congratulations, you get to see the final level open up to what is basically a wallpaper of the start screen. Heck, the game doesn't even tell you that ''that'' is it.
* [[ChainmailBikini Bikini Armor]]: [[SarcasmMode Which makes it very dark and gritty.]]
* ChainedByFashion
* CharacterCustomization
* CheckpointStarvation: There are no checkpoints and no save option. If you want to beat the game, you have to do it all in one go without dying.
* CombatStilettos
* ContinuityReboot: ''Act Zero'' was meant to take the franchise in a DarkerAndEdgier direction. [[EpicFail Read above to see how that panned out]].
* DarkerAndEdgier: [[TropesAreNotGood A prime example of how this trope can be misused.]]
* HotterAndSexier: For whatever reason.
* JigglePhysics[=/=]{{Gainaxing}}: Done with the female character's breasts (oddly enough, considering the tone of the game).
* [[TheRightHandOfDoom The Left Hand of Doom]]: Bomberman has an oversized claw glove on his left hand.
* MusclesAreMeaningless: A prime example, the bombermen has muscles like no tomorrow but the bomberwomen has none but are just as strong, or even stronger as they manage to balance on their heels at the same time.
* {{Ms|Fanservice}}. and MrFanservice: Are well built but are quite creepy due to their dead-looking eyes and weird {{Powered Armor}}s makes them look more weird.
* MutuallyExclusivePowerups: Penetrating Bomb overrides Remote Control, which becomes a PowerupLetdown in the midgame once all the soft blocks are destroyed. However, it's possible to take a hit and lose Penetrating Bomb but keep Remote Control.
* NintendoHard: 99 floors, one life, no continues, no save option. As [=GameSpot=]'s Greg Mueller put it:
-->"[It] is difficult not so much because of the way the game challenges your gaming skills, but because of the way it challenges your patience."
* NotSoDifferent: Used as a marketing ploy for the game.
* OneHitPointWonder: Despite retaining the series' core gameplay, ''Act Zero'' averts this by having a health meter in "First Person Bomber" mode.
* {{Walking|ShirtlessScene}} PantyShot
* PoweredArmor: Not that it covers much.
* RealIsBrown
* ScreamingWarrior: When they die, although it sounds more like a ScreamingWoman or that they ScreamsLikeALittleGirl, [[SarcasmMode adding to the grittiness]].