->''The World's First 4D {{Action Game}}!''

''Blinx the Time Sweeper'' is a [[PlatformGame platform]] [[VideoGames game]] by Artoon and [[MicrosoftStudios Microsoft Game Studios]], for the original UsefulNotes/{{Xbox}}. It was an ill-fated attempt to give the console its own mascot, like [[SuperMarioBros Mario]] or [[SonicTheHedgehog Sonic]], and was in fact, created by Sonic's creator, Naoto Ohshima. but the game failed due to clumsy controls and an overall negative reaction from gamers, sending Blinx to an [[StillBornFranchise early oblivion]]--but not before starring in the game's [[SurprisinglyImprovedSequel only sequel]], ''Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space''.

Blinx, so the story goes, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin is a Time Sweeper]], an employee of the Time Factory dedicated to the creation, distribution, and maintenance of time all across the dimensional axis. His job is important, because if glitches in time aren't found and fixed hastily, they could result in Time Monsters that threaten innocent civilians. When a group of evil pigs called the Tom-Tom Gang cause a major disruption in World [=B1Q64=], the Time Factory stops its time stream, freezing all of its inhabitants indefinitely. In spite of this, Blinx receives a {{distress call}} from a young local princess, Lena, pleading for help.

Disregarding orders, Blinx leaps into a Time Portal and sets out to help her.

!!This game and its sequel feature examples of:

* HundredPercentCompletion - To get the [[InfinityPlusOneSword Infinity Plus One Sweeper]] you must slog through and complete all the levels while finding the hidden cat medals.
* AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs - In Blinx 2, after the first Sweeper mission, the base is overrun by Tom-Toms. Also, [[spoiler:later, when the Sweepers have several of the Big Crystal fragments, you have to play as the Tom-Toms breaking into the Time Factory to steal them]].
* AnvilOnHead - One of the second game's weapons for the Tom-Tom gang drops a metal tub on the target's head.
* AmericanKirbyIsHardcore - The current page image of Blinx shows the cute cuddly Blinx from the Japanese box. Elsewhere, Blinx shows his many, many spiky teeth.
* AttackOfThe50FtWhatever - Benito the Great.
* BatterUp - The Grand Slam from the second game. One-use item that makes the victim ATwinkleInTheSky. ''Very'' satisfying to use on an annoying guard.
* BossBonanza - Momentopolis, from the first game.
* BraggingRightsReward - Completing all of the challenges in Blinx 2 and saving every last medal gets you [[spoiler:a picture of the shopkeeper from Blinx 1]].
* ColourCodedTimeStop
* ClockRoaches - Unswept Time Crystals become Time Monsters. The sole objective of the first game is to eliminate all of them in each stage.
* ConvectionSchmonvection - Played completely straight in the final world, Blinx can be two inches from lava ''while standing on a metal surface suspended above flames'' and be completely unharmed.
* CycleOfHurting - Fairly easy to stumble into, since extra lives function by rewinding time in the stage by a few seconds. Thus, if you happened to already be stuck at the point it rewinds to, you end up having to either restart the level or just watch yourself die over and over.
* DarkerAndEdgier: The second game has more of a MildlyMilitary feel compared to the original, and a [[ApocalypseHow higher-stakes plot]]. It's still ultimately about cats fighting pigs and blob monsters by picking up trash with a vacuum cleaner, though.
* DoubleUnlock - In both games, collecting every Cat Medal unlocks the ultimate Sweeper in the shop. You still have to buy them, and they're both very expensive -- in the first game, the TS-X7 Supreme costs 90000G, three times as much as the second priciest item.
* EldritchAbomination: The time monsters are a surprisingly cutesy example.
* EnemyMine: [[spoiler:At the end of Blinx 2, the Tom Toms realise that stealing the Big Crystal is going to destroy time itself, so your Time Sweeper team and your Tom Tom team work together to defeat the Scissor demon.]]
* FeedItABomb: The best way to kill Keroppers (And the Kerofish from the sequel) is to shoot bombs at them, because they have an annoying habit of swallowing ammo.
* FunnyAnimal - The page picture should be a clue. The Time Factory's staff and the Time Sweepers are anthropomorphic cats, and the time-stealing Tom-Toms are anthropomorphic pigs.
* JumpedAtTheCall - Blinx, big time.
* NintendoHard - The last two worlds of the first game (Everwinter, Forge Of Hours) and the final boss (Momentopolis).
* EternalEngine - The final world (Forge Of Hours). It features plenty of jumping between gears, [[SpikesOfDoom spikes,]] and copious amounts of lava.
* MineralMacGuffin - Although there are Time Crystals all over the place, only the Big Crystal in Blinx 2 is a proper MacGuffin. The Tom-Tom leader wants it because it's shiny.
* MissionControl - They're there in Blinx 1, but after Blinx jumps in the portal, you never hear from them again. In the sequel, you wish you could be so lucky. Your 'Operator' directs you every step of the way and more or less gives away every puzzle.
* OrangeBlueContrast - Time Factory architecture is typically all blue with orange highlights. This carries over to the game interface when playing as a Time Sweeper. Blinx wears a blue jumper and is an orange cat (moreso in the sequel where he appears in cutscenes within the Time Factory on badly calibrated [=TVs=] as an orange blur on a solid blue background. In the first game, he's more cherry red.)
* PressXToNotDie - Giant cannon pops out in front of you? No problem, just press X.
* ResetButton - The retries.
* SaveThePrincess: In the first game.
* SlippySlideyIceWorld - World 7 - Everwinter.
* SpeakingSimlish - In ''Blinx: TTS'', the cast spoke in a gibberish language, but in ''Blinx 2'', they all speak English (Or it is at least translated into English).
* StealthBasedGame - As a Tom-Tom, [[TheCaper you're supposed to sneak into and out of Sweeper controlled areas]] by using gadgets with Space-manipulating powers.
* SequelDifficultyDrop - The sequel took some flak for taking this a [[AnnoyingVideoGameHelper bit]] too far.
* TankGoodness - The Tom-Toms get a tank in the sequel.
* TimeCrash - The Time Factory creates and supplies time to all 'worlds'. Leaving unswept Time Crystals in a world makes it difficult to do that, and [=B1Q64=]'s supply of time would have had to be frozen for the safety of all the other worlds if it weren't for Blinx's intervention. In the sequel, an attack on the Time Factory stops the entire factory from functioning. We're led to believe that this is very bad. Then on top of that, the Time Goddesses decide that perhaps the universe isn't so great after all.
* TimeMaster - The Time Sweepers, including Blinx himself.
* TimedMission - In Blinx 1, there's an instant game over once the timer reaches 10 minutes from Blinx's perspective, regardless of how many RETRY powers you're holding. Probably justified by the imminent collapse of time in World [=B1Q64=].
* TookALevelInBadass: Blinx himself. While true, he was pretty competent in the first game, by the time the second rolled around, he not only had a new (very cool) voice, but but apparently learnt some new tricks: in the opening sequence alone, he saves a squad of Time Sweepers from a missile by slowing time, jumps on and across the debris ''while still in slow time'', and even gets a good version of a GoodScarsEvilScars.
* TurnsRed - A number of the later bosses do this around half health.
* VillainousGlutton - The pigs of the Tom-Tom gang, especially their boss Benito.
* VirtualPaperDoll - Rather than playing as Blinx in the second game, you design your own characters to play as.
* WeaponsThatSuck - The Time Sweepers' main method of attack.
* WeirdMoon - A sizable bite seems to have been taken off World [=B1Q64=]'s moon.