''Bio-Ship Paladin'' (Japanese title: ''Uchuu Senkan Gomora'', "Space Battleship Gomora") is a HorizontalScrollingShooter by UPL released for arcade and the UsefulNotes/SegaGenesis in the early 1990s. It's a fairly average shooter except for a rather unique feature; a point defense gun. That is, as well as your main guns which fire forward, you have a cursor which you can use to fire explosive blasts at any place on screen, in a very similar way to ''VideoGame/MissileCommand''. This allows you to use firepower ''defensively'', by shooting down enemy projectiles before they can hit you, which is very rare in shmups. It also lets you target enemies and even parts of enemies selectively.

The plot begins on the planet Atlantal, an earth-like planet in a distant system. Directly before the events of the game, a huge fleet of space ships appears and attacks the planet's largest city, Delila. With no communication with the enemies, the Atlantalites declare them The Aggressors. The Aggressors start attacking past the planet and spreading past the "Galegino Path" some sort of spacial sea of flame that may be a star. To counter this Aggressor invasion, a two-seater bioship is produced that is capable of growing stronger and larger(the Paladin from the title) and sent out to stop the invaders.

It is much slower paced than most shooters, probably because of the point defense, which requires the player to be able to intercept incoming fire in time.
!!This game contains examples of:
* AttackDrone: You can collect them on the sides of your ship and they will shoot for you. They are easily destroyed, though.
* CombatAndSupport: There is a two player mode in which the first player can control the ship's movement and forward shots while a secondary player can assist by controlling the point defense weapon.
* ChainReactionDestruction: Every single boss and a good number of the standard enemies meet their ends this way.
* ChargedAttack: The ship has a charge beam.
* CriticalExistenceFailure: Averted! The Paladin gets smaller as it takes more damage, eventually exploding.
* DestructibleProjectiles: All missiles are this way, and the main purpose of that secondary Beam shot is that it treats nearly every projectile in the game like this.
* DynamicDifficulty: Sort of - the more health your ship has, the larger it is, and the more prone it is to getting hit.
* PainfullySlowProjectile: The shots in this game are noticeably slower than in other games, which gives you a chance to counter them with your point defense gun.
* SegmentedSerpent: One of the enemies is this. Unlike most of the entries under the trope, hitting it anywhere (not just the head) will damage it.
* ThemeNaming: Many of the bosses are named after ''alcoholic drinks''. Seems that the enemy forces were drunk when coming up with names...
* AWinnerIsYou: As usual for a game of this variety, this ending consists of a single screen and the sentence "The Paladin's mission is finally over." or something to that effect. Then the credits play. They do contain the names of most of the bosses, though.