A fighting game released by Aksys and Arc System Works, the creators of ''VideoGame/{{Guilty Gear}}''. It was the first fighting game to be released by the company on the UsefulNotes/XBox360 and UsefulNotes/PlayStation3. It is set in a cookie-cutter [[FantasyKitchenSink Medieval Fantasy]] world, which serves as a contrast to Guilty Gear's and VideoGame/BlazBlue's heavy {{Science Fiction}} setting. The art style is [[AmazingTechnicolorBattlefield very colorful]] and [[HighFantasy heavily fantastical]], and the game's themes are much {{Lighter and Softer}} than its predecessor.

Gameplay is also much slower than the ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'' or ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'' series, resembling ''StreetFighter'' more than anything.

The game saw a disc release on the 360, which is notoriously difficult to track down, and a digital release on the Playstation Network.

On July 7th, 2015, the game was given a Steam release under the title of ''Battle Fantasia -Revised Edition-''.

Not to be confused with a set of MagicalGirl [[{{Real Trailer Fake Movie}} Real Trailer Fake Game]] clips. Or with the ''Fanfic/BattleFantasiaProject''.
!!This game provides examples of:

* ABoyAndHisX : Marco and his Pet Dragon
* AmazingTechnicolorBattlefield
* AnachronismStew: All over the place. If this is a medieval fantasy setting, why does Texas and a wild west gunslinger exist? And how can there be a MaidCafe that serves sodas in this world? Not to mention that Urs has a MOTHERFUCKING LASER CHAINSAW THAT DOUBLES AS A VEHICLE SOMEHOW.
* AnimatedArmor: Deathbringer
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Marco to Urs.
* AssKicksYou: Watson
** Possibly Marco as well. It's hard to tell with the LensFlare.
* {{BFS}}: Deathbringer
* BlackKnight: Deathbringer
* CallingYourAttacks: "''Texasu!''" "''Foruntia!''"
* CatGirl: Coyori
* ChainsawGood: Urs' weapon, which doubles as a [[ImpossiblyCoolWeapon motorcycle!]]
* ChivalrousPervert: Freed, Ashley
* CoolMask: Face
* DamageSpongeBoss: Deathbringer. He clocks in at over 32,000 HP in a game where the average character has about ''3000''.
* TheDandy: Ashley
* EmotionlessGirl: Odile
* EmpathicWeapon / EvilWeapon: Dokurod
* EpicFlail: Cedric
* EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses: Olivia
* EvilIsBurningHot: Deathbringer is constantly on fire, and only takes ScratchDamage from any attack where the player isn't in "Heat Up" mode.
%% * FragileSpeedster: Watson
* GroinAttack: Marco using his grab against Face, complete with a bell sound!
* TheGunslinger: Face
* HitPoints: While [[SubvertedTrope mainly shown for cosmetic effect]], in fighting games your characters do have set [=HPs=], Battle Fantasia is the first to show them.
* HolyHandGrenade: Cedric, whose powers mostly involves shooting spells made of holy energy.
* HookHand: Freed
* KidHero: Marco
* KillerRabbit: Watson
* LighterAndSofter: This game takes place in a very colorful, medieval setting and much {{lampshade hanging}} takes place, in contrast to its [[VideoGame/GuiltyGear precursor]] and [[VideoGame/BlazBlue successor]].
* LoveableSexManiac: Cedric
* ManOnFire: Characters ignite when they activate "Heat Up" mode, giving some of their attacks special properties for a limited time.
%% * MightyGlacier: Donvalve, Deathbringer
* MovesetClone: Urs and Marco, Olivia and Odile/Dokurod.
* OurDwarvesAreAllTheSame: Averted by Donvalve, who is a giant-sized Dwarf with a valve protruding from his torso.
* PantyShot: The result of Marco using his grab on Coyori.
* {{Pirate}}: Freed
** It should be noted that Freed is not actually a Pirate, though he looks like one for being a (Flying) Ship Captain and having a Hook instead of a hand
* RebelliousPrincess: Olivia
* RobeAndWizardHat: Watson
* RPGElements: In presentation, rather than gameplay. Health is called "HP" and displayed numerically, and the announcer calls "Level up!" as your special bar fills.
** Even more prevalent in the official site, where each character has listed gear, items being carried and level. All for aesthetic purpose, of course. The characters themselves also tend to lampshade this.
* SNKBoss: Deathbringer's second form, which can only be damaged in Heat Up mode.
* SpeechImpediment: Marco pronounces his "R"s like "W"s. Justified, as he's only a little kid.
* StalkerWithACrush: Ashley towards Olivia, who justifiably has no idea who he is. Although he devotes his entire life to anonymously protecting Roselia's princess, calling himself her "shadow," it's quite apparent that he's also got deep feelings for her.
* StayInTheKitchen: Face's opinion on Olivia fighting to save her country.
* SteamPunk: Present in some areas, but especially evident in Donvalve.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Type A Coyori, Type B/C depending of the color Olivia & Odile