A GameMod for ''VideoGame/{{Doom}} II'', ''[[ Batman Doom]]'' puts you in the shoes of [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin (guess who?)]] Franchise/{{Batman}}; specifically, the mod's plot is ''(very)'' loosely based on the ''Comicbook/{{Knightfall}}'' storyline. It was released in 1999 by the ACE Team who, years later, went on to make ''ZenoClash'' and ''VideoGame/RockOfAges''.

It is available for download [[ here]], and is best played with the [[ prBoom]] source port.

The game is divided into chapters, each of which involves Batman taking on the machinations of a different prominent villain from his RoguesGallery and eventually facing the villain as a boss.

''Batman Doom'' remains one of the most acclaimed mods for ''Doom II''; among other things; this is due to its GeniusProgramming, which is apparent to anyone with expertise in ''Doom'' editing; while modern source ports give the modders a wide freedom, the original ''Doom'' engine is notoriously inflexible, and yet ACE Team have managed to achieve some truly mind-bogglingly difficult tricks with it.
!!This mod exhibits the following tropes:
* ActionBomb: The Penguin's walking penguin bombs.
* AmusementParkOfDoom: "House of Fear", complete with CreepyCircusMusic.
* BonusStage: If you manage to finish the first Scarecrow boss fight before a bomb blows up Mayor Kroll, you can access a bonus level. Even this little bit of nonlinearity is impressive in a ''Doom'' mod.
* BossOnlyLevel: The final level.
* BossRush: The two penultimate levels, taking place in the ruined Arkham Asylum, have you facing all the bosses encountered so far, one by one.
* DownTheDrain: Shows up very quickly, as your second real level (not counting the [[PlayerHeadquarters Batcave]]), where you hunt the Killer Croc.
* FauxlosophicNarration: A few text screens pop up during the game, filled with Batman boasting about how he's the "chosen one" to defeat the great evil in Gotham, or something.
* FisticuffsBoss: Bane, the end boss. You are forced to pick up a special gauntlet and you cannot switch out of it. If you try to switch out, the fight becomes {{Unwinnable}} as you are rendered completely helpless.
* FriendlyLocalChinatown: One of the levels... sans the "friendly" part. Buddhist iconography, paper lanterns and shuriken-tossing Asian thugs abound.
* GameBreakingBug: Attempting to play the mod in Zandronum results in certain enemies apparently becoming voodoo dolls who, if you kill them, automatically kill you in return by way of telefragging, even if you're in god mode. Thankfully, the enemies that do this are rare in comparison to the "safe" ones... but this still makes the game {{unwinnable}} because one of them happens to be the ''final boss''. The seventh weapon is also unusable, as it takes up ammo even though it's supposed to have infinite ammo, making the final fight with Bane {{Unwinnable}}. The latter bug seems to be fixed in more recent dev builds of ZDoom. (Zandronum is based on a rather old version)
* LostInTheMaize: The level with the second Scarecrow boss fight.
* MindScrew / JokeLevel: The SecretLevel, called simply "No Comment..." or "Weird!" As the cheesy theme song of the [[Series/{{Batman}} campy 60's show]] plays in the background, you fight giant flying eyes on a island floating in black void, made out of flesh with [[Creator/SalvadorDali trees with half-melted clocks]] growing out of it, and then enter the (literal) mouth of a meat pyramid to exit the level.
* MolotovCocktail: Used by the enemy called "Zeke".
* MonsterClown: Evil clowns which toss darts at you, found in the Scarecrow's and Joker's chapters.
* NonLethalKO: Technically, all the enemies are knocked out rather than killed, since it's [[ThouShaltNotKill Batman]] we're talking about - the kill meter is even removed from the stats screen. How can you achieve this with a flamethrower or some exploding barrels is a mystery - then again, given it's [[AntiHeroSubstitute Azrael-as-Batman]], he may just not care.
* OutrunTheFireball: The ending of the "Axis Chemicals" level.
* PlayerHeadquarters: The Batcave, which you visit at the beginning of every chapter to replenish your resources a little (and which contains a different secret each time).
* StrappedToABomb: Mayor Kroll gets tied to a chair with a bomb tied to him. There's a time limit in which to save him, and if you take too long or [[WhatTheHellHero shoot him yourself]], you miss out on the bonus level.
* StockSoundEffects / ShoutOut: Many of the sound effects are taken from ''Videogame/{{Marathon}}'' or ''Videogame/MortalKombat''.
* TimedMission: "Gas Trap", set in a hospital where you have a few minutes to find a button to turn off emitters of poison gas.
* WolverineClaws: The Cheungs use these.