[[caption-width-right:300:Merrily we roll along...]]
''Ballance'' is a relaxing action/puzzle MadMarbleMaze computer game for windows, where you control a ball, trying to get it to the exit across 15 levels which are ensembles of wooden platforms, metal rails and wooden gutters. Of course, since your "hero" is a ball, you don't walk, but rather roll around - and you better watch out for inertia, as the levels are built with NoOSHACompliance and you can easily slip and fall into the colorful void around. There are a lot of puzzles to solve by figuring out the right directions for your ball to take.

Physics play an important role in the game: by running into special "material changers", your ball can assume one of three different materials, each of them having a different weight:
* '''[[FragileSpeedster Paper]]''': Being the lightest has its privileges - you can zoom easily across pits, make use of [[SpringJump floor fans]], and climb steep slopes - but your journey will be brutally interrupted when you come across any sort of obstacle, since you won't be able to push it out of the way. Incidentally, it's rough composition also makes slower than the other 2 ball materials.
* '''[[JackOfAllStats Wood]]''': The average ball. It can negotiate its way up most slopes and push some obstacles out of the way; but it still cannot do some things.
* '''[[MightyGlacier Stone]]''': The heaviest one, and thus some gaps and slopes are impassable for it - but it can push heavy objects such as bridges, switches or other stone balls which inexplicably happen to lie around and block your way.
!!This game shows examples of:
* CheckPoint
* CrateExpectations: Who scattered all these crates throughout the levels?
* FloatingPlatforms: Not all. Some are set up on incredibly long poles that seem to reach down hundreds of kilometres onto the planet in the void below.
* [[spoiler:FlyingSaucer]]: Pops up in the ending.
%% * FragileSpeedster: Paper
%% * JackOfAllStats: Wood
* MadMarbleMaze
%% * MightyGlacier: Stone
* ScoreScreen
* VentPhysics: Fans to propel the paper ball upwards.
* WreakingHavok