''Aveyond'' are a series of VideoGame/RPGMaker games created by [[http://www.amaranthia.com/ Amaranth Games.]] Most of the titles are developed using ''RPG Maker XP'' (with the exception of ''Ahriman's Prophecy'', which was made using RPG Maker 2000).

The games are set in the world of Aia and normally start out with a KidHero happily living their lives until the BigBad does something that forces them to an adventure and the next thing they know, an old lady tells them that they [[TheChosenOne are part of some prophecy]] to prevent TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.

''Ahriman's Prophecy'' starts out with Talia Maurva, who wants to be "named", or given a life job, but ends up being ordered to go to Thais along with Devin Perry to learn magic so she can save the world.

''Aveyond'' starts out with a [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair purple-haired girl]] named Rhen who finds an unconsious priestess that tells her she is the ChosenOne who must stop Ahriman from destroying the world.

''Aveyond 2'' begins with a normal elven boy named Ean who goes on a journey to save the spirit of his best friend Iya when the Snow Queen captures her so she can use Iya's power to freeze the world.

''Aveyond 3'', or at least, only the first 2 chapters of it, starts out with a thief who is paid to find a magical heirloom in a creepy manor on the outskirts of town. Little does she know that the client is a vampire who needs this orb to take over the world. In the 3rd and 4th chapters, the game... goes insane. Somehow there's an ancient prophecy involved somewhere and the villain turns out to be... someone unexpected?

''Aveyond 4'' breaks the typical HerosJourney formula and stars a retired BigBadWannabe who was forced to become an unlikely hero after he loses his dog. Well, the actual plot is about a Mist Wraith princess trying to rescue her younger brother from being sacrificed to a demon, but that's secondary to Boyle's journey.

Aveyond has a [[{{Characters/Aveyond}} character page]] which needs more love.
!!Tropes found in the Aveyond games:
[[folder:Whole series]]
* ActionGirl: ''Aveyond'' has a pretty solid female cast, most of whom are capable fighters.
** ''Ahriman's Prophecy'' has Alicia, the WarriorPrincess knight.
** ''Rhen's Quest'' has Rhen, a "[[MagicKnight Sword singer]]", Elini (who is a Summoner, but is a good enough fighter even without her skills), and Te'ijal the vampire archer.
** Second game has Ava the pirate captain and Emma the NinjaMaid.
** Te'ijal returns in the third game, kicking as much ass (if not more) as she did in the first.
** The fourth title gives us Rowen, an elfen mechanic who can learn to become a [[MagicKnight Sword singer]], and Myst, the mist wraith who despite mostly serving as TheMedic, is still a pretty darn good fighter.
* BetaCouple: ''Aveyond 1'' & ''2'' allows you to marry off some of the side characters, i.e. Te'ijal & Galahad, Elini & Pirate John, Emma & Rye, and Ava & Gavin.
* ChildhoodFriendRomance: Some of the games feature this as a possible romance option.
** In ''Ahriman's Prophecy'', Devin can marry Talia, whom he has known almost her whole life. This is not canon, though.
** After defeating Ahriman in ''Rhen's Quest'', Rhen may choose to return to Clearwater, where she'd marry her childhood crush, Danny. Again, this is not canon.
** If they have enough attraction points, Ean will marry Iya after the two return to their homeland of Elfwood in ''Ean's Quest''. This time, it's canon.
** Boyle and Ingrid, should the player choose to marry them. Well, they're not exactly close friends, and it's not clear how long they've known each other, but Ingrid apparently knows Boyle's parents and is aware of his real surname (even though she's quite forgotten about it).
* GenericDoomsdayVillain: Most of the {{Big Bad}}s in the series are basically just "super powerful beings who wants to destroy/rule/otherwise screw with the world" without any explanation why. The only exception to this is probably Zorom from ''Ahriman's Prophecy'', a disgraced prince who wants to use Ahriman's power to get revenge on his older brother and usurp his kingdom, believing himself to be the better heir to the throne.
* GeographicFlexibility: The maps changes drastically with each game. New cities appear, old ones disappear and sometimes comes back after being absent in one game. Even the ''shape'' of the continents don't stay constant. Compare Aia in [[http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y147/moogyver/Ave1_BuildB/Maps/1-World.png Aveyond 1,]] how it looks in [[http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y147/moogyver/Aveyond%20II%20Eans%20Quest/31-World-Map.gif Aveyond 2,]] and in [[http://www.aveyond.com/uploads/newbb/49_4a73179cac248.png Aveyond 3.]] ([[http://files.casualgameguides.com/includes/aveyond-the-darkthrop-prophecy/images/world-map.jpg TWO of them!]])
* GodInHumanForm: The post-FinalBattle cutscene of ''Aveyond 2'' strongly implies [[spoiler:the Oracle]] is actually the goddess of Aia, as she is the mother of the nymphs who protects the world, and sets up the protagonists on their [[TheHerosJourney journeys]].
* TheGodsMustBeLazy: Whenever there is some sort of evil threatening the world, [[spoiler: Oracle]] usually just sends someone tell the [[TheChosenOne main characters]] that they must save [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt the world]] or just tells them herself despite the fact that [[spoiler: she created Aia, so you might think she might be able to do something about it with a wave of her hand.]] And she certainly doesn't provide any help for the heroes in their quest except for that one time where she gave Rhen the Sword of Shadows.
* HaveANiceDeath: The death screen says: "Ye wimp! Who taught you how to fight?!"
* AHomeownerIsYou: There's an option to buy a mansion in every game.
* IJustWantToBeNormal:
** Talia just wanted to be an herbalist for her village, but instead she ends up getting sent to Thais to learn how to be a mage. Also, Edward would rather be a chicken farmer than a prince.
** Alicia just wants to be a normal citizen rather than a princess, to the point where she runs away with Talia and co.
** Mel wants nothing to do with the Darkthrop prophecy.
* JerkAss: Each of the main game seem to feature at least one obnoxious character.
** ''Rhen's Quest'' have Lars, a rich SpoiledBrat who enjoys tormenting slaves and goes out of his way to make Rhen's life in Shadwood miserable by spreading rumours that she was MadeASlave for stealing. He gets better, though.
** Nicholas from the second game is a very snobbish prince who looks down on commoners and insults them whenever possible, though the player has the option to make him into a nicer guy.
** Lydia from the third game is a RichBitch who constantly antagonizes Mel for her poor background, and is extremely possessive towards Edward because she wants his crown. Unlike the other two example, however, she does not change for the better, and in fact got ''worse'' by the time Chapter 3 rolls around.
* KidHero: With the exception of Boyle from the 4th title, all of the protagonists are still in their teens.
* LoveInterests: All the games features attraction points for various party members, which could allow them to marry each other once they have enough points.
** ''Ahriman's Prophecy'' allows Devin to woo either Talia or Alicia.
** ''Rhen's Quest'' has Dameon as Rhen's love interest, while Elini can take Pirate John, and Te'ijal can get Galahad.
** In ''Aveyond 2'', Ean can increase attraction with Iya and marry her. Rye and Emma can get together, as could Ava and Gavin.
** Edward can earn attractions with either Mel, Stella or Lydia.
** ''Shadow of the Mist'': Ingrid is Boyle's designated love interest, though she can choose to marry Phye or Hi'beru instead.
* LovePotion:
** Gavin casts a love spell on all the witches in New Witchwood in ''Aveyond 1'', making him the most popular guy in the city.
** In ''Aveyond 1'', Elini uses a love potion on Pirate John to make him marry her.
** It makes a return in ''Aveyond 3'', [[spoiler: Either Edward or Spook uses it on Mel.]]
** In ''Aveyond 4'', Ingrid can buy either one of 3 love potion recipes, depending on whom she has the most attraction points with. Wicked love for Boyle, Burning love for Phye, and Dreamy love for Hi'beru.
* MultipleEndings: After defeating the BigBad, the protagonist is usually asked by the Oracle what they want to do next. The protagonist's choice would determine the game's ending.
** ''Aveyond 1'' probably has the most Alternate ends. While the TrueEnding has Rhen return to [[spoiler:Thais and assume her role as their rightful queen, marrying Dameon in the process]], she can also choose to go back to Clearwater, or become a hermit. Build C adds another option for her to go to Shadwood Academy along with Lars and become a teacher there. Of course, there's also the option to join the dark side before the FinalBattle.
** At the end of ''Aveyond 2'', Ean can either go back to the world of elves with Iya (and marry her, if there's enough attraction points) or remain in the Land of Man to explore the new world with Rye and Emma.
** ''Aveyond 3'' ends with Edward's coronation, and the endings vary depending on the girl he marries.
** Similarly, in ''Aveyond 4'', the ending cutscenes varies, depending on whom Ingrid marries: Boyle, Phye or Hi'beru.
* NonLinearSequel: Although the games all take place in the world of Aia, they time periods they occur in are so far apart from each other, that the prequels barely get a mention in the next title. They don't usually even have the same cities and places.
* NotQuiteDead:
** Apparently, no one could have been bothered to check if Ahriman was dead after that final battle with Talia and the other party members.
** In ''Aveyond 3'', [[spoiler:Mordred Darkthrop wasn't killed by his son, but instead escaped to the Demon Realm.]]
* OnlyThePureOfHeart: Some games require the players to earn "karma points" by doing good deeds or donating money to achieve something. In ''Ahriman's Prophecy'', 5 points are required to reach the forest key. In ''Ean's Quest'', you need 10 points to obtain the Phoenix Sphere, which is Iya's most powerful weapon.
* OfficialCouple: While the main protagonist usually have more than 1 love interests, only 1 of them is considered canon, and would be carried over to the sequel.
** ''Ahriman's Prophecy'': Devin can marry either Talia or Alicia, but canonically, he ends up with Alicia and becomes her consort king of Thais. [[spoiler:Rhen, the protagonist of the sequel, is their daughter and the heir to the Thais throne]].
** ''Rhen's Quest'': In the True Ending, Rhen marries Dameon.
** For the ''Orbs of Magic'' series, [[WordOfGod Amanda]] confirms that Edward canonically marries Stella, while Mel's canon LoveInterest is [[spoiler:an unseen descendant of Lars]].
* RecurringElement: Starting from ''Aveyond 1'', in which the developers first established the games as a series, certain elements becomes a mandatory feature of the setting.
** The land of Aveyond itself, as well as the Oracle. It's not really featured as prominently in ''Ean's Quest'' (where only a small segment of the Aveyond shrine can be visited), but they still exist.
** Te'ijal and Galahad, fan favourite {{Optional Party Member}}s from the first game who have since been given varying degrees of roles in the future titles.
** Militant Squirrels.
** The Pendragon family, which are already a prominent feature of the universe since ''Ahriman's Prophecy''. While they're seemingly absent from the ''Shadow of the Mist'', the game's ending implies that Boyle is actually a Pendragon descendant.
* {{Shareware}}: All of the installments save for ''Ahriman's Prophecy'' are paid.
* SlidingScaleOfSillinessVersusSeriousness: Towards the silly end. As an example, militant ''squirrels'' show up in every game so far.
* TimeSkip: ''Ahriman's Prophecy'' skips three years after Talia and Devin reach the collegium. Also the games have time gaps between each other. ''Ahriman's Prophecy'' is thirty years before ''Aveyond 1'', ''Aveyond 2'' is 200 years after ''Aveyond 1'', and ''Aveyond 3'' is 100 years after ''Aveyond 2''.
* WickedWitch: Most of the witches introduced in the game series would spend a lot of their time cursing each other. Heptitus is a particularly nasty one, as she frequently antagonize innocent outsiders, including the heroes.
* TheWorldTree:
** Elder Oak in ''Aveyond 2''
** And the Great Tree in ''Aveyond 3''
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Devin has blue hair; Rhen, Ava and Stella have purple; Lars, Rye, Emma, Lydia and Ingrid has green; Yemite's hair is pink.
* YourSoulIsMine: There's actually a fair deal of soul (and spirit) stealing going on it this series, basically exclusively Just The Soul. Notable examples include Te'ijal stealing Galahad's soul with the soul pendant, the daevas stealing the druids' souls, and Iya's spirit being taken by the Snow Queen. (Although spirits and souls don't seem to be quite the same...) The druids turn to stone when their souls are taken, but neither Galahad or Iya seem to suffer the same fate.

[[folder:Ahriman's Prophecy (Aveyond 0)]]
* DepravedDwarf: The mini-dwarves are, well, a smaller version of normal dwarves and they are greedier, gigglier, and generally nastier than their larger counterparts.
* FreewareGames: Ahriman's Prophecy is the only game in the series that can be played for free.
* InformedAttractiveness: Everyone points out how beautiful the prince of Candar is.
* NonstandardGameOver: In the beginning of the game, Talia's grandmother would ask her what Avrail had named her. Talia could either tell her the truth and proceed with the main quest, or lie about it, stay in her village and end the game.
* {{Prequel}}: ''Ahriman's Prophecy'' is sometimes called ''Aveyond 0'', as the events that happens in the former game sets up the storyline of the latter. However, the series itself is not established until Amanda created ''Rhen's Quest''.
* APupilOfMineUntilHeTurnedToEvil: According to Mistress Astera, she was the one who taught Zorom his magic. His SiblingRivalry with his older brother, Prince Edward of Candar, led him to use that powers to summon Ahriman, which in turn caused the whole conflict in this game and the next.
* SaveThePrincess: ''Ahriman's Prophecy'' where Princess Alicia is kidnapped by Zorom and Devin and Talia have to save her.
* SummoningRitual: Zorom attempts to summon Ahriman in ''Ahriman's Prophecy''.

[[folder:Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest]]
* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: Galahad was practically blackmailed into marrying Te'ijal, and was then transformed into a vampire against his will. However, ''Aveyond 3'' shows that he's come to care for her.
* AwesomeMomentOfCrowning: The canon ending in ''Aveyond 1'' where [[spoiler: Rhen chooses to accept her duty as the ruler of Thais and marries Dameon in the process.]]
* DoomedHometown: Ahriman wiped out nearly the whole mainland, including the protagonists' hometowns, between ''Ahrimans Prophecy'' and ''Aveyond 1''.
* MacGuffinEscortMission: The main quest's objective involves collecting the souls of various druids and escorting them to the temple of Aveyond.
* TheMasochismTango: Galahad and Te'ijal. To elaborate, he was a LawfulGood borderline KnightTemplar who hated everything dark. She's a [[SociopathicHero Heroic Sociopath]] [[OurVampiresAreDifferent vampire]]. She stole his soul, making him her slave, tricked him into marrying her, and turned him into a vampire. They've been married for centuries as of ''Aveyond 3'', and he still calls her spawn of evil and tries escape and get himself killed periodically. [[spoiler:When they're both turned human in The Lost Orb, Te'ijal is unhappy that Galahad no longer uses the endearment "spawn of evil" for her.]]
* WeCanRuleTogether: Just before the FinalBattle, Ahriman offers Rhen an opportunity to be one of his daevas alongside Dameon. In fact, this is the whole reason why Dameon joined the party in the first place -- to lure Rhen to the dark side.

[[folder:Aveyond 2: Ean's Quest]]
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: Somehow, the Snow Queen was able to make every Elfwood residents forget who Iya is. Ean was the only one who still remembers her, thanks to ThePowerOfLove.
* TheMagicGoesAway: The Oracle tells Ean and Iya that the land of Aveyond is dying as many people have forgotten about it. When the alleged Aveyond is seen in that game, the place was gray and full of fog.
* TheManBehindTheMan: [[spoiler:Heptitus]] brainwashed her sister Ishtar, and had been the one behind her plans to freeze the world.
* NoSell: Exaggerated. Not only would Ean's strongest weapon, the Ice Claw, ''not'' harm the Snow Queen, it would actually ''heal'' her. He must equip with his less-strong weapon to actually deal any damage to her, so don't sell them off before the FinalBattle.
* OurFairiesAreDifferent: Most of the nymphs have the form of tiny {{Winged Humanoid}}s, similar to normal fairies. However, Heptitus looks no different from the other witches in her town, while Ishtar is a beautiful, human-sized WinterRoyalLady.
* ThePowerOfLove: Ean's love for Iya was the reason the Snow Queen failed to remove his memories of her. The blessing of Love was also the last blessing that Iya would gain to complete her spirit.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: Despite being an NPC, King Uthar Pendragon does a lot more to stop the Snow Queen's plans than most of his other family has done by simply tagging along the heroes' party. Not only does he build an alliance with Candar to launch a direct attack against Shaenlir, he then remained in the city after the Snow Queen's defeat to help stabilize the country after the loss of their leader.
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: The Snow Queen seems to have a pretty good rapport with her people and royals from other kingdom before she reveals her evil plans.
* WinterRoyalLady: The Snow Queen rules over the wintry lands of Shaenlir, have snow white hair and wears an icy-blue dress.

[[folder:Aveyond 3: Orbs of Magic]]
* AbridgedSeries: [[Fanfic/AveyondThreeAbridged Aveyond 3 Abridged Series]] (originally titled Aveyond 3: Orbs of Ridiculously Epic Fail)
* AccidentalTruth: In the first chapter, [[spoiler:Mel told a curious Edward that she's bringing the amnesiac Stella home to Naylith. This was obviously meant to be a lie (since Stella didn't even know where she came from at that moment), but we later find out that she really is a Naylithian]].
* AdorableEvilMinions: The Darklings are cute monsters who are destined to serve the Darkthop heir.
* AntiAntiChrist: [[spoiler: Mel]] Darkhtop. She's the one who was prophesied to take over the world and lead it into darkness. [[ScrewDestiny Or maybe not.]]
* AristocratsAreEvil: Mel firmly believes in this and immediately despises almost every noble she encounters. With people like Lydia, though, her discrimination is not entirely unjustified.
* BadassCape: Nox's floats behind her when she walks.
* BecauseDestinySaysSo: The prophecy about [[TheChosenOne the chosen Darkthrop]] conquering the world. Played straight [[spoiler:and played with ''[[MindScrew somehow]]''; only the chosen Darkthrop (Mel) can successfully conquer the world, as Mordred discovers when he tries. So he manipulates Mel into capturing all the rulers of the world to fulfill the prophecy, then tries to take over. The heroes defeat him, Mel lets the rulers go, the world is safe, and there's no more danger from the Darkthrop prophecy.]]
* BettyAndVeronica: ''Aveyond 3'' ups the ante by having three major love interests for Edward: MysticalWaif Stella (Betty compared to Lydia, Veronica compared to Mel), RichBitch Lydia (Veronica), and AntiHero Best Friend Mel (Betty). He even has a [[ThirdOptionLoveInterest Fourth Option Love Interest]] if he doesn't successfully propose to any of the main love interests; his mother [[ArrangedMarriage arranges a marriage]] to [[spoiler:Orc princess Belf]].
* BettyAndVeronicaSwitch: In ''Gates of Night'', Edward's best friend Mel is the Betty to the mysterious Stella who turns out to have been {{Brainwashed}} by the BigBad. In ''The Darkthrop Prophecy'', however, Stella is now the Betty to Mel's Veronica when Mel becomes the dark queen of the world and Edward and Stella have to work together to save her.
* BrainWashedAndCrazy: In chapter 2, [[spoiler:Stella was revealed to have been brainwashed by Gyendal and smashed the orb they needed so badly, even almost killing her friends.]]
* CursedWithAwesome: Vampirism is a horrific curse, according to Galahad. Other vampires, including his wife, disagree.
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Nox. One look at those glowing blue eyes and you know there's something wrong... Then subverted with [[spoiler:her sister]] Uma, who has the same glowing blue eyes and is one step away from being Miss Goody Two-Shoes.
* KarmaHoudini: After [[spoiler:{{brainwash}}ing her sister and manipulating her to freeze the entire world]] in ''Aveyond 2'', one would think that the Oracle would lock her away for good, or at least keep a good eye on her. But no, [[spoiler:Heptitus]] returns to cause more trouble in the third game, this time by putting a young girl in a slumber, and banishing her lover in a forest after blinding him, just because.
* JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: Lydia. She's very much an AlphaBitch and a RichBitch, but she ''does'' help the party save the world, so she has some good qualities, right? Wrong, [[spoiler:by "The Lost Orb" she's become even worse by usurping Edward's throne and freeing the genocidal ex-vampire Gyendal.]]
* LeftHanging: By the time chapter 1 of ''Aveyond 3'' ends, there are still plenty of loose ends that cannot be resolved until chapter 2.
** Yemite the darkling in ''Aveyond 3''. [[spoiler:She serves Mel's wishes, [[MyMasterRightOrWrong no matter if Mel wants her to do good or do evil]].]]
* PolarOppositeTwins: Uma and Nox are a pair of identical girls who represents light and darkness, respectively. Uma is a kindhearted WhiteMage, while Nox is a wicked BlackMage.
* RedHerringTwist: In ''Aveyond 3: The Lost Orb'', Spook, the thief who seems to like Mel, is [[spoiler:actually Gyendal in disguise and whatever attraction point you gained does not matter in the slightest]].
* SiblingYinYang: Gyendal and Te'ijal (yes, they ARE siblings). You can't get more Yin-Yang than that! Gyendal is an evil human-hating mage who is weak in physical combat and Te'ijal is a non-magical tough melee fighter who finds humans fascinating and at least good enough to not be counted a villain.
* SocketedEquipment: Edward's Excalibur contains a gem socket, which allows the weapon to be upgraded with more powerful stones.
* ToBeContinued: ''Aveyond 3'' is a game in two chapters with the first chapter ending after you defeat [[spoiler: Heptitus]].
* UndeathAlwaysEnds: Subverted in ''Aveyond 3''. At the end of "Gates of Night", [[spoiler:vampires Galahad and Te'ijal are turned human]], but by the end of "The Darkthrop Prophecy, they're both vampires again.
* WhatTheHellHero: Edward's parents will pull this on him if he marries Lydia [[spoiler:again, after she (possibly) tricked him into marrying her and usurped his throne]].
* WingedHumanoid: The people of Naylith have butterfly wings. [[spoiler:Stella had her wings cut off in the backstory, but by the end of ''Aveyond 3'' she gets them back.]]
* YourPrincessIsInAnotherCastle: After finally finding the Orb of Light in Naylith, [[spoiler: Stella shatters it and it is revealed that all along she has been under Gyendal's control. Now they are going to look for the Orb of LIFE. Figures.]]

[[folder:Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist]]
* {{Animesque}}: The character artworks has a more distinctive anime-style compared to the prequels, especially with those eye designs.
* BadPowersGoodPeople: Despite being one of the four Wicked Sisters, Lorelai is a sweet young girl who hero worships her sister Ingrid and is more mischievous than malevolent. She also invented the Curse of Death, a spell that can OneHitKill most enemies.
* CivilizedAnimal: The leader of the night watch is actually a militant squirrel. The other station masters -- Banana Boy and Asmodeus -- are raccoons.
* CreatorCameo: Not creators per se, but the game's Beta testers are given cameo appearance as members of the Halaina Nightwatch.
* EquipmentUpgrade: Boyle and Phye only have 1 weapon, which can be improved as the game progresses:
** Boyle's Corrupted Will can be upgraded by trading in Cheekis to Spencer.
** Phye's Warmonger grows more powerful when he kills a greater demon.
* GottaCatchEmAll:
** Boyle must get a number of Cheekis to fully maximize his magic potential.
** For their Nightwatch duties, Robin and Myst must collect Night bugs and Owl feathers to move up the ranks.
* IrritationIsTheSincerestFormOfFlattery: Ingrid's younger sister Lorelai thinks the world of her, and builds her house and furnitures to look exactly like Ingrid's. Ingrid does not appreciate this very much.
* LoveYouAndEverybody: Boyle exploits this to free himself from Ingrid's marriage curse in the No Marriage ending. The curse can only be broken by true love, so Boyle befriended an Aveyond priestess who loves every living creature, and her non-specific love for "him" counts enough to break Ingrind's curse.
* DudeShesLikeInAComa: The cursed princess in Halaina can only be awakened by a kiss from a Paladin. It doesn't actually need to be her true love, or anything like that, though. Any Paladin will do. Oh, and it doesn't even have to be a ''real'' paladin. [[YourMindMakesItReal As long as the person doing the kissing believes himself to be one]], it would still work.
* GainaxEnding: Sort of. After the credits, we get to see various cutscenes depicting what the party is up to after the quest is over. The very final scene, however, depicts the Halaina castle being invaded by militant squirrels, who then proceeded to take over the kingdom.
* NumberOfTheBeast: The coin pouches in the Skull Mountains all contain 666 gold.
* OneWingedAngel: After being defeated for the first time, Hercules transformed into a fire-breathing demon to fight against the party.
* PokeThePoodle: Lorelai's idea for "invading" Windshire and "inspire fear and terror" to its populace is basically to go trick-or-treating. Rather than being afraid, the people thinks they're cute.
* PairTheSpares: If Ingrid doesn't marry them, Phye and Hi'beru would find love with random [=NPCs=].
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: The Cheekis are small, round, purplish creatures that are absolutely adorable.
* RoseHairedSweetie: Lorelai has reddish-pink hair and is the nicest (and perkiest) of Ingrid's sisters.
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: After Hercules failed to defeat the "heroes" twice, Qetesh decided to kill him and absorb his remaining powers.