'''''Astyanax''''' ([[MarketBasedTitle released]] as '''''The Lord of King''''' in Japan) was a side-scrolling action game released by Creator/{{Jaleco}} for the arcades and the UsefulNotes/NintendoEntertainmentSystem. It is not a game about Greek mythology.

High school freshman Astyanax (named after the hero of Greek mythology, "he thinks", although otherwise [[SadlyMythtaken not related to his namesake]][[note]]who died at a very young age[[/note]]) keeps having visions of a girl. Walking to school one day, he finds himself teleported to another world by a fairy named Cutie. Cutie is the advisor of Princess Rosebud, ruler of the kingdom of Remlia. Unfortunately, Rosebud has been [[DamselInDistress kidnapped]] by the evil wizard Blackhorn. It seems Astyanax is TheChosenOne, as he possesses "The miracle power within him", and so it becomes his job, with the help of Cutie and a magic ax called "Bash", to save Rosebud and restore peace to Remlia.
!!This game has examples of:
* AmericanKirbyIsHardcore: Inverted; Astyanax looks less manly in the NES version's cover illustration than in its Famicom counterpart (which used the same artwork as the arcade version's brochure).
* BigBad: Blackhorn.
* BossRush: Well, actually a Sub-Boss Rush. The final stage, Blackhorn's Tower, makes you fight a handful of sub-bosses from earlier levels (without healing) before you get to fight him yourself.
* DamselInDistress: Princess Rosebud.
* DefeatByModesty: In the arcade version, whenever Astyanax strips a female mook with his ax, she covers her breasts and runs away squealing.
* DemBones: Blackhorn ''really'' loves his skeleton minions... There are very few levels in the game that don't have skeletons lying in wait for our hero.
* TheDragon: Thorndog.
* FairyCompanion: Cutie. She speaks to you in cutscenes, and if you break a statue when you run low on magic, she'll appear and offer to refill your ManaMeter or alter your weapon.
* HeartsAreHealth: The LifeMeter has hearts to measure how much Life you have left.
* HeroicSacrifice: Cutie sacrifices herself to destroy Thorndog's seal and allow Astyanax to get to the Tower. In return for rescuing her, Princess Rosebud resurrects Cutie as a human in Astyanax's world.
* LifeMeter: Represented by a LF meter that where HeartsAreHealth is in play.
* MagicalMysteryDoors: Those in Thelenea, level 6-1. The secret is to [[spoiler:look for the doors guarded by skeletons]]; those are the ones you want to take.
* ManaMeter: Represented by an SP gauge with yellow bead-like objects that have red dots in the center, as seen in this [[http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-YzC2d0YMz7c/UdGJs_DPBAI/AAAAAAAAALU/FiPMmT7zoEg/s256/Astyanaxgameplay.png screenshot]].
* MorphWeapon: Your player's weapon can assume the forms of an axe, a short spear, or a sword. The axe has average stats all around; the spear is weak but consumes less MP when casting spells; and the sword is strong but consumes more MP.
* NothingButSkulls: Level 4-1 (Marshy) has a bunch of them. It's also the only level with a non-{{unique|Enemy}} ([[PaletteSwap relatively speaking]]) sub-boss; you fight a golden skeleton at the end.
** Even more so in the following Level 4-2 ([[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Grave]]) which evidently takes you right through a crypt, as the background is full of coffins and shelves with skulls on them and many more of those skeletons emerge to attack you along the way.
* NintendoHard: Marshy in particular with all of its tough Lovecraftian fish folk and inconveniently-placed enemies just waiting to knock you into any of its many pitfalls. Once you get past that, even that BossRush near the end doesn't seem so difficult by comparison.
* OneWordTitle: Also a ProtagonistTitle, as ''Astyanax'' is the name of the character you play as.
* ProtagonistTitle: Also a OneWordTitle, as ''Astyanax'' is the name of the character you play as.
* PsychicLink: Rosebud can speak telepathically with Astyanax.
* ReformulatedGame: The NES game bears little resemblance to the arcade game of the same name; even their basic premises are totally different.
* ScaledUp: After defeating Blackhorn in humanoid form, you then fight him as a dragon on the next screen.
* SpiritualSequel: To the UsefulNotes/TurboGrafx16 classic ''VideoGame/TheLegendaryAxe'', which was developed by the same team at Aicom.
* SummonEverymanHero: Astyanax is a regular high school freshman, summoned to rescue Princess Rosebud.
* TeleportSpam: Blackhorn employs this tactic. If he appears [[RightBehindMe right behind you]] or [[RightInFrontOfMe in front of you]], he'll attack with his sword. If he spawns further away, then he's about to cast a spell.
* TheTheTitle: The arcade version is named ''The Astyanax''.
* TimeStandsStill: The Bind spell freezes everything on the screen for a few seconds. You can use it on the first two bosses, but every boss after that will simply ignore it and keep attacking you anyway.
* WombLevel: The final stage of the arcade game inexplicably drops you in a Giger-esque alien hive, complete with facehugger-type creatures, and the HiveQueen as a {{final boss}}.
* YouKillItYouBoughtIt: [[spoiler:Break]]ing [[spoiler:Thorndog's seal]] means bringing [[spoiler:his curse]] upon yourself as well, [[spoiler:so that you'll die with him. However, this curse is transferable...]]