''Area Flat'' is a series of Java WebGame {{Shoot Em Up}}s. You control a polygonal ship that shoots down enemy polygons, while collecting {{Power Up}}s to increase firepower, speed, or obtain homing missiles. It spawned two sequels, each better than the last.

You can play the game [[http://www.shiftup.net/java/AreaFlat/AreaFlat.html here]]. The sequels can be played [[http://www.shiftup.net/java/AF2/AF2_e.html here]] and [[http://www.shiftup.net/java/AF3/AF3_e.html here]]. (You might need to include [=http://www.shiftup.net=] in your Java Exception settings)

!!'''Tropes present in the Area Flat series:'''
* ChargedAttack: In ''3'', not attacking will charge your weapon bar, allowing you to fire a WaveMotionGun until it depletes.
* CoolShip: The second boss of ''3''.
* CoolPlane: The third boss of ''3''.
* DifficultySpike: The last quarter of each game usually throws plenty of dangerous foes at you. In ''2'', you have to face off guys that spray shots all over alongside WaveMotionGun enemies. In ''3'', you fight against enemies with {{Homing Laser}}s.
* FlunkyBoss: The final boss of ''3'', in the first phase and the last phase.
* HumongousMecha: The FinalBoss of ''2''. You face mini version of them as normal enemies in ''3''.
* LaserBlade: Used by the FinalBoss of ''2'', as well as the mecha enemies in ''3''.
* MiniBoss: Each "level" in ''3'' has one.
* OneHitPointWonder: Your ship takes one hit to go down.
* {{Roboteching}}: In ''2'' and onwards, your homing missiles get changed into homing lasers.
* SequentialBoss: The final bosses of the games.
* SmartBomb: In ''3''.
* SpreadShot: A couple of enemies can use these.
* StationaryBoss: The final boss of ''3''.
* WaveMotionGun: Your ChargedAttack in ''3''. All three games feature Mooks that can use this on you. In ''3'', you face off against a large tank miniboss with a ''gigantic'' one.
* WeaponsThatSuck: The final boss of ''3'' uses this.