''Anvil of Dawn'' is a WesternRPG developed by [=DreamForge=] and published by New World Computing in 1995. The plot is simple: the armies of the evil Warlord have overrun the world of Tempest, and you are being teleported behind the enemy lines from the last besieged castle of good, on a desperate mission to kill the Warlord before it falls.
!!The game contains examples of:

* BackFromTheBrink: At the start of the game, the forces of good are holed up in the last castle--and it's already under siege.
* TheDragon: The Castellan is Dragon to the Warlord. Since [[TheUnfought you don't fight the Warlord]], the Castellan is more or less the FinalBoss, despite being one dungeon early.
* EvilOverlord: The Warlord who serves as the BigBad of the game.
* MiniBoss: The Messengers function as field commanders for the BigBad. You fight about seven throughout the game. There's also a tougher, recolored Wither Priest guarding the key to [[TheDragon the Castellan's]] hall.
%%* MultipleEndings: ZeroContextExample needs more detail.
* NoOntologicalInertia: Averted. While trying to get past the gargoyle in the basement of the Dark Lantern, you can point out that the mage who summoned him as a guardian is now dead. The gargoyle says he's pleased to hear that, but he's still bound by the summons, which you have to break yourself before you can get past him.
* OrcusOnHisThrone: Almost to the degree of exaggeration. No matter how long you take adventuring and tearing his entire army asunder, the Warlord doesn't lift a finger. No reinforcements to areas you haven't yet gone to, no personal appearances, nothing. He only appears at the very final area, and even then he won't do more than attempt to convince you with a lame "I'm invincible" spiel[[note]]despite the OneManArmy PlayerCharacter showing the contrary[[/note]], which if you do the obvious and don't give in to, [[TheUnfought he won't even try to fight you]]. We are talking about a warrior that can OneHitKill the player regardless of level or equipment here, as shown if you ''do'' give in to his bullshit.
* StatGrinding: You improve your abilities by using them and casting spells.
* StaticRoleExchangeableCharacter: "Protagonist". At the start of the game, you pick one of five heroes to play. You meet the other four at various points, struggling to complete the same quest as yourself.
* TheUnfought: You don't actually get to fight the Warlord in the end. Either you give up the fight and he [[OneHitKill instakills you]], or he doesn't even move to fight you if you stay determined to destroy his source of power, the Dark Slag.