There's a hallway, and there are aliens in it.

''Alien Hallway'' is a strategy game developed by Creator/SigmaTeam (the makers of the ''VideoGame/AlienShooter'' games). Your task is to command a squad of SpaceMarines to fight to the other end of the hallway--which is, of course, filled with aliens--and destroy the aliens' base before they can do the same to you.

!! This game contains examples of:

* OneHundredPercentCompletion: Getting five stars on every level earns you a [[CosmeticAward Steam achievement]].
* AlienInvasion: The first planet you have to defend is Earth.
* {{Cooldown}}: Represented by a greyed-out section on the icon that gradually drains away. You can purchase an upgrade to reduce the cooldown times.
* EliteMooks
* EveryBulletIsATracer
* ExcusePlot: The plot, in a nutshell, is "Aliens are bad. Shoot them."
* FireBreathingWeapon: Your basic Flamethrower unit.
* FrickinLaserBeams: The weapon of choice for the strongest unit.
* GameplayGrading: Your performance on each level is rated from 1-5 stars, and you get more money for higher ratings. There's also [[CosmeticAward an achievement]] for getting [[OneHundredPercentCompletion five stars on every level]].
* GiantMook: In the later levels, some of the aliens have {{Mini Mecha}}s to tower over the battlefield.
* TheGreys: The aliens.
* MiniMecha: Worn by the {{Giant Mook}}s on the third planet.
* {{Mooks}}: Armies of alien mooks.
* RPGElements: You earn gold for completing missions, and you can spend it on upgrades.
* SecondaryFire: The flamethrower, shotgun, machine gun, and laser gun units can all throw grenades as well; a grenade icon pops over their head when it's available. A variant of the trope, in that the regular attack is [[GameplayAutomation automated]], and only the secondary fire has to be manually activated.
* SpaceMarines
* SuicidalOverconfidence: The AI's job is to advance toward you at all costs, even if they're hopelessly outgunned.
* SuicideAttack: One variety of {{mook}} is an alien with a bomb who runs toward your guys and blows himself up.
* WorkerUnit: Engineers, whose job is to gather energy so you can create more units.