Absorption is a Flash game created by Anton Beluzhenko, with music by Oleg Vorontcov. It is sponsored by [=MoFunZone.com=]. Play it [[http://www.mofunzone.com/online_games/absorption.shtml here]].

A detective gets kidnapped by a MadScientist, who forces him to go through several puzzles to survive by using an absorption gun.

!! Tropes:

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* AllJustADream: [[spoiler: In the end it is revealed that the protagonist was dreaming it all.]] Dr. Neil Jason, however, [[spoiler: probably exists (it is not known whether it is an official phantom image or just a drawing on the detective's table)]].
* {{Cyborg}}: Your enemies are humans that were "repaired" after failing the previous experiments (supposedly).
%%* ForScience: It all is for science after all.
%%--> "''Now. You are the part of the Great Experiment.''"
%%* MadScientist: Dr. Neil Jason.
%%* PuzzleGame: It is.
* SpeechBubbles: All communication is delivered in speech bubbles during the intro and in-game.
%%* SpikesOfDoom: Well, you'd better avoid them.
%%* {{Teleportation}}: "''Portals are for your pleasure.''"
%%* ThinkingUpPortals: Though you can't create portals, you can replace existing ones to solve puzzles.
* UnwillingRoboticisation: Your enemies in the game are mindless cyborgs, due to Dr. Neil Jason's previous experiments (supposedly).
* WholePlotReference: Absorption is clearly inspired by ''VideoGame/{{Portal}}'', where [=GLaDOS=] = Dr. Neil Jason, Chell = the detective, Portal gun = Absorption gun, and Cute turret = Creepy cyborg turret.