Nepal ('''Nepali:''' नेपाल), officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal ('''Nepali:''' सङ्घीय लोकतान्त्रिक गणतन्त्र नेपाल Loktāntrik Ganatantra Nepāl), is a small South Asian country sandwiched between India and the Tibetan autonomous region of China (or Tibet if you ask Tibetans) known for things like half of Mt. Everest, Lumbini (the birthplace of [[{{UsefulNotes/Buddhism}} Siddhartha Gautama]]), [[UsefulNotes/NepaliWithNastyKnives gurkhas]] and being a war-torn savage land with warlords with tanks and stuff (as shown in Uncharted video-game and Expendables, sequels). It could have been true as it came out of a 14-years-long civil war that killed around 15,000 just in 2008. Luckily nobody had enough money to buy too many big guns and there were not any roads to drive tanks on, which is because 80% of land is hills and mountains (which includes Himalayas mountain range and, Mahabharata and Chure hills range) and 40% of the people live under poverty.

One of the most recognizable things about Nepal other than the things mentioned above is the flag. During the Olympics or any international event that shows the slideshow of flags, people see an odd multi-triangular shape that just seems out of place. That is the couple-of-centuries-old flag of Nepal, which has had very few changes since being adopted.

The modern Nepal was formed in the mid-eighteenth century by Shah Dynasty king Prithvi Narayan Shah, who established a monarchy uniting the small kingdoms around him that lasted for 250 years. The official name of the country is Democratic Republic of Nepal as of 2008. This name was given after a mass movement against the king who had taken over the executive power (involving a massive UsefulNotes/ConspiracyTheory regarding the massacre of the Royal Family shortly before his ascension).

The capital of the country is Kathmandu which is named after kastha-mandapa (temple made by carving a tree). It is the biggest city of the country with almost a million people in just 20 sq miles.


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->The flag is unusual in being the only non-quadrilateral national flag, being the fusion of two triangular pennants, as well as the only flag with a longer width than length. The red field symbolizes victory, while the blue edges denote peace; in the center are symbolic representations of the moon and the sun, respectively, symbolizing the royal family and the House of Rana, which once produced prime ministers, respectively.