One day, a farmer decided to set up a music festival. Michael Eavis had seen a Music/LedZeppelin concert and was a bit influenced by the hippy movement, although not that much, as he's a practising Christian.

This was the result. Taking place most years (there are breaks every five years to allow the land to recover) at Worthy Farm, near Glastonbury, Somerset. In UsefulNotes/TheWestCountry if you need a better generalization.

Glasto, as it's commonly known, has become famous for people frequently sneaking in without paying, the Pyramid Stage and frequently becoming a mudbath. Consequentially, it has become synonymous with wellie boots. There has been violence at the past and a lot of arrests for drug possession.

In the past 20 or so years, the festival has been dominated by AlternativeRock, and {{Britpop}} in particular. The 2008 Festival (27-29 June) was the first for 15 years not to sell out before it began, probably due to the controversial decision to have Jay-Z (a hip-hop act) headlining.

The American equivalent (in terms of importance, attendance and general structure) is the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California, but that only started in 1999.