->''"Finland, Finland, Finland; The country where I want to be,''\\
''Your mountains so lofty, your treetops so tall,''\\
''Finland, Finland, Finland; Finland has it all."''
-->-- '''Creator/MontyPython''' - ''AudioPlay/MontyPythonsContractualObligationAlbum''

Finland ('''Finnish:''' ''Suomi'', '''Swedish:''' ''Finland''), officially known as the Republic of Finland ('''Finnish:''' ''Suomen tasavalta'', '''Swedish:''' ''Republiken Finland''), is a large, mostly empty Northern European country squeezed between UsefulNotes/{{Sweden}} and UsefulNotes/{{Russia}}, with its northern border being shared with UsefulNotes/{{Norway}}. Though ethnically distinct from both, it has generally been ruled by one or the other for most of its history. After centuries of Swedish domination (leading to Finland still having a sizable Swedish-speaking minority), it was handed over to Russia in 1809 and remained under the Tsar until the revolutions of 1917 gave it the chance to break free.

Finland was neutral in UsefulNotes/WorldWarTwo for the first three months, ending with the Soviet invasion late November 1939. In one of the less likely outcomes of recent memory, the Finnish army (outnumbered 4 to 1 in men and ''200 to 1'' in tanks) [[UsefulNotes/FinnsWithFearsomeForests handed the Red Army their asses on a plate and preserved Finnish independence]]. The Soviets gained the port of Viborg and a slice of Finnish territory. Better people than tropers have tried to determine which side actually won. It all started in 1939, when UsefulNotes/JosephStalin decided to conquer Finland, partially to use it as a buffer against UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler's army. That started the brief but brutal Winter War, which the small country technically did not win, despite killing way more of the invading soldiers than losing its own. The stalemate did not result in permanent peace, and Finland allegedly attacked the USSR in 1941 with German-supplied weapons (according to some sources, in self defense), becoming the only democratic state technically on the Axis side. Neither side won, but Finland retained its independence. After making peace with the Soviets, the country had (at Moscow's insistence) to expel the Germans from its soil by force (which resulted in additional destruction). The Soviets still ended up with a chunk of Finnish territory, East Karelia. This long sequence of events has given wargame designers headaches to this day.

Finland was the first country to paint swastikas on its aircraft, [[NonNaziSwastika though in their case it was the personal insignia of the Swedish count who paid to set the Air Force up, and pre-dates the Nazi use of the symbol]]. The Finnish swastika was blue rather than black and rotated 45 degrees relative to the Nazi version. It must have looked odd to see British-supplied Hurricane fighters and American Brewsters with swastikas painted on the side, though.

War reparations to the Soviet Union required heavy industry and turned out to jump-start Finland's development from rural backwoods to advanced, well-to-do backwoods. The country remained neutral throughout the UsefulNotes/ColdWar through concessions ("Finlandization," including buying [=MiG=]-21s and other weapons from the USSR) and fancy footwork. Afterwards it joined UsefulNotes/TheEuropeanUnion in 1995 and adopted the Euro in 2002.

Modern Finland is a wealthy and stable nation. There's a high tax rate and a lot of vaguely Minnesotan, rather than Alaskan, nature. The country is probably best known as an exporter of mobile phones (Nokia is a Finnish firm), heavy metal bands, and racing drivers. Finns successful in any form of racing, be it on skis, wheels or feet, are invariably known as "Flying Finns."

For some unknown reason, Finnish overrepresentation is almost a RunningGag amongst online communities. Finns have a large presence on this wiki, possibly the largest from a non-English-speaking nation. Finland was one of the first countries on adopting the Internet, and many IT innovations, such as social media and mobile technology, originate in Finland. In addition, one of the two original developers of MySQL, itself based in Sweden before being acquired by Sun (and eventually Oracle), is from Helsinki.

Finland is the world's best country chosen by the Newsweek (''Take that Sweden!''). In fact, due to its awesome school system [[spoiler:and Newsweek's dodgy scoring system]] Finland got 102 points for education -- [[BrokeTheRatingScale out of 100]].

The Finnish language is notoriously alien-looking to speakers of Indo-European languages (such as English and Swedish)[[note]]In the context of all the languages in the world, however, it isn't particularly strange[[/note]]; it is part of the completely unrelated Uralic group (including the closely related Estonian, the very distantly related Hungarian, the Sámi languages spoken in Lapland, and a number of minority languages in Russia). It was this strangeness that attracted Creator/JRRTolkien to the language, and he used Finnish as the basis for his invented Elvish languages (specifically Quenya) -- though he later changed the spelling to a more Latinate form that would look more appealing to English eyes. That said, Finnish is actually spelled very much like classical Latin, probably because Finnish spelling was deliberately created a relatively short time ago.

'''Famous Finns'''

* Jean Sibelius - Composer
* Tove Jansson - writer of Literature/TheMoomins
* HIM - 'Love Metal' band
* Music/TheRasmus - Alternative rock band
* Music/{{Lordi}} - Hard Rock band, Series/EurovisionSongContest winners
* Music/{{Nightwish}} - [[strike:Rock]] Metal band
* Music/{{Finntroll}} - polka-metal band
* Music/{{Stratovarius}} - PowerMetal band
* Music/ChildrenOfBodom - MelodicDeathMetal band.
* Skepticism - DoomMetal band (TropeCodifier for the funeral doom subgenre)
* Circle and Pharoah Overlord - Experimental rock bands (the latter began as an offshoot of the former).
* Creator/AkiKaurismaki - Film director, makes Creator/JimJarmusch-esque movies.
* Creator/RennyHarlin - Film director, made action movies in TheNineties.
* Alvar Aalto - Influential architect and designer.
* Elias Lönnrot - Philologist and creator of Literature/TheKalevala.
* Aleksis Kivi - The Finnish national author responsible for the first Finnish-language novel, ''SevenBrothers''.
* Joosa Riekkinen - Creator of the computer game ''VideoGame/{{Liero}}''.
* Minna Sundberg - Born in Sweden, but grew up in Finland from the age of 7. Creator of ''Webcomic/ARedtailsDream'' and ''Webcomic/StandStillStaySilent'', the former being heavily based on Finnish mythology.
* Rovio - Makers of ''VideoGame/AngryBirds''.
* Remedy Entertainment - Software developers, creators of ''VideoGame/DeathRally'', ''VideoGame/MaxPayne'' and ''VideoGame/AlanWake''.
* Creator/BugbearEntertainment - Another software developer, focused on racing games. Probably best known for the ''VideoGame/FlatOut'' games.
* Several classical musicians, including composers (Kaija Saariaho, Einojuhani Rautavaara), opera singers (Karita Mattila, Matti Salminen, Juha Uusitalo) and conductors (Esa-Pekka Salonen, Jorma Panula).
* Mika Waltari - One of the most successful Finnish writers of fiction. Is best known for his historical epics like ''Literature/TheEgyptian'', [[ImportFilter especially outside of Finland]], but he has also written detective novels, short stories, plays, screenplays, poetry and non-fiction.
* Väinö Linna - Not so well-known abroad but second to only possibly Aleksis Kivi as an author within Finland. He is best known for his books ''Literature/TheUnknownSoldier'' (depicting the Continuation War (between Finland and Russia in 1941-1944 during WWII) from the point of view of ordinary soldiers) and ''Under the North Star'' (depicting the Finnish Civil War).
* Johan Ludvig Runeberg - writer of the epic ''Literature/TheTalesOfEnsignStal'' and the lyrics for the national anthem.
* Ville Virtanen - {{Trance}} producer, performs under the stage name Darude. Wrote "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m-Jd_gV_oQ Sandstorm]]." Chances are you've heard it.
* Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta - Creators and hosts of the WebVideo/HydraulicPressChannel.
* Paavo Siljamäki - Another {{Trance}} producer, one-third of the group Above and Beyond.
* YUP - Progressive Rock band, best known for their album ''Music/ToppatakkejaJaToledonTerasta''.


* Johan Gadolin - Chemist, physicist and mineralogist who discovered yttrium. Gadolinium was also named after him.
* Anders Johan Lexell - Astronomer, mathematician and physicist.
* Herman Spöring - Botanist and explorer who sailed with James Cook.
* Anders Chydenius - Highly influential liberal philosopher, champion of democracy and freedom of press in the 1700s.
* Adolf E. Nordenskjöld - Expeditor, first to sail the Northeastern Passage
* Artturi I. Virtanen - Chemist, Nobel chemistry prize winner 1946
* Gustav Komppa - Chemist, one of the first synthetic fuel researchers
* Ragnar Granit - Biochemist, Nobel medicine prize winner 1967
* Esko Valtaoja - Astronomer, university professor and writer.
* Edvard [[UsefulNotes/WestermarckEffect Westermarck]] - Swedish-speaking Finnish philosopher and sociologist. Among other subjects, he studied exogamy and the incest taboo.


* Johan Helsingius creator and operator of The Penet remailer.
* Jarkko Oikarinen creator of Internet Relay Chat (IRC).
* Linus Torvalds initial creator of the Linux kernel and the Git software used to maintain it.
* Michael Widenius co-creator of MySQL (with Swedish developer David Axmark).
* Nico Hämäläinen creator of Draynor.
* Tatu Ylönen creator of SSH.
* Gustav Erikson-last of the great [[WoodenShipsAndIronMen sailing ship]] [[NonIdleRich Magnates]] . Maintained a line of merchant vessels from his headquarters in the UsefulNotes/AlandIslands until just after UsefulNotes/WorldWarII.

''[[UsefulNotes/FinnsWithFearsomeForests Military]]''
* Marshal [[UsefulNotes/GustavMannerheim Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim]] - Field marshal and Commander-in-Chief during the Winter War, president 1944-46, and top of the "100 Greatest Finns" list on TV recently. Also a noted expeditor and ethnoscientist.
* UsefulNotes/SimoHayha - Sniper during the Winter War and all-round badass, nicknamed "[[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast White Death]]". He averaged killing about 7 Soviet soldiers every day during the war.
* Lauri Törni/Larry Thorne - A Finnish officer and a legendary soldier during World War II. He is most famous for serving as a military officer in three different armies: He left the Finnish Army after the end of the Continuation War in 1944 and joined the German [[UsefulNotes/NazisWithGnarlyWeapons Waffen-SS]] so he could keep fighting the Soviets, then eventually made his way to the United States after the end of World War II and joined the [[UsefulNotes/YanksWithTanks U.S. Army]] in 1954 under the name of Larry Thorne. He was reported MIA in Vietnam while serving as an officer in the Green Berets; there is a rumor that he inspired the Creator/JohnWayne feature of the same name. Again belongs to NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast.
* Ilmari Juutilainen - top Finnish fighter ace with 94 kills. 2 scored on Fokker D.XXI, 36 on Brewster Buffalo and 54 with Messerschmitt 109G. Highest scoring fighter ace outside Luftwaffe.

* Keke Rosberg - UsefulNotes/FormulaOne driver (world champion 1982 and first Finn to compete successfully; there had been two before him but neither made a dent.)
** Nico Rosberg - his son, a UsefulNotes/FormulaOne driver (world champion 2016), races under a German license.
* Mika Häkkinen - UsefulNotes/FormulaOne driver (world champion 1998 & 1999, considered by Michael Schumacher as his only real rival).
* Kimi Räikkönen - UsefulNotes/FormulaOne driver (world champion 2007), has moved on to the World Rally Championship - only to return to F1 after two seasons
* Heikki Kovalainen - UsefulNotes/FormulaOne driver, now competes in Super GT, winning the 2016 championship
* Valtteri Bottas - UsefulNotes/FormulaOne driver
* Jyrki Järvilehto ("JJ Lehto") - UsefulNotes/FormulaOne and endurance driver (Le Mans 24 Hours overall winner in 1995 ([=GT1=]) & 2005 ([=LMP1=]))
* Markku Alén - Rally driver (world champion 1978)
* Ari Vatanen - Rally driver (world champion 1981)
* Hannu Mikkola - Rally driver (world champion 1983)
* Timo Salonen - Rally driver (world champion 1985)
* Juha Kankkunen - Rally driver (world champion 1986, 87, 91 and 93)
* Tommi Mäkinen - Rally driver (world champion 1996, 97, 98 and 99)
* Marcus Grönholm - Rally driver (world champion 2000 & 2002)
* Jarno Saarinen - Motorcycle road racer (250cc (now [=Moto2=]) world champion 1972, the only Finn to win a [=MotoGP=] championship on any class and the first rider to use the now predominant style of riding corners with the knee on the ground)
* Kari Tiainen - Motorcycle enduro racer (world champion in various classes, 1990-92, 1994-95, 1997 and 2000)
* Juha Salminen - Motorcycle enduro racer (world champion in various classes, 1999-2004 & 2007, grand national cross country champion 2005-06)
* Petteri Silván - Motorcycle enduro racer (world champion in various classes, 1995, 99, 01 & 02.)
* Yrjö Vesterinen - Motorcycle trials racer (world champion 1976-78)

''Other sport''
* Lasse Virén - Runner (four-time Olympic gold medallist in 1972 & 1976)
* Kalle Palander - Alpine skier (World slalom champion 2003)
* Janne Ahonen - Ski-jumper (Five world championships in team & individual events)
* Ari-Pekka Nikkola - Ski-jumper (Olympic gold medallist 1988 & 1992)
* Matti Nykänen - Former ski-jumper (four-time Olympic gold medallist in 1984 & 1988), now the main source of income for the Finnish yellow press. The guy literally just divorces and remarries Mervi. Seriously, he'll soon probably have 20 divorces with that woman. Also received some international press attention after he was sentenced to prison after the attempted murder of a friend while drunk and after losing in finger-wrestling. The press attention was because he is an olympic gold winner.
* Paavo Nurmi - Long-distance runner (9 time Olympic gold medalist between 1920 & 1924), and incidentally, the original Flying Finn.
* Jari Kurri - Hockey great who played alongside Wayne Gretzky on the powerful Edmonton Oilers during the 80s, and the first Finn in the Hockey Hall of Fame.
* Teemu Selänne - Another hockey great who in 2017 became the second Finn inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Also known as the "Finnish Flash".
* Sami Hyypiä - Football (proper football) player, central defender and captain for Liverpool FC for ten years, winning the FA Cup, League Cup, Community Shield, UEFA Cup and the UsefulNotes/UEFAChampionsLeague in the process. Allowed to leave for Leverkusen in Germany in what Liverpool fans considered a great mistake. Current manager of FC Zurich in Switzerland after spells in charge of Leverkusen, Brighton & Hove Albion and as assistant manager to the Finland national team.
* Jari Litmanen - One of the first Finns to achieve great success and recognition in football. Best remembered from his time with Ajax, but also played with Barcelona and briefly ended up at Liverpool alongside Hyypiä.
* Kiira Korpi - Figure skater, 2007 European bronze medalist.
* Susanna Pöykiö - Figure skater, 2005 European silver medalist.
* Laura Lepistö - Figure skater, the 2009 European Champion and 2010 World bronze medalist.
* Susanna Rahkamo and Petri Kokko - Ice dancers, 1995 European Champions and World silver medalists.
* Lauri Markkanen Current [[UsefulNotes/NationalBasketballAssociation NBA]] player with the Chicago Bulls.

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[[folder: The Finnish flag ]]

->The flag displays a blue cross on a white field, symbolizing Christianity. The flag itself is loosely based on the ''Dannebrog'' (flag of UsefulNotes/{{Denmark}}), in which one axis is aligned towards the hoist side. The tinctures are those of the Russian naval ensign (dark blue saltire on white). As a state flag it adds the national coat-of-arms -- a red field containing a golden lion with an armored right forearm holding a sword and trampling on a saber with its hindpaws. (In heraldic language ''Gules, a crowned lion Or rampant armed and langued Argent holding a sword Proper on armoured dexter forepaw Argent trampling a sabre Proper semy of nine roses Argent'')