UsefulNotes/{{Canada}} is made up of ten provinces and three territories. The theory of this is that each of the provinces is a separate, independent monarchy that has joined with the other separate, independent monarchies to form the united monarchy of Canada. As such, each has its own Lieutenant-Governor and parliament of its own right. The territories, meanwhile, are under the direct control of the united Crown of Canada, represented in the territory by a commissioner. (Or to be more poetic: in a province, the Queen is the Queen because she the the Queen of the province. In a territory, she is the Queen because she is the Queen of Canada as a whole.)

If you're an American, you can think of the territories being operated similar to Washington, DC, Guam, or Puerto Rico, and the provinces being operated similar to any of the 50 states. If you are Australian, you can think of the provinces as the equivalent of your states while the territories are the equivalent of Northern Territory.

There is a clear sense of [[FriendlyRivalry boisterous competition]] between all thirteen divisions (and sometimes within an individual region as well), this is mostly centered on [[EnemyMine Toronto]].

In keeping with Canada as the second largest country by land mass (only beaten by UsefulNotes/{{Russia}} in sheer size, and the majority of the country is cold empty forest just like them), most of these divisions are quite large, Nunavut in particular is almost as large as Europe. However, some provinces are much smaller, reflecting the divisions of the original settlers.


[[folder:Central Provinces]]

->'''National capital:''' Ottawa
->'''Provincial capital and largest city:''' UsefulNotes/{{Toronto}} (aka Hogtown)
->'''Other cities of note:''' UsefulNotes/NiagaraFalls, Hamilton (aka Steeltown), Guelph (aka Cowtown), Windsor ([[RuleOfThree aka Car-town]]) (not really, borders UsefulNotes/{{Detroit}}, but isn't as depressed), London (like its namesake, is also on a Thames River), Kingston (home of the first Prime Minister), Sudbury (the world class Neutrino Observatory makes this city a good setting for sci-fi novels), Thunder Bay (best city for climbing up a frozen waterfall!), Barrie (cottage country), and Kitchener-Waterloo (birthplace of RIM, which has now changed its name to that of its most famous product, [=BlackBerry=])
->'''Best known for:''' Economic powerhouse of Canada
->'''Provincial official motto:''' ''Ut incipet fidelis sic permanet''[[labelnote:*]]"Loyal she began; loyal she remains".[[/labelnote]]
->'''Provincial touristic motto:''' Yours to discover
->'''Population:''' 13,448,494. Biggest.
->'''Notable media set in Ontario:''' ''ComicBook/ScottPilgrim'', ''Film/ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld'', ''Series/TheListener'', ''Series/RookieBlue'', ''Franchise/{{Degrassi}}''
->'''[[UsefulNotes/NationalHockeyLeague NHL teams:]]''' Toronto Maple Leafs (sorry, you will never get tickets to a home game) and the Ottawa Senators. There have been more than a couple of petitions to bring one of the bankrupt southern US teams to the hockey-hungry province (suggested cities included Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo region, Hamilton, London, and Mississauga, as well as simply putting an additional team in Toronto)[[note]]Statistical analyst and rabid hockey fan (he's American, but more importantly he's from Michigan) Nate Silver [[ advocates for putting one in Hamilton and one in Toronto]].[[/note]] but all have been refused.
->'''[[UsefulNotes/CanadianFootballLeague CFL teams]]:''' The Toronto Argonauts (known for the distinctive "Argoooos" cheer), Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Ti-Cats to their fans), and the league's newest team, the Ottawa Redblacks (which began play in 2014).
->'''[[UsefulNotes/MLBTeams Major League Baseball team]]:''' The Toronto Blue Jays are the country's only MLB team.[[note]] Montreal had an MLB team, the Expos, in 1969, eight years before the Jays were created. They usually sucked, then they moved to UsefulNotes/WashingtonDC in 2005, became the Nationals, and stopped sucking a few years later.[[/note]]
->'''[[UsefulNotes/NationalBasketballAssociation NBA team]]:''' The Toronto Raptors, like the Blue Jays in MLB, are Canada's only NBA team.[[note]] Vancouver had an NBA team, the Grizzlies, established in 1995, but they usually sucked, and moved to Memphis in 2001. A few years later they stopped sucking.[[/note]]
->'''[[UsefulNotes/MajorLeagueSoccer MLS team]]:''' Toronto FC, Canada's first MLS team. [[note]]Sucked for a while but have improved dramatically without moving, winning their first championship in 2017.[[/note]]
->'''Famous Ontarians:''' Music/JustinBieber, Creator/PhilHartman, UsefulNotes/WayneGretzky, [[Series/HockeyNightInCanada Don Cherry]], Music/AlanisMorissette, Music/{{Rush}}, probably most of the other Canadians you've heard of (the anglophone ones anyway)
->'''Most common stereotype:''' Southern Ontarians forget the rest of the country even exists, northern Ontarians are miners, loggers, or hunters and speak a strange hybrid language of French, English, and Cree. Ottawa's night live start at 6 and ends at 8pm.
->'''Best way to insult an Ontarian:''' Bring up the collapse of the manufacturing sector post 2008 and suggest they move to Alberta.
->'''Other useful info:''' Ontario's last call is at 2 am, it's neigbhour province is 3 am. Due to this neigbhouring cities such as Gatineau changed their closing hours to reduce drunk and driving.
->'''Geographic shape:''' Resembles a sleeping whale, whereby the "tail" forms the more highly populated south.

->'''Capital:''' Quebec City
->'''Largest city:''' UsefulNotes/{{Montreal}}
->'''Other cities of note:''' Sherbrooke (home to one of the biggest universities), Chicoutimi, Trois-Rivières (where all of your tax forms go), Gatineau (borders Ottawa), Laval, Longueuil (technically just a very large suburb of Montreal), Saguenay.
->'''Best known for:''' Being French, separatism, French, poutine, language laws, French, history, protesting students, rednecks, shitty roads and did we mention they speak French?
->'''Provincial motto:''' Je me souviens[[note]]I remember[[/note]]
->'''Provincial touristic motto:''' La belle province[[note]]The beautiful province; it was notable for being added on Quebec's license plates[[/note]]
->'''Population:''' 8,164,361. Second largest (almost 2/3 of all Canadians live in Ontario or Quebec)
->'''Notable media set in Quebec:''' ''Film/BonCopBadCop''; ''French Immersion''; ''The High Cost Of Living''; ''La Grande Seduction''
->'''[[UsefulNotes/NationalHockeyLeague NHL teams:]]''' The Montreal Canadians/Canadiens (or "Habs") whose fans are known for rioting regardless of the actual outcome of the game. It is still a point of contention with the NHL commission that the Nordiques have not returned to Quebec City.[[note]]Nate Silver, the analyst mentioned in the note on Ontario teams, also agrees that the Nordiques should be revived as part of the same proposal that adds a team in Toronto and one in Hamilton[[/note]] Also known for their lengthy and heated rivalry with the Boston Bruins.
->'''[[UsefulNotes/CanadianFootballLeague CFL teams]]:''' The Montreal Alouettes
->'''[[UsefulNotes/MajorLeagueSoccer MLS team]]:''' Montreal Impact
->'''Famous people from Quebec:''' Music/CelineDion, Simple Plan, Creator/WilliamShatner, Mario Lemieux, Creator/JayBaruchel
->'''Most common stereotype:''' The chain-smoking, wine-drinking, foul-mouthed, Canada-hating, heavily-accented protester who will sleep with your girlfriend, the chain-smoking, beer-drinking, dip-using, foul-mouthed, Canada-hating, heavily-accented redneck who will roll coal on you in his lifted truck with a Quebec flag airbrushed on the tailgate, or the dreadlocked, weed-smoking, beer-drinking hitchhiker who speaks next to no English trying to hitch their way out to British Columbia to work as a fruit picker for the summer.
->'''Best way to insult a Quebecer / un(e) Quebecois(se):''' Francophone: insist they speak English (or "speak white" if you really want a fight), Anglophone: insist they speak French, both: "LES TABARNAK DE HABS/FUCK THE HABS!" (careful with this last one, it has a good chance of getting you knocked out).
->'''Other useful info:''' The largest population of French speakers in North America.
->'''[[OverlyLongGag So they speak French, eh?]]:''' Actually, the dialect is much more old fashioned and "twangier" than what is spoken in France; the distinction is something akin to a Southern drawl in American English. As well, swear words are quite different from one to another, leading to movies dubbed in France being given a lighter rating in Quebec. "Fuck" and "shit" are actually quite mild in Quebec French and are roughly akin to "hell" and "dammit"; ''strong'' Quebec French profanity is known as "sacre" and consists of reappropriated words and phrases related to Catholicism and its liturgy. "Tabarnak", "crisse", and "calice", among others, are all roughly akin to the strongest words in the English language.
->'''Geographic shape:''' Largest province, resembled a wonky tulip. Actually over twice the size of UsefulNotes/{{Texas}}.


[[folder:Western/Prairie Provinces]]

!!'''British Columbia'''
->'''Capital:''' Victoria
->'''Largest city:''' UsefulNotes/{{Vancouver}}
->'''Other cities of note:''' Nanaimo (yes, where Nanaimo bars come from), Whistler (yes, you do want to ski here), Surrey, Fort Nelson (last stop on the Alaska Highway before the Yukon), Prince George, and more cities beginning with K than any other province (including Kamloops, Kitimat, and Kelowna)
->'''Best known for:''' Mountains and ocean; Vancouver as the host of the [[ CVR]] [[VirtualReality convention]] since 2016, setting of ''{{Series/Continuum}}'' and home of the long-shuttered Creator/MainframeEntertainment which produced ''WesternAnimation/ReBoot'', as well as the host of the 1986 World Exposition and birthplace/home of the "[[BurgerFool McBarge]]" floating fast food joint built for said Expo; Victoria as the home of Gaslamp Games which developed ''VideoGame/DungeonsOfDredmor'' and ''VideoGame/ClockworkEmpires''. Known throughout Canada for bursting into a giant ball of flame every summer. Also known as the destination for many a poor young Quebecois trying to hitchhike out to work as a fruit picker for the summer in a [[EverybodyMustGetStoned THC-laden haze]].
->'''Provincial motto:''' ''Splendor sine occasu''[[labelnote:*]]"Splendour Undiminished"[[/labelnote]]
->'''Provincial touristic motto:''' Beautiful British Columbia [[labelnote:*]] it used to be "The Best Place On Earth", but the province eventually decided that was a bit egotistical. Before that it was "Super, Natural British Columbia" which [[UnfortunateImplications didn't always]] [[MoralGuardians sit well]]. Prior to that... well, let's just say that the "most important" city in the province [[Series/TheLoveBoat wasn't exactly considered tourist-y]] until some time after [[ 1986]].[[/labelnote]]
->'''Population:''' 4,648,055. Third largest.
->'''Notable media set in BC:''' ''Series/{{Sanctuary}}'', ''Series/DaVincisInquest'', ''Film/InTheLandOfTheHeadHunters'', the above-mentioned ''{{Series/Continuum}}'', [[ several novels in a surprising variety of genres and series]] including Literature/TheAvenger, Literature/TheHardyBoys and a (non-Sci-Fi) book by Creator/JulesVerne.
->'''Notable media filmed in BC:''' A list that would probably take up more than half this page
->'''[[UsefulNotes/NationalHockeyLeague NHL teams:]]''' The Vancouver Canucks, known for having fewer players who are from Vancouver than most of the teams they play against.
->'''[[UsefulNotes/CanadianFootballLeague CFL teams]]:''' BC Lions
->'''[[UsefulNotes/MajorLeagueSoccer MLS team]]:''' Vancouver Whitecaps
->'''Famous British Columbians:''' Terry Fox[[note]] Cancer research activist; famous for his attempt to run across Canada on an artificial leg, which ended when his cancer returned and soon claimed his life. Born in Winnipeg, but lived in the Vancouver area from age 8 until his death.[[/note]], [[UsefulNotes/NationalBasketballAssociation Steve Nash]][[note]]Born in UsefulNotes/SouthAfrica, but raised from early childhood in Victoria[[/note]], Creator/MichaelJFox[[note]]Born in Edmonton as a MilitaryBrat, but settled in Burnaby after his dad retired from the military[[/note]], Creator/CoryMonteith[[note]]Born in Calgary, but grew up in Victoria after his parents' divorce.[[/note]], Dan Mangan, B.Traits, almost every extra on a Creator/{{Syfy}} original show.
->'''Most common stereotype:''' Hippies, tree huggers, pot growers, surfers, high Asian population and lumberjacks. If from within 25 kilometers of the border with the United States, [[{{UsefulNotes/Mormonism}} varying]] [[StrawConservative degrees]] [[DyingTown of]] tradition-focused [[{{Elders}} old people]] and the [[SmallTownBoredom recent high-school graduate who came to your university from]] towns essentially run by said old people.
->'''Best way to insult a British Columbian:''' Call them a hippie, tree hugger, or surfer. Or, start a conversation about oil pipelines. As with the other provinces, assuming that someone is from the largest, most well known city (in this case Vancouver), rather than literally anywhere else is always annoying.
->'''Other useful info:''' Home to the highest diversity of First Nations peoples, as was partially showcased during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Also home to Butchart Gardens, one of the most famous garden attractions in the world, and probably the most famous in North America. The otherwise unnotable ''small'' city of Castlegar [[VancouverDoubling is apparently]] [[GratuitousSpecialEffects a major centre of over 100k]] [[SpeakOfTheDevil where a certain creepypasta took place]]. The otherwise ''completely non-existent'' [[DyingTown "city"]] of Greenwood is apparently located on [[CaliforniaDoubling Vancouver Island]]. Everything else in proximity of the latter, near but to the west of the former, and southeast of Kelowna [[NothingExcitingEverHappensHere may as well be a kilometres-long stretch of winding road through pristine forest in the eyes of the media]], and anything located anywhere near to the north [[TruthInTelevision actually is]]. Kokanee beer is made in the province at a brewery [[BlatantLies nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains]] and certainly not in the flattest part of the province east of the [[{{UsefulNotes/Vancouver}} Fraiser Valley]].
->'''Geographic shape:''' Rectangular but shifted on one end. Borders the UsefulNotes/{{Alaska}}n panhandle, the exact dimensions of which were hotly debated between Canada and the USA until the Yukon Gold Rush forced a settlement.

->'''Capital:''' Edmonton (on [[LoopholeAbuse/RealLifeLaw a technicality]]; second-largest city would become the capital, and at the time that was put in effect, Calgary was slightly smaller... until Edmonton stole it by [[ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem Gerrymandering away several of it's outer neighbourhoods]]. Considering that Calgary still ended up as the primary economic centre, and that Edmonton's location so far north means it is likely the best that could be hoped for, a real life example of LaserGuidedKarma or AllIsWellThatEndsWell might be in effect.)
->'''Largest city:''' Calgary (once again, on [[LoopholeAbuse a technicality]])
->'''Other cities of note:''' Grande Prairie (farming town with some oil side business), Lethbridge (farming town with some natural gas side business), Medicine Hat (just has an awesome name; appears to be a DyingTown on Google Street View), Red Deer (midway between Calgary and Edmonton), Fort [=McMurray=] (aka the Oil Sands or New Newfoundland), Drumheller (home of the [[ Tyrell Natural History Museum]] and several dinosaur-themed tourist traps, including the inspiration for the [[VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas Dino-bite Gift Shop in Novac]], thanks to the local discovery of extensive fossil records and dinosaur skeletons such as the [[MeaningfulName only-locally-found]] [[ Albertosaurus]])
->'''Best known for:''' Ranchers, Country music, Conservatives, Oil, Beef, the West Edmonton Mall
->'''Provincial motto:''' ''Fortis et Liber''[[labelnote:*]]"Strong and Free"[[/labelnote]]
->'''Provincial touristic motto:''' Wild Rose Country
->'''Population:''' 4,067,175. Fourth largest, Contains half the population of Newfoundland on a good day. Has [[Series/CanadasWorstDriver more bad drivers per capita]] than any other province.
->'''Notable media set in Alberta:''' Any oil documentary ever, FUBAR, Heartland (probably)
->'''[[UsefulNotes/NationalHockeyLeague NHL teams:]]''' Although the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers are fierce rivals, both flames and oil can be found at refineries in both cities.
->'''[[UsefulNotes/CanadianFootballLeague CFL teams]]:''' The Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Eskimos
->'''Famous Albertans:''' Paul Brandt, Corb Lund (aka the "Hurtin' Albertan"), k. d. lang, Creator/NathanFillion, Wrestling/BretHart and his deceased brother Wrestling/{{Owen|Hart}}
->'''Most common stereotype:''' More Maritimers live in Alberta than the Maritimes, everyone's rich off the oil fields (or broke ex-oil field workers depending on the price of oil), and everyone who's not is a cowboy. Albertans eat STEAK. Or for Americans: Texas with snow.
->'''Best way to insult an Albertan:''' Serve a vegetarian meal[[note]]Though k. d. lang is actually vegetarian and from Calgary[[/note]], vote [[UsefulNotes/CanadianPolitics Liberal or NDP]] (this one may not work as well anymore, considering Alberta voted in its first NDP majority government in 2015). Tell an Edmontonian that Calgary is better (or vice-versa). Insult Calgary's mayor (Calgarians only)
->'''Other useful info:''' Wood Buffalo National Park in Northern Alberta is an area of boreal forest set aside as protected habitat for wood bison, caribou, moose and other threatened species and is larger than Switzerland.
->'''Geographic shape:''' Rectangular with a bite taken out of the southwest

->'''Capital and largest city:''' Winnipeg
->'''Other cities of note:''' Brandon (aka, the other city in Manitoba), Churchill (not really a city, but they've got polar bears!)
->'''Best known for:''' Wheat, lakes, record coldest intersection, the "Gimli Glider"[[note]]An Air Canada plane that ran out of fuel and made an emergency landing in the town of Gimli in 1983 owing to a misunderstanding of Imperial vs metric units[[/note]].
->'''Provincial motto:''' ''Gloriosus et Liber''[[labelnote:*]]"Glorious and Free"[[/labelnote]]
->'''Provincial touristic motto:''' Friendly Manitoba
->'''Population:''' 1,278,365. Small.
->'''Notable media set in Manitoba:''' "Tales from the Gimli Hospital", "My Winnipeg"
->'''[[UsefulNotes/NationalHockeyLeague NHL teams:]]''' The Jets are back!
->'''[[UsefulNotes/CanadianFootballLeague CFL teams]]:''' The Winnipeg Blue Bombers
->'''Famous Manitobans:''' The Weakerthans, Music/NeilYoung, The Guess Who
->'''Most common stereotype:''' Really cold and really boring, but the people there are nice. Basically [[MinnesotaNice Minnesota]] (which borders the province to the south) with polar bears.
->'''Best way to insult a Winnipegger:''' You mean there are other places in Manitoba? You mean there is a place called Manitoba?
->'''Other useful info:''' Hundreds of the lakes, streams, rivers etc are unnamed, a naming convention has been set up by the Manitoba government to acknowledge service people (such as firefighters, police officers, or soldiers) who are killed in the line of duty by naming a water body after them. Also, in Churchill there's a law actually banning you from locking your car during certain parts of the year, just in case a polar bear is wandering around, and a pedestrian needs a quick refuge.
->'''Geographic shape:''' Rectangular with an extra bit reaching out to grab Hudson's Bay

->'''Capital:''' Regina
->'''Largest city:''' Saskatoon
->'''Other cities of note:''' Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Yorkton, [[Series/CornerGas Rouleau (a.k.a "Dog River")]]
->'''Best known for:''' Wheat, potash, uranium[[labelnote:note]]featuring the worlds largest known high-grade uranium deposit[[/labelnote]], and being flat[[labelnote:note]]despite large chunks of the province that aren't actually all that flat[[/labelnote]].
->'''Provincial motto:''' ''Multis e Gentibus Vires''[[labelnote:*]]"Strength from many peoples"[[/labelnote]]
->'''Provincial touristic motto:''' Land of living skies
->'''Population:''' 1,098,352. Ukrainian
->'''Notable media set in Saskatchewan:''' ''Series/CornerGas'', ''Series/LittleMosqueOnThePrairie''
->'''[[UsefulNotes/NationalHockeyLeague NHL teams:]]''' There exist petitions calling for an NHL franchise in Saskatoon, which amazingly almost would have gotten the St. Louis Blues when the team was up for sale in 1982.
->'''[[UsefulNotes/CanadianFootballLeague CFL teams]]:''' The '''Saskatchewan''' Roughriders, which play in Regina (not to be confused with the former Ottawa Rough Riders). Fans are known for their overexuberance. It's not surprising to see Roughriders fans paint themselves green and use their jerseys as capes to watch the game on TV. In the stands, expect to see at least one or two watermelon helmets.
->'''Famous Saskatchewaners (Saskatchewinners!):''' Brent Butt of ''Series/CornerGas'', Creator/KieferSutherland, [[ Kiefer Sutherland's grandpa]] (who was premier of Saskatchewan for 20 years and more or less invented Canada's single-payer healthcare system; he was voted "Greatest Canadian" in a 2004 survey), Gordie Howe
->'''Most common stereotype:''' Farmers, Brent Butt of ''Series/CornerGas'', and the ability to see from one end of the province to the other. In fact, Saskatchewan is so flat that when your dog runs away, you can watch him go for three days.
->'''Best way to insult a Saskatcherwaner:''' Saskatchewiener, Saskatchawhiner, saying anything negative about the Riders is akin to saying "TABERNACLE DE HABS" in Quebec.
->'''Other useful info:''' Actually one of the more successful provinces coming out of the recession, in part due to uranium mines and recently re-opened rare earth mines (metals used in high tech devices). Doesn't follow Daylight Savings Time. In the summer Saskatchewan is with Alberta on Mountain Time, and in the winter they join Manitoba on Central Time.[[labelnote:note]]Astute readers will note that this puts the province on DST year-round[[/labelnote]] The area immediately surrounding the Saskatchewan side of the biprovincial city of Lloydminster is an exception to this rule—that area uses Mountain Time with DST, keeping its clocks synchronized with Alberta year-round.
->'''Geographic shape:''' It's a rectangle![[labelnote:note]]Actually, it's a pentagon - the border between Saskatchewan and Manitoba is ever-so-slightly dog-legged about 2/3rds of the way north.[[/labelnote]]


[[folder:Atlantic/Maritime Provinces]]

!!'''Nova Scotia'''
->'''Capital and largest city:''' Halifax
->'''Other cities of note:''' Dartmouth[[labelnote:*]]Though officially Dartmouth has been part of Halifax since 1996.[[/labelnote]], Sydney, Lunenberg[[labelnote:*]]The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site[[/labelnote]]
->'''Provincial motto:''' ''Munit haec et altera vincit''[[labelnote:*]]"One defends and the other conquers"[[/labelnote]]
->'''Provincial touristic motto:''' Canada's Ocean Playground
->'''Best known for:''' Fiddle music, seafood, lighthouses, sail boats, ship building
->'''Population:''' 923,598. Bigger than the other Atlantic provinces, but not by much
->'''Notable media set in Nova Scotia:''' ''Series/TrailerParkBoys'', ''Film/HoboWithAShotgun'' ([[CanadaDoesNotExist probably]]), ''Film/MyBloodyValentine'', ''WesternAnimation/TheodoreTugboat'', mentioned in "You're So Vain" by Music/CarlySimon.
->'''[[UsefulNotes/NationalHockeyLeague NHL teams:]]''' None, but some petitions exist to bring a NHL franchise to Halifax. Interestingly, Nova Scotia is the province where hockey was first invented; the first game on record was held in Windsor in 1789.
->'''[[UsefulNotes/CanadianFootballLeague CFL teams]]:''' None, but there was a plan to bring a team to Halifax once in the 1980s (Atlantic Schooners). There still exists lobbying efforts to bring the CFL to Nova Scotia.
->'''Famous Nova Scotians:''' The Series/TrailerParkBoys, Picnicface, Hank Snow, Sloan, Anne Murray, Alexander Graham Bell (summer home in Cape Breton Island), Sidney Crosby, Creator/EllenPage, Music/SarahMcLachlan
->'''Most common stereotype:''' A little bit ridiculous, will drink you and your father under the table.
->'''Best way to insult a Nova Scotian:''' Assume they're from New Brunswick.
->'''Other useful info:''' Contains more universities per capita than any other province, including six in Halifax alone.
->'''Geographic shape:''' A fish swimming as fast as it can towards Rhode Island.

!!'''New Brunswick'''
->'''Capital:''' Fredericton
->'''Largest city:''' Saint John
->'''Other cities of note:''' Moncton, Bathurst, Miramichi
->'''Best known for:''' Being called "Nouveau-Brunswick" in French; it is the only officially bilingual province, on which 33% of the population of the province identifies as Acadian, a Francophone ethnic group.[[note]]They're closely related to the [[RaginCajun Cajuns]]--Cajuns are descendants of Acadians who disliked the British takeover of Canada enough to leave/were ornery enough for the British make them leave/whom the British just decided they should leave for Louisiana; "Cajun" is derived from "Acadian", and to this day the traditionally Cajun regions of Louisiana are called "Acadiana".[[/note]] Nicknamed "No Funswick" by Nova Scotians who drive through it to party in Quebec.
->'''Population:''' 747,101. Very small (and shrinking fast).
->'''Notable media set in New Brunswick:''''s got nothing.
->'''[[UsefulNotes/CanadianFootballLeague CFL teams]]:''' None, though in 2010, 2011, and 2013, Moncton hosted one regular-season game. The CFL ended the Moncton experiment after 2013 due to declining attendance. Moncton offered to play host to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats during stadium repairs in 2013, but the [=Ti-Cats=] chose instead to play eight of their nine home games in the much closer city of Guelph, with the other home game in Moncton. This kept New Brunswick from becoming the first Atlantic province to get a CFL team. Sort of (they almost brought the CFL once to Halifax in the 1980s).
->'''Famous people from New Brunswick:''' Donald Sutherland, Louis B. Mayer (one of the founders of Creator/MetroGoldwynMayer)[[note]] Born in Minsk, then in the Russian Empire and now in Belarus, but raised in Saint John.[[/note]]
->'''Most common stereotype:''' Fishermen, seasonal workers, call centre employees, and Alberta shift workers.
->'''Best way to insult a New Brunswicker/ un(e) Néo-Brunswickois(e):''' Mistake for Nova Scotia or refer to as "No Funswick." Also, depending on who you talk to, calling a New Brunswicker (of the Miramichi/Cassilis/Sunny Corner Areas) a Hillbilly or a Redneck will either earn you a slap/insult back or a high five and a "We sure damn are! The very best!" For French speakers, insist they speak English all the time or call them liars if they claim to be from New Brunswick instead of Quebec.
->'''Other useful info:''' The Bay of Fundy is home to the largest tides in the world.
->'''Geographic shape:''' Square

!!'''Newfoundland and Labrador'''
->'''Capital and largest city:''' St. John's
->'''Other cities of note:''' Corner Brook, Gander (built around an airport!), Grand Falls-Windsor, Labrador City, Happy Valley-Goose Bay (built around a smaller airport!), Port aux Basques
->'''Best known for:''' Distinct accents [[VerbalTic b'y]], fiddle music, cod, Newfoundland dogs, the former Viking settlement at L'anse aux Meadows
->'''Population:''' 519,716. Fishermen.
->'''Notable media set in Newfoundland and Labrador:''' ''Series/RepublicOfDoyle'', ''Theatre/ComeFromAway''
->'''Famous Newfoundlanders:''' Rick Mercer, Music/GreatBigSea, [[Series/HockeyNightInCanada Bob Cole]], LetsPlay/ProtonJon, 90% of comedians on Creator/{{CBC}}
->'''Most common stereotype:''' Thick accents, fishermen, shift workers in Alberta, the lovable idiot (Newfie jokes)
->'''Best way to insult a Newfoundlander:''' Newfie jokes
->'''Other useful info:''' Newfoundland was the last province to join Confederation - it was actually an independent British colony until 1949 (and still used the Union Flag as its provincial standard until 1980). In part due to historical isolation, some regions of Newfoundland have accents distinct enough that people familiar enough can tell what town, or even what part of that town, an accent is from. Recent expansion of offshore oil drilling has reversed the flow of immigration, leading to people finally moving ''to'' Newfoundland for jobs.
->'''Geographic shape:''' Two triangles with Newfoundland island resembling a T-Rex or Godzilla on its side. Newfoundland's an island, and Labrador is attached to the top of Quebec.

!!'''Prince Edward Island'''
->'''Capital and largest city:''' Charlottetown
->'''Other cities of note:''' Summerside, Cavendish
->'''Best known for:''' Anne of Green Gables, red mud, potatoes
->'''Population:''' 142,907. Very small (for a province--it's still 4.5 times larger than the largest Territory)
->'''Notable media set in PEI:''' ''Literature/AnneOfGreenGables'' and associated spin-offs
->'''Famous Islanders:''' L.M. Montgomery, professional golfer Lorie Kane
->'''Most common stereotype:''' Friendly lobster fishermen and potato farmers, and that you can drive across the province in less than a day...which is actually possible, but you gotta go fast.
->'''Best way to insult an Islander:''' Insulting Anne will either earn you a handshake or a tongue lashing depending on who you talk to.
->'''Other useful info:''' The mud really is red. There's more iron in it for some reason. The island has some of the best beaches on the Canadian East Coast.
->'''Geographic shape:''' Resembles a jack-o-lantern's smile


Note- all three territories' capitals are also their largest "cities" (actually more like large towns).

!!'''Northwest Territories'''
->'''Capital:''' Yellowknife
->'''Other cities of note:''' Hay River (population: almost 4000)
->'''Best known for:''' The Mackenzie River, Great Slave Lake, Polar bear shaped license plates, COLD
->'''Population:''' 41,786. Tiny
->'''Notable media set in NWT:''' ''Arctic Air'', ''Ice Pilots''[[note]]the reality show that inspired ''Arctic Air''[[/note]], ''Series/IceRoadTruckers''
->'''Famous NWT-ers:''' Creator/MargotKidder
->'''Most common stereotype:''' Does anyone actually live there?
->'''Best way to insult a NWT-er:''' Why would you bother?
->'''Other useful info:''' It's the rump of the vast North-Western Territories, which at one point encompassed an area comparable in size to India--basically everything northwest of Ontario, with the exception of BC. Over the 19th and 20th centuries, Manitoba, Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nunavut were all carved out of it (in approximately that order). The Yellowknife Tim Hortons is the busiest Tim Hortons in the country, in part due to it being the only coffee shop within a day's drive on the only trucking route that services all the mining operations in the North that are reachable by road. Similarly, the Hay River Ford dealership was the most profitable in North America for years until the mining companies started diversifying their fleet. Contains the (fictional) [[SantaClaus H-Zero-H-Zero-H-Zero]] postal code via the [[LifeImitatesArt real life location it's considered attached to]][[note]][[YesVirginia if your kids ask]], thanks to modern pop culture you can tell them Santa [[{{UsefulNotes/Alaska}} has]] [[{{UsefulNotes/Finland}} multiple]] [[{{UsefulNotes/Spain}} forwarding]] [[{{UsefulNotes/Turkey}} addresses]] and [[{{UsefulNotes/Sinterklaas}} aliases]], and watch the questions disappear [[TakeAThirdOption regardless of location]][[/note]].
->'''Geographic shape:''' Mainland NWT is shaped like a slide.

->'''Capital:''' Whitehorse
->'''Other cities of note:''' Dawson City
->'''Best known for:''' The Alaska Highway, the Gold Rush, COLD
->'''Population:''' 35,874. Really tiny
->'''Notable media set in Yukon:''' ''Yukon Men'', ''Ice Pilots'', ''WesternAnimation/YvonOfTheYukon''
->'''Famous Yukon-ers:''' [[PlayedStraight Apparently]] [[NothingExcitingEverHappensHere nobody?]]
->'''Can UsefulNotes/SarahPalin see the Yukon from her house?''' Probably not.
->'''Most common stereotype:''' Big burly mountain men.
->'''Best way to insult a Yukon-er:''' If they're from Whitehorse, assume they're from Dawson City and vice versa.
->'''[[UsefulNotes/NationalHockeyLeague NHL teams:]]''' None, but Dawson City was once home to a team, the Dawson City Nuggets, which played a Stanley Cup final against the Ottawa Senators back when the Stanley Cup was still played by teams challenging the reigning champion. Unsurprisingly, they lost.
->'''Other useful info:''' Unlike every other northern city, Whitehorse has a noticeably higher percentage of women than men. The Territory itself was created to get a handle on the Klondike Gold Rush which saw literally tens of thousands of people head north on the promise of getting rich quick (a lot of them turned back). The stories of Sam Steele and the original reputation of the RCMP are from this era.
->'''Geographic shape:''' Triangular

->'''Capital:''' Iqaluit
->'''Other cities of note:''' Alert, actually an American military base originally built during the Cold War, is the most northerly permanently inhabited human settlement even though no one actually ''lives'' there permanently.
->'''Best known for:''' REALLY FUCKING COLD, being accessible only by air
->'''Population:''' 35,944. Very tiny
->'''Notable media set in Nunavut:''' ''Ice Pilots'', ''VideoGame/Sly2BandOfThieves''
->'''Famous Nunavummiut:''' Susan Aglukark
->'''Most common stereotype:''' Everyone is either Inuit or crazy for moving there.
->'''Best way to insult a Nunavummiut:''' Tell them they're crazy for moving there. They'll just laugh at you. On the other hand, if you're [[DoubleStandard American]], calling an [[UsefulNotes/NativeAmericans Inuit]] an "eskimo" (or a [[MistakenNationality non-Inuit Nunavummuit, for that matter]]) can be a BerserkButton or at least a quick way to get written off as a fool.
->'''Other useful info:''' Also had the polar bear shaped license plates (as it was formerly part of the Northwest Territories until 1999), although vehicles are only used within towns as no town in Nunavut can be reached by an all-season road. (These were changed in 2012. There's still a polar bear on it, though.)
->'''Geographic shape:''' Mainland resembles a moose antler, the two largest islands, Baffin Island and Victoria Island (shared with NWT) are shaped like an upside down dog and bird respectively.