Andorra, officially known as the Principality of Andorra ('''Catalan:''' ''Principat d'Andorra'') and also called Principality of the Valleys of Andorra ('''Catalan:''' ''Principat de les Valls d'Andorra''), is a dinky little Southern European mountain principality wedged between UsefulNotes/{{France}} and UsefulNotes/{{Spain}}, up in the Pyrenees mountains. Originally part of the lands of the Bishop of Urgell, Andorra managed to stay independent of both France and Spain for most of its history, with a few exceptions - it was gobbled up by Napoleon's France in 1812-13, and France occupied her again in 1933 after a wideboy named Boris Skossyreff declared himself sovereign of Andorra and tried to declare war on the Bishop of Urgell. Once again, French troops marched in in 1936 to prevent Andorra getting sucked into the Spanish civil war, and stayed until they were needed elsewhere in 1940. After that, the country was occupied by [[ThoseWackyNazis Germany]], and would remain thus until the final collapse of German power in Western Europe.

Andorra declared war on UsefulNotes/ImperialGermany during UsefulNotes/WorldWarI, but was overlooked when the peace treaties were signed, so technically remained at war with Germany until 1957, when someone noticed and a separate peace was concluded.

These days, Andorra is a quiet, prosperous little spot. Like many dinky little European principalities, it makes a nice living as a tax haven and its mountainous location makes it a popular ski resort. Its official language is Catalan. However [[BewareTheNiceOnes it is the only country in Europe or North America which has not signed the treaty banning the development, storage, and use of biological weapons]].

If reference to Andorra appears in any media except for their occasional appearance in sport (mostly skiers, though their football team played England recently), be very surprised. There is a play by Swiss author Max Frisch with this name, but the country Andorra it's set in is in fact [[{{Ruritania}} fictional]], [[WordOfGod a symbol, if you will]].

Andorra's main oddity is that it has two simultaneous rulers, formally known as the Co-Princes, and neither of them is Andorran: one is the Bishop of Urgell and the other the President of France. This makes the latter the world's only republican head of state to also be a reigning monarch, as well as an elected one.

[[Website/TheOnion It is not in]] [[UsefulNotes/{{Africa}} Africa.]]

[[WMG:Andorra in Popular Culture]]

* The antiwar folk song "Andorra", written by Malvina Reynolds and popularized by Music/PeteSeeger, celebrated the fact that Andorra had reportedly spent $4.90 on armaments the previous year.
* In one ''ComicStrip/KnightsOfTheDinnerTable'' story, the characters find out that some guy who claims that his parents immigrated from there was lying.
* One Italian MickeyMouse comic had the title character visiting the capital, only to wind up in an IdenticalStranger plot.
* The GameMod ''VideoGame/RedAlert3Paradox'' mentions Andorra in the game lore, a member of the Allied Nations but home to an Order of the Talon base.
* It's also speculated that Lunlun from ''Anime/HanaNoKoLunlun'' may have gone through the Andorran mountains while trying to cross the border between Spain and France.
* The ''[[Series/SixteenHundredPenn 1600 Penn]]'' episode "Bursting the Bubble" used Andorra as the country of origin for a RebelliousPrincess, inaccurately portraying it as a hereditary monarchy.
* Max Frisch wrote a play called ''Andorra'' which was a savage indictment of collaboration with the Nazis; it was evident to all viewers that the play was actually set not in the titular Andorra but in another small mountainous country, Frisch's homeland UsefulNotes/{{Switzerland}}.
* In an ''[[Website/TheOnion Onion]]'' spoof, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3q_iqrvnC_4 the U.S. State Department sent billions of dollars of aid money to Andorra]] because it [[GlobalIgnorance sounded like the name of a poor African country]].


[[folder: The Andorran flag ]]

->The flag's colors allude to those of UsefulNotes/{{France}} and UsefulNotes/{{Spain}}. At the center is the coat-of-arms, displaying a quartered shield with the arms of La Seu d'Urgell in Spain (upper left, bishop's miter and staff), Foix in France (upper right, three red columns on yellow field), Catalonia (lower left, four red columns on yellow field) and Béarn in France (lower right, two red cows on yellow field); below is the national motto: "Virtus Unita Fortior" (Latin for "United Virtue is Stronger").