->''It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from youuuuu''
->''There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever dooooo''
->''I bless the rains down in Africaaaaa''
->''It's gonna take some time to do the things we never haaaaa-aaad, woo-oo''
-->-- '''Music/{{Toto}}'s "Africa"''', a song about a white man trying to write about Africa but struggling because he's never been there.

Africa covers one-fifth of the Earth's land surface and contains 54 countries[[note]]56 if you include the separatist states of Western Sahara/Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and Somaliland, from Morocco and Somalia respectively. While 85 nations recognize Western Sahara, the arguably more legitimate Somaliland has absolutely no recognition from anybody at all.[[/note]], 8 dependencies, two thousand languages and upwards of a billion people. Its primary cultural divide is between the Muslim states north of the Sahara as well as Sudan (Known collectively as North Africa), which have more in common with the rest of the Arab world than with the rest of the continent, and "Black Africa" or sub-Saharan Africa further south. There are a ''lot'' of other divisions, though, including the differences between Southern Africa and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, and the transition zones just south of the Sahara: the primarily-Arab [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sahel Sahel]] and primarily-African [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudan_(region) Sudan]] (which confusingly does not include the country of Sudan, where the people are for the most part physically black but culturally Arab). Africa is also sometimes merged with UsefulNotes/{{Asia}} and UsefulNotes/{{Europe}} as Afro-Eurasia.

Africa is ''much bigger'' than most people realize, largely because of the distortions formed by creating a flat map of the round Earth, which also has the unfortunate side effect of making UsefulNotes/{{Greenland}} ''way bigger'' than it actually is (in reality, Greenland is over 250 km2 smaller than Africa's second-largest country, the DR Congo). It is actually the second largest continent after Asia in both geographic size and population. To get an idea of its scale, it is comparable to the continents of Antarctica, Europe and Oceania ''combined''. Of course, that can also be attributed to the fact that Africa quite possibly constitutes the world's biggest HufflepuffHouse in spite of housing a billion plus people, with only Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa really being known to the general Western public...

Stereotyped often as the land of [[PerpetualPoverty poor]], [[NeverLearnedToRead illiterate]], [[IllGirl sick]] blacks who wage war often against [[PeoplesRepublicOfTyranny repressive governments]] led by [[TheMadHatter loony presidents]] who [[ItsAllAboutMe have the ego the length of the seventh heaven]]. Or, alternatively, the land of starving children living among [[TheSavageSouth untamed wilderness]] who warrant [[CondescendingCompassion sympathy]] from [[MightyWhitey rich whites]] to [[WhiteMansBurden conque-er, "educate" them]], yet are always hindered by [[AfricanTerrorists western-hating terrorists]] who would [[MadeASlave smuggle people in and out]] for [[MoneyDearBoy blood diamonds]] or [[TheFundamentalist declare religious utopia somewhere]]. In truth, many of these stereotypes are exaggerated and most of the problems with modern Africa can be traced back to the European colonization of the continent. Sadly, those kinds of stereotypes are exactly why most of Africa becomes so unknown to the West and why so little media can accurately depict its culture and other peculiarities, or what and why and how the problems are affecting the continent the way it is, and whether it is because of excessive racism and xenophobia or just plain ignorance is left to interpretation.

For Africa in fiction, see AncientAfrica, DarkestAfrica, and {{Bulungi}}. See also MightyWhitey, GreatWhiteHunter. And despite what you may have heard, [[Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway Africa is not a country]].[[note]](though the term was originally meant for just one province of the Roman Empire in the area between present-day Tunis and Tripoli, which was taken from an earlier Punic term that probably designated Carthage. The term was later expanded to include all of the continent, but the Siculo-Normans used it anyway to designate the same region conquered [[TheHighMiddleAges during the 12th century]], which was [[InNameOnly styled]] as "The Kingdom of Africa")[[/note]]

!!North Africa
* UsefulNotes/{{Algeria}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Algiers
* UsefulNotes/{{Egypt}} (Transcontinental)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': UsefulNotes/{{Cairo}}
* UsefulNotes/{{Libya}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Tripoli
* UsefulNotes/{{Morocco}}
->'''Capital''': Rabat
->'''Largest City''': Casablanca
* UsefulNotes/{{Sudan}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Khartoum
* UsefulNotes/{{Tunisia}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Tunis

!!Southern Africa
* UsefulNotes/{{Botswana}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Gaborone
* UsefulNotes/{{Lesotho}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Maseru
* UsefulNotes/{{Namibia}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Windhoek
* UsefulNotes/SouthAfrica
->'''Capitals''': Pretoria (executive), Bloemfontein (judicial), Cape Town (legislative)
->'''Largest City''': Johannesburg
* UsefulNotes/{{Swaziland}}
->'''Capitals''': Mbabane (executive), Lobamba (legislative)
->'''Largest City''': Mbabane

!!West Africa
* UsefulNotes/{{Benin}}
->'''Capital''': Porto-Novo
->'''Largest City''': Cotonou
* UsefulNotes/BurkinaFaso
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Ouagadougou
* UsefulNotes/CapeVerde
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Praia
* [[UsefulNotes/CoteDIvoire Côte d'Ivoire]] (Ivory Coast)
->'''Capitals''': Yamoussoukro (political), Abidjan (economic)
->'''Largest City''': Abidjan
* UsefulNotes/TheGambia
->'''Capital''': Banjul
->'''Largest City''': Serekunda
* UsefulNotes/{{Ghana}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Accra
* UsefulNotes/{{Guinea}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Conakry
* UsefulNotes/GuineaBissau
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Bissau
* UsefulNotes/{{Liberia}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Monrovia
* UsefulNotes/{{Mali}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Bamako
* UsefulNotes/{{Mauritania}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Nouakchott
* UsefulNotes/{{Niger}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Niamey
* UsefulNotes/{{Nigeria}}
->'''Capital''': Abuja
->'''Largest City''': Lagos
* UsefulNotes/{{Senegal}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Dakar
* UsefulNotes/SierraLeone
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Freetown
* UsefulNotes/{{Togo}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Lomé

!!East Africa
* UsefulNotes/{{Burundi}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Bujumbura
* UsefulNotes/{{Comoros}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Moroni
* UsefulNotes/{{Djibouti}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Djibouti City
* UsefulNotes/{{Eritrea}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Asmara
* UsefulNotes/{{Ethiopia}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Addis Ababa
* UsefulNotes/{{Kenya}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Nairobi
* UsefulNotes/{{Madagascar}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Antananarivo
* UsefulNotes/{{Malawi}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Lilongwe
* UsefulNotes/{{Mauritius}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Port Louis
* UsefulNotes/{{Mozambique}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Maputo
* UsefulNotes/{{Rwanda}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Kigali
* UsefulNotes/{{Seychelles}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Victoria
* UsefulNotes/{{Somalia}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Mogadishu
* UsefulNotes/SouthSudan
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Juba
* UsefulNotes/{{Tanzania}}
->'''Capitals''': Dodoma (''de jure''), Dar es Salaam (''de facto'')
->'''Largest City''': Dar es Salaam
* UsefulNotes/{{Uganda}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Kampala
* UsefulNotes/{{Zambia}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Lusaka
* UsefulNotes/{{Zimbabwe}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Harare

!!Central Africa
* UsefulNotes/{{Angola}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Luanda
* UsefulNotes/{{Cameroon}}
->'''Capital''': Yaoundé
->'''Largest City''': Douala
* UsefulNotes/CentralAfricanRepublic
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Bangui
* UsefulNotes/{{Chad}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': N'Djamena
* UsefulNotes/DemocraticRepublicOfTheCongo
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Kinshasa
* UsefulNotes/EquatorialGuinea
->'''Capital''': Malabo
->'''Largest City''': Bata
* UsefulNotes/{{Gabon}}
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Libreville
* [[UsefulNotes/{{RepublicOfTheCongo}} Republic of the Congo]]
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Brazzaville
* [[UsefulNotes/SaoTomendPrincipe São Tomé and Príncipe]]
->'''Capital & Largest City''': São Tomé

!!Unrecognized Countries
!!North Africa
* [[UsefulNotes/ThatDryPatchOfLandUnrecognized Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic]] (Western Sahara) (''de facto'' independent country, claimed by Morocco)
->'''Capitals''': El Aaiun (Claimed), Tifariti (''de facto'')
->'''Largest City''': El Aaiun

!!East Africa
* UsefulNotes/{{Somaliland}} (''de facto'' independent country, claimed by Somalia)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Hargeisa

!!North Africa
* UsefulNotes/{{Canary Islands}} (owned by Spain)
->'''Capitals''': Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas
->'''Largest City''': Las Palmas
* UsefulNotes/{{Ceuta}} (''de facto'' owned by Spain, claimed by Morocco)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Ceuta
* UsefulNotes/{{Madeira}} (owned by Portugal)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Funchal
* UsefulNotes/{{Melilla}} (''de facto'' owned by Spain, claimed by Morocco)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Melilla

!!West Africa
* [[UsefulNotes/{{Saint Helena Ascension and Tristan Da Cunha}} Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha]] (owned by the United Kingdom)
->'''Capital''': Jamestown
->'''Largest City''': Half Tree Hollow

!!East Africa
* UsefulNotes/{{French Southern and Antarctic Lands}} (owned by France)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Saint-Pierre
* UsefulNotes/{{Mayotte}} (''de facto'' owned by France, claimed by Comoros)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Mamoudzou
* UsefulNotes/{{Reunion}} (owned by France)
->'''Capital & Largest City''': Saint-Denis

!Defunct countries, empires, and other entities
* [[UsefulNotes/AncientEgyptianHistory Ancient Egypt]]
* [[UsefulNotes/TheApartheidEra Apartheid South Africa]]

!Useful Notes and other articles related to Africans and African Culture
!!Africa in general
* Main/AfricanTerrorists
* Main/{{Afrofuturism}}
* Main/AncientAfrica
* Main/{{Bulungi}}
* Main/DarkestAfrica
* ForcesWithFirepower
** UsefulNotes/EgyptiansWithEagleFighters (Egyptian military)
** UsefulNotes/SouthAfricansWithSurfaceToAirMissiles (South African National Defense Force)
* UsefulNotes/WorldWarII
** WorldWarII/WarInEuropeAndAfrica

!!North Africa
''See UsefulNotes/{{Egypt}}, UsefulNotes/{{Libya}} and UsefulNotes/{{Morocco}} for everything solely related to those countries''
* UsefulNotes/ArabicLanguage
* UsefulNotes/TheArabSpring
* Myth/EgyptianMythology
* UsefulNotes/PunicWars
* UsefulNotes/TheRiverWar
* Main/{{Qurac}}

!!Southern Africa
''See UsefulNotes/SouthAfrica for everything solely related to South Africa''
* Main/AmoralAfrikaner
* UsefulNotes/AngloZuluWar
* UsefulNotes/TheSecondBoerWar

!!West Africa
''See UsefulNotes/{{Nigeria}} for everything solely related to Nigeria''
* Main/{{Afrobeat}}
* Main/FourOneNineScam
* UsefulNotes/{{Nollywood}}

!!East Africa
''See UsefulNotes/{{Ethiopia}}, UsefulNotes/{{Kenya}} and UsefulNotes/{{Somalia}} for everything solely related to those countries''
* Main/DumbDodoBird
* Main/RuthlessModernPirates

!!Central Africa
''See UsefulNotes/DemocraticRepublicOfTheCongo for everything solely related to the Democratic Republic of the Congo''
* UsefulNotes/TheCongoWars