* In Creator/ShelSilverstein's "A Boy Named Sue," [[CoveredUp best known]] for its Music/JohnnyCash cover, the narrator's father names him Sue so that he'll grow up tough. It works, but the narrator still resents the name and at the end of the song vows that when he has a son of his own he'll name him "anything but Sue."
* The Arrogant Worms' song "A Night In Dildo" celebrates the many unfortunate ''place'' names in Newfoundland.
-->''From Woody's Point to Come-By-Chance to good ol' Fairyland\\
Come take a look at Gander; Blackhead's mighty grand...''
* わたしのココ (Watashinokoko) once had the name Kesson Shoujo. So did a [[{{Hentai}} naughty Japanese comic]] with a [[{{Hermaphrodite}} loose grasp on biology]].
* Taco Ockerse, best known for "Puttin' On The Ritz." Yes, that's his birth name.
* Victoria Hesketh's artist name, Little Boots, echoes that of a certain [[TheCaligula tyrannical Roman emperor]].
* GirlGroup Music/{{Stooshe}} have a name which is homophonous to ''stooze'', the process of [[LoopholeAbuse making cash via 0% interest rates]], a term invented by Martin Lewis of moneysavingexpert.com. Cue the UnfortunateImplications of the name...
* The band name Katrina & the Waves became one of these after a particularly infamous 2005 hurricane.