You may remember Zell The 5[[superscript:th]] from such activities as compulsively adding entries to the TitleBin and trying to have [[ rational discussions]] [[note]](A word to the wise, ye who would be tempted to wade these lurid depths; prepare your mental fortitude and guard well your sanity, lest your mind be torn asunder and you be lost to the void for all time.)[[/note]] in the various discussion sections. He is the [[ in-famous inventor]] of the Inverted Negative Anti-Non-Pun Inverse Disambigulator Obfuscator and the Singulotamus Projector, and is currently working on perfecting his Elixir of Reanimated Necrotic Lithifacts so that he can unleash an [[{{ApocalypseHow}} apocalypse of zombie rocks]] upon the world. Let the never-living undead rise!

[[{{DeadpanSnarker}} He has no sense of humour to speak of]]. He also has an occasional penchant for utilizing egregiously voluminous [[{{SesquipedalianLoquaciousness}} sesquipedalian]] linguistic constituents, to the point that his loquaciousness sometimes totters towards the proverbial verge of [[{{PurpleProse}} heliotrope-hued grandiloquence]]. Did he mention he has [[{{AddedAlliterativeAppeal}} an alleged affinity for aptly applied alliteration awesomeness as]] well? No? Well, he has now.

He wouldn’t mind it if [[{{MyKungFuIsStrongerThanYours}} his kung fu was stronger than yours]], but he probably still needs to work on it. Also, he’s from [[{{CanadaEh}} that place up north, eh]].

As a seasonal aside, his New-Year's resolution is [[{{YouFailLogicForever}} to not keep his New-Year's resolution]]. He leaves it up to the world to figure out whether or not he is having any success.