Hello, humans. What was that? What are you suggesting? No, I'm not human. There's no way I'm that stupid.┬

To those who are wondering, yes, I am the same Zarian from the official server of a certain program. If you don't know which one, I won't tell you, but here's a [[{{Pokemon}} hint]].┬

Anyway, I am a very humanoid being, and I pride myself on my wisdom and wit. I define wisdom as having a genuine desire to learn as much of the infinite knowledge within the world as possible within one lifetime, and being able to question even that which one takes most for granted. I define wit as the ability to sarcastically [[LampshadeHanging point out]] the flaws of others' logic; yes, I am very sarcastic, almost to the point of being verbally sadistic.┬
So...yeah. These tropes apply pretty well in describing my existence:┬

* ADarkerMe: Taken to extremes. I have a friend in real life who still refuses to believe it's the same person.┬
* AmbiguousGender: Not in real life, but on the internet, most people assume my gender based on the style of username I tend to use. Most get it wrong, and don't even realize it since I don't bother correcting them.┬
* {{Asexuality}}: Yeah, don't even bother trying.┬
* BerserkButton: Several, such as:┬
** Deliberate, culpable ignorance. This one is pretty much the overarching factor for everything else that pisses me off. Oh yeah, that and the fear of change.┬
** Sexism, racism, homophobia...pretty much any irrational hatred along those lines.┬
** People who are so sure of themselves that they refuse to change their beliefs (or even admit they are wrong) when confronted with evidence.┬
** On that note, ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch.┬
* DeadpanSnarker: Much more so on the internet.┬
* GrammarNazi: Minor example - while I hold myself to a very high standard in this regard, I don't try to enforce it upon others. I ''do'', however, use it as an occasional source of snark.┬
* IKnowKungFu...but have (thankfully) never needed to use it.┬
* {{Kuudere}}: Both on and off the internet, though in a different way; on the internet I stick more to the "blunt and dismissive" bit, while off it's due more to my keeping to myself and retaining the cynicism and general lack of emotion.┬
* MindScrew: I highly enjoy messing with people's heads.┬
* SurroundedByIdiots: If there's ever a situation in which you see me ''not'' feeling this way, I'm probably {{Brainwashed}}. Or something.┬
* TheQuietOne: Very, very much. Offline, anyway.┬
* TheSpock: You probably won't find a straighter example in RealLife anywhere.┬
These are works I appreciate:┬
* BanjoKazooie┬
* BatenKaitos: Origins only. Eternal Wings had too many problems to make this list (and I don't just mean the voiceacting).┬
* DeathNote┬
* DonkeyKongCountry (the second one in particular)┬
* FinalFantasyVI┬
* FireEmblem┬
* FullmetalAlchemist: Currently just the anime, though if I have time I might start on the manga.┬
* GhostInTheShell┬
* HarryPotter┬
* TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask┬
* {{Metroid}}┬
* PaperMario┬
* PlayingToWin: This book has helped me so very much. TVTropes desperately needs a page on it.┬
* {{Pokemon}}: Games only. I actively loathe the anime for being largely responsible for the series' "kiddy" image, and generally just sucking.┬
* TalesOfSymphonia┬
* TalesOfTheAbyss┬
* TheWorldEndsWithYou┬
Also, this page is still under construction. I'll probably add to it sometime later, upon becoming motivated to do it.┬