The Troper Formerly Known As Athelind.

Immortalized for starting the following pages:
* ConservationOfNinjitsu
* TwoFirstNames
* CoolShades
* RedSkiesCrossover
* RunningTheAsylum

Rumor has it that TheManBehindTheCurtain has TwoFirstNames, or even ''three'', and has been seen wearing CoolShades.
FastEddie: This is a ridiculously cool handle. This much cool in one handle is probably against the law in several southern States.

YourObedientSerpent: Thanks. I've been using it for... oh my goodness. Almost thirty years?

I confess that I appropriated it from CecilTheSeasickSeaSerpent's sign-off in the ''BeanyAndCecil'' cartoons of the '60s.

GuesssWho: It'sss hilariousss . . . LOL

Walker_of_Maryland: Hiya. Wannabe Coastie. Came across you in my obsessive checking of the Coast Guard page, and I just wanted to say hi. Also, I envy you.

Canidaemon: You asked for WikiMagic on the {{Ironclaw}} page. It shall be done.