Hello! I'm Chris/Windy/Windrays. 24, student, emigrant to Canada, radio personality, music junkie, beleaguered political junkie, pansexual, writer, self-deprecating hipster/goth/indork, gym rat, and wannabe badass.

My synapses don't fire quite correctly, so forgive me in advance. ;-)


[[folder: Anime/Manga I Love]]
I should preface this in saying that I'm not an otaku anymore, but there a few series that I really do enjoy:

* '''OnePiece''': YES THIS SHOW IS MY JAM. (Fun fact: I used to be a mod at Arlong Park!)
* ''{{Bleach}}'': Kubo's writing style alternates between decent and awful, but I'm still waiting to see Orihime actually fight.
* ''TigerAndBunny'': Great writing. Plus, I have the bad hots for Ivan. Like, really bad.
* ''PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt'': DIETO?!
* ''FullmetalAlchemist'': Yes. So much love.
* ''GhostInTheShell'': Kusanagi is my favourite ActionGirl ''ever''.
* ''SamuraiChamploo'': DAT MUSIC.
* ''CowboyBebop'': AGAIN, DAT MUSIC. One might also cite the fact that this series was revolutionary in animation as a reason as to why I enjoyed it so much.

[[folder: Some TV I Love]]
* ''BuffyTheVampireSlayer / {{Angel}} / {{Firefly}}'': Basically if JossWhedon has his hand in it, I probably like it.
* ''TeenWolf'': Don't misjudge it because of the premise or the fact it's on MTV; it is ''so'' good. The character page for this show is my MagnumOpus on this site, by the way. :-)
* ''DoctorWho'': Such a huge Whovian!
* ''{{Degrassi}}'': Teen drama without being overbearingly obnoxious.

[[folder: Music I Love]]
* [[http://www.last.fm/user/Windrays ...go there and save us both the trouble of a gigantic list, hehe.]]

[[folder: Video Games I Love]]
* ''FinalFantasy'': I have a [[FinalFantasyXIII l'Cie]] brand tattoo on my left forearm. End of discussion. XD
* ''{{Suikoden}}'': ...And a True Wind Rune on my ''right'' forearm. :-p
* ''{{Fable}}'': O Reaver, u so evil.
* ''{{Minecraft}}'': I've spent fifteen hours crafting before. It's a problem.
* ''{{Pokemon}}'': Of course. I especially enjoy trolling with my dear Roserade.
* ''{{Lunar}}'': "Blue Dragon Palm!"
* ''AssassinsCreed'': Murder shouldn't be this fun.
* ''{{Hitman}}'': I repeat...
* ''SuperSmashBrothers'': This is SeriousBusiness; my friends and I suspend our friendships when we play this, and resume them when the controllers are put down. I will smite anyone with Peach or Pikachu.

[[folder: Things That I Do Not Agree With]]
* JustinBieber: I used to be passive with him, but since he started copping an attitude with, well, ''everyone'', I lost any amount of respect for him and think he needs to be taken down about sixteen notches. Oh, and I cannot stand his idiotic, blathering fans.
* The Generic Natter Warning: I hate that. About once a year, I'll get the message from someone. While I appreciate people telling me that I done goofed... I'd appreciate a bit more of a personalized response so we both can improve the site to the best of our abilities, rather than leaving me confused. Plus, it just seems nicer.
* BrokenCYDE: Ever want a really quick motivation for your body to contract cancer? Look up these guys.
* Sunday drivers: ''Get to where you need to be before I destroy my car horn and scream every obscenity I can at you.''
* Fantards of ''any'' fandom: Especially the rabid fans of Final Fantasy who ''won't shut up'' about XV still not being done. (For the record, and forgive me for sounding completely hipsterish here, I started playing ''[[FinalFantasyVI III]]'' on the Super Nintendo circa like 1995, so their arguments are invalid with me.)
* Mean people: Snarking is one thing. Being a douche is another. You can accomplish much more with friendliness than [[BuffySpeak prickitude]].

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