I was active on this site a while ago, left for a year or two, and then came back recently.

You can find me in Forum Games, the Roleplay forums, or editing the pages of whatever's caught my interest that week.

!!Pages I've made:

* ''Film/RagingPhoenix''
* ''VideoGame/ResidentEvilGaiden''
* ''Literature/{{Traces}}'' series
* ''Literature/AlphaForce'' series
* ''Roleplay/TwoThousandAndTwelveYouAreTheFuture''
* ''Roleplay/MagicAcademy''
* Too many subpages for me to recall.

[[folder:Roleplay Characters In Current Use]]
In general, my favourite characters to play are nice {{Non Action Guy}}s and violent {{Action Girl}}s. My personal interpretation for this phenomenon is that my yin and yang are all out of whack.

--> '''RP:''' Legends of Aerith

Freaky fish guy. Looks like [[http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc0ebp0Szs1rndrth.jpg Abe Sapien]]. Super nice, super curious, super confused by the English language. Does not understand land-dwelling customs. Cannot use a contraction to save his life.

!!Aiden Song
--> '''RP:''' Persona: Darkened Mind

Freaky Persona girl. Looks like someone you don't want to mess with. Actually pretty nice if you can get past the whole 'egotistical thrill-seeker' thing. [[Manga/GekkanShoujoNozakiKun Seo Yuzuki]] was a big inspiration.