[[quoteblock]] Mac Phisto: You MagnificentBitch[[/quoteblock]]
[[quoteblock]]Ack Sed: You win the internet. [[/quoteblock]]

Honestly, do people actually read these things?

Anywho thanks for visiting. There are alot more interesting things out on this site. Go check them out. I'll wait.


Okay. So you want information? A little creepy/stalker of you but I'll go with it. The following are a bunch of tropes that describe me:

* CloudCuckooLander - I once set fire to a toilet by accident.
* HugeSchoolgirl - I'm five ft ten" or there about. Though since I'm out of school I'm not sure if this still counts.
* PaleSkinnedBrunette - Who on this site isn't?
* ShrinkingViolet - I am sometimes reluctation to make comments or contribute to conversations. ''On the internet!''
* HatesBeingTouched - No offence. I'm just not touchy-feely. Please don't hug me.
* SpoilerHound - I have a serious problem people! This site isn't helping!
* ViewerGenderConfusion - All the time on this site. I AM A WOMAN Damnit! You're not helping with my above mentioned HugeSchoolgirl complex.
* SmallNameBigEgo - You've seen my sig?
* BrainyBrunette - I'm a brunette and I'm brainy.
* ApologisesALot - And then I apologises for apologising
* TotallyRadical - I tend to talk this way mixed with a concoxion of long dead memes. In Soviet Russia total rads YOU! and so one and so forth.

Still here? Really?

Okay if you really want to be here you can help me out. Go look at my launched pages, see what I've done wrong and help me fix them. For all the people who have already done this I am ever grateful.

'''Launched Pages'''

* {{Corpse Bride}}
* {{Billy Elliot}}
* {{A Streetcar Named Desire}}
* {{Titus Andronicus}}
* {{Footloose}}
* ProppsFunctionsOfFolktales
* {{Jack And The Beanstalk}}
* LegallyBlonde
* SixCharactersInSearchOfAnAuthor
* {{Mr And Mrs Smith}}
* Film RainMan
* CastIncest
* {{Deliverance}}
* SpicksAndSpecks
* SeaChange
* MonsterBloodTattoo - @/{{loneronline}} did most of the work.
* TwoWeeksWithTheQueen
* TakinOvertheAsylum - @/{{Wrenn}} did most of the work.

'''List of people who have helped out hugely of said pages and deserve medals in no real order.'''
* {{Tropers/Frank75}} -So ''so'' much.
* {{Tropers/CorahsUncle}} - Very much too.
* {{Tropers/ChaoticDreams}}
* {{Tropers/Alceister}}
* {{Tropers/VampireBuddha}}
* {{Tropers/UnknownOrihime}}
* {{Tropers/Lullabee}}
* {{Tropers/tropette}}
* {{Tropers/JesseBaker}}
* {{Tropers/FallingNinja}}
* {{Tropers/AcrossTheStars}}
* {{Tropers/vifetoile}}
* {{Tropers/SomeSortOfTroper}}
* {{Tropers/twelfth}}
* {{Tropers/Jordan}}
* {{Tropers/ManCalledTrue}}
* {{Tropers/triassicranger}}
* {{Tropers/Redhead64}}
* {{Tropers/AnonymousMcCartneyfan}}
* {{Tropers/Madrugada}}
* {{Tropers/Antheia}}
* {{Tropers/Skadi}}
* {{Tropers/Caswin}}
* @/{{LeighSabio}}
* {{Tropers/Jumpingzombie}}
* {{Tropers/urutapu}}
* {{Tropers/pinkbaron}}
* {{Tropers/alliterator}}
* {{Tropers/Chariset}}
* {{Tropers/DasAuto}}
* {{Tropers/Duckay}}
* @/{{Wrenn}}
* @/{{loneronline}}
* {{Tropers/Bisected8}} - my Troperpage weirdly enough.
* [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters And many more!]]

As you can see this site is frequented by people who are awesome personified.




Yes, {{huge schoolgirl}}s stick together! Also, hi, and vandalism {{FOR GREAT JUSTICE}}!

Hi, nice to vandalise you. As for your question, I think it's innocent enough to get a pass. Take away the name, and there really isn't anything swedish about him. - @/{{Arcolops}}

Thanks for taking down Arc a notch for me. He really needed it. :) - @/{{Keybreak}}

I have taken the oppertunity to commit a villainous act act of anti-vandalism. Look how blue your page is now, [[EvilLaugh BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAH!]]. - @/{{Bisected8}}

I used to date a HugeSchoolgirl in college (6'1", in fact). They're awesome! And don't let anyone tell you differently! - @/{{Exaggeration17A}}

Vandalism ahoy! - @/{{ACrackInTime}}

A person named Otto Van Dalism would like to join your page. ~ @/AlirozTheConfused.

If this site is frequented by people who are awesome personified, doesn't that mean you're awesome personified too? Heh. - @/{{Sen}}

Well, I tried to complement a person once with a LogicBomb, but that fizzled out. So I decided to try straight logic. :D
Also, setting fire to a toilet by accident is pretty awesome. Mind if I use that in a story I'm writing? - @/{{Sen}}

Yeah. I kinda also write music, so there's that. Can't argue with it. I guess I am a musaholic.
Yer not really thinkin' I tried to insult ya there, do ya? 'cos... er, I didn't. Sorry! - @/{{Sen}}

Sorry about that offensive comments thing! Please don't be mad at me? Please? - @/{{Sen}}

I'll call veterinarian!911 then. - @/{{Sen}}

Godot was here. He went in the bathroom. I wouldn't go in there if I were you. Also, popcorn.

Mia Fey was here. <3

Vandalism? In your Troper Page? Well I never thought of that! -- @/{{jcruz}}

{{Tropers/Compassionate Sadist}} says hello and thank you for the vandalism! [[spoiler: I deleted yours by accident, good thing I went to check the page history and restored it. X_X -hugs-]]

Well you have now, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitch]] Okay I love you goodbye. - @/BoldAsLove

Godot paid a visit? Dammit! I spent my life waiting and I ''missed'' him? - @/SabresEdge