Describe {{Viredae}} Here.

We'd love to, but as we all know, that's really. Really. Nigh on impossible since, after all, [[ShroudedInMyth nobody knows who he is]]. [[MysteriousWatcher first appeared]] in [[CliffHanger last season's finale]], and is [[WildMassGuessing rumored]] to be [[ThatTroper next season's]] BigBad, then again like we said: [[ShroudedInMyth nobody knows who he is]].

Other persisting rumors are [[VillainsOutShopping his love of]] {{Webcomics}}, {{Anime}}, {{Manga}}, VideoGames, And [[BreadEggsMilkSquick playing sadistic, cruel and hurtful mind games on any who come face to face with him]].

Oh! That and he's rumored to be an upcoming [[TokenEvilTeammate addition to the cast of heroes!]] Expect [[HilarityEnsues Hilarity to Ensue]].