[[TroperDemographics Young nerdy]] Troper who reads a great deal more than he contributes. Likes to watch {{Anime}} and some [[LiveActionTV TV]], but is a huge VideoGame geek, and heavy StarWars nerd. I also frequently have deep discourses on the nature of fiction with my friend {{Ryani}}. (Also has great trouble sticking to one tense...)People seem to agree I have weird tastes. (Uh, ask me about it some other time. I can give you lists of what kind of media I like, and you'll get what I mean) Has added one or two trope examples, and tossed in a few theories on some [[WildMassGuessing WMGs]]. I also keep trying to think of tropes to suggest, but everyone else has already done all the good ideas. Trying to launch my first trope. I run a lot of Forum [=RPs=] (mostly Star Wars) of varying degrees of [[RuleOfCool awesome]], almost all of which are centered around [[http://roleplayingsw.proboards89.com/index.cgi here]]. If you stop by, I can't promise you wont leave immediately because our entire community is [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold jerks]] and crazies.

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