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* @ 3rd Feb '09 - Due to being a newbie, I made a forum post [[]] to asking for {{Spider-Woman}} to be added to the {{TransformationSequence}} page.
* Film.ClassAct
!!Made additions to:
* JohnnyTest for HoYay
* FairlyOddParents for HoYay
* [[HoYay/WesternAnimation HoYay in Western Animation]] - Gil and Johnny Test. Sanjay and Timmy Turner
* IBrokeANail (Batman Returns)
* Not convinced about Nicole Kidman doing a good FakeAmerican voice.
* FanDisservice - Dil in The Crying Game and Zombie woman in Resident Evil 3
* Corrected NotAnotherTeenMovie entry for InnocentFanserviceGirl: "I have very perky breasts, yes!" to the correct song lyric "Look at me, my breasts are perky...yes"
* FamilyMatters - ActingForTwo, LovesMyAlterEgo, RidiculouslyHumanRobot, RobotGirl.
* Johnny Test for {{Crossdresser}} - "Join the Johnny Scouts"
* Flapjack for {{Cute Shotaro Boy}}
* Johnny Test for AnimeHair
* GaiaOnline - Bindle Stick, Cult, Evil Twin + Clone, Powers That Be, Preacher Man, Catch phrases, The Klutz, The Big Guy. (all hail the Giant Holy Head!!), Important Haircut
* [[AprilFoolsDay April Fools Day]] - Gaia Online 2010
* RepoMen 2010 for IfICantHaveYou.
* {{Vocaloid}} Sonika and Miku makeover for TheyChangedItNowItSucks
* TheColorPurple
* {{Tangled}}