Trickster-Belle gets her name from combining the SouthernBelle with the TricksterArchetype. The Belle part comes quite naturally to her (being [[SweetHomeAlabama from]] [[DeepSouth Mississippi]] & all), the Trickster part, she's working on.

She is a traveler, bookworm, food lover, animation addict, and Christian; none of which should make her seem less intelligent, relatable, or cool.

She has a blog: [[ link]]
And a Deviantart: [[ link]]

Life-Tropes include-
*GodIsGood- At least in my experience.
*[[ObfuscatingStupidity Obfuscating Naivete]]
*WideEyedIdealist - I've been sour before, didn't work out. Being positive and loving is far more productive.

*DarkAndTroubledPast - My parents loved me and everything. I was just a moody little kid.
*NightmareFetishist - The [[HilarityEnsued look]] on my friends' face when I told them I wanted to find a [[ANightmareBeforeChristmas vampire teddy]] for my future kids...