For thousands of years I laid dormant, who has disturbed my... oh, I didnt see you there.

Hello. I am Tomodachi. You may call me Tomo. I hope you're doing fine.

I'm a venezuelan troper who wasn't allowed to edit in Tv Tropes for 3 years! Why? My grammar sucks. I'm better than three years ago, at least. I'm mostly a lurker, anyway. I'm at the forum games most of the time, if you want to look for me.

When I wrote this page, [[CloudCuckoolander I was kinda out there]]. I mixed elements of my real self with a parody version of a super villain, and the result was... not great. I decided to change that.

Still, in 1999, I was implicated in a scheme to replace the president of the USA with a squid. I failed, [[TooSpicyForYogSothoth the president was too spicy for me]]. [[EnfantTerrible Did I mention I was like five?]]

Just kidding, of course.

Outside of Tv Tropes, I occasionally write reviews for spanish-speaking comics and webcomics, called Criticando-T. My name is HenryT on those places. Criticando-T mascot, Sorio, has been used as an avatar for my accounts online, Tv tropes included.
[[http://myanimelist.net/profile/HenryT MyAnime page.]] I'll admit I need to watch more anime, my list is pretty basic.


[[folder: Some Works I enjoy]]
I like a lot of works, but with most of them I'm pretty casual. I had being introduced to a lot of works in the past thanks to a certain somebody. Here are some cases:
* Creator/NaokiUrasawa works in general. I still need to finish to read all of his works. Introduced thanks to Dross Rotzank waaay back in 2010.
* Franchise/DragonBall.
* Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure. I was introduced to it in 2015, but I was already familiar with the Road Roller meme.
* Manga/AshitaNoJoe. Introduced thanks to Manly Anime Hero in 2016. For that, i'm always grateful
* Individual comic book characters I enjoy are ComicBook/{{Superman}}, ComicBook/DoctorStrange, and ComicBook/DoctorDoom.
* ComicBook/{{Invincible}}: Introduced thanks to my pal JAS. For that, i'm always grateful, of course.
* Videogame/{{Undertale}}.
* Franchise/MetalGearSolid: Introduced around 2014 thanks to my friend Ed Art. For that, i'm always grateful.
* WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse: The only show on CN I actually follow, with the rest i'm pretty casual.


[[folder:I launched]]
* MemeticLoser: This trope was my idea, but others made a better use of it.
* Webcomic/TwoMasters
* Website/{{Tapastic}}: Some webcomics needed the index.
* WebComic/MyBestFriendMarneao: I've been a fan of El Autor works for years, so, I wanted to give it my try with this page.


[[folder: reviewers and the like I enjoy]]
* AtopTheFourthWall: [[FollowTheLeader Linkara was my inspiration for Criticando-T.]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/user/TheIceOfAlice Quetzal, Ovejas Electricas]]: A spanish youtube blogger who talks about philosophy, poetry, videogames, and the like.
* EveryFrameAPainting
* [[RedLetterMedia Mr Plinkett]]. But only him, I don't care for the rest of the gang.
* MistareFusion DragonBall dissected
* RogerEbert
* [[https://www.youtube.com/user/DayoScript DayoScript]], another spanish youtube blogger who dissects videogames and movies, but only what he actually wants to say, his humor is worse than mine, relying too much on memes, or shitposting humor.
* NostalgiaCritic: his editorials are quite good. Not perfect but good.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/user/hardtomakeausername2 ManlyAnimeHero]]: A reviewer who talks about RatedMForManly anime. He introduced me to AshitaNoJoe, and for that, I'm always grateful.
* WebVideo/{{Digibro}} I have an stigma against weeaboos. Digibro is one of the very few anime reviewers I like.


[[folder:tropes about me]]
* {{Adorkable}}: i'm a nerd, even if I deny it.
* ApologisesALot
* BerserkButton: I have a few.
** [[MemeticMutation Memes]], more specifically, most of latin american memes, the ones that end with ":v" or "papu". They are not funny, they are not clever, it only makes you look like an utter moron. Why waste your brain creativity in uttering nonsense? Look, I don't mind memes, just as long as they are creative in something.
** Fandoms in general. Is not that I hate them, is only that the most annoying fandoms can ruin the experience for me, or worse, make me hate something I was indifferent in the past. The anime fandom (or more specifically, the Shonen Jump fandom) made me distrust anime, but I got better.
** Franchise/{{Naruto}}. Any mention of this series will annoy me, due to the fact that the utter deception it became, and how much of a murderer apologist Naruto became at the end of the story only make me want to puke. It doesn't help my best friend is a fan, and any opportunity will mention it, even if he knows it annoys me.
** Don't imply that just because a woman criticized me i'm less of a person. That's rude from your part, not from her.
** [[PlayingWithATrope Zigzagged]] with Snob Jerkasses. I absolutely loath them, with me having a terrible experience with one talentless asshole in the past. However, I will tolerate the snob if he/she is capable of creating something good. If so, then you earn my respect, and you are allowed to be as much as a Snob as you want. A spanish comic book artist is an example, with a work of his that made me cry.
* BiTheWay
* BrilliantButLazy: according to my friends and family, anyway. I'm too lazy to become a better artist or writer, or to make my homework. I will accept criticism, however. I always do.
* {{Catchphrase}}: [[ComicBook/GreenLantern All will be well.]] Not originally mine, but a really good friend of mine like this quote, to the point he would tell it to me to feel better. It has helped me.
* CannotTellaJoke: I personally believe my humor is bad, and i'm too LiteralMinded to make puns. This is ironic, considering that Criticando-T is about reviewing and making jokes about comics, and some of my jokes were found funny by some people. This is my role in the Synchtube tropers group.
* CausticCritic: Used to be one. I'm more neutral now at days, trying to balance positivity with negativity.
* CloudCuckoolander: Not in a funny way, mind you. Sometimes is difficult for me to understand what people are trying to say due to my lack of social experience.
* CreatorBreakdown: I hate most of the reviews and articles I have wrote in the past, to the point I'm kinda scared of writing anything. I was childish, I attacked people who were learning just like me, I was offensive, didn't investigate enough the subject, or worse, not funny at all. I'm working on it, though.
* TheCynic: I'm not very idealistic, due to all the terrible things happening in my country out of stupidity.
* DeadpanSnarker: Yes.
* IHatePastMe
* JerkassWithAHeartOfGold: I'm not good with people, and I rather avoid them. Doesn't mean I want them all to suffer.
* GoshDangItToHeck: At first defied, but now played straight. I'll admit is funnier to read sometimes.
* LazyArtist: I gave up on drawing a long time ago, professionally, at least. I can still design some stuff.
* LazyBum: Not all the time... just when i'm home.
* NonActionGuy: I'm not a strong person.
* RougeAnglesOfSatin: I couldn't edit in Tv tropes for three years for this reason. If you see any mistake, please correct me!
* OldShame: My life in Deviantart. Nuff said.
* RunningGag: Changing my nickname in the Synchtropers group. (Example: Tomodachi, Tomo in love, Sick Tomo, [[RefugeInAudacity Friend in moonspeak]])
* TheQuietOne: To the point I could be watching an entire movie in the Synchtropers group without saying anything.
* ThemeNaming: Tomodachi, HenryT, Tony Corona. They all have T's.



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