[[{{Bionicle}} Toa]] [[FireEmblem Lord Sothe]], [[LargeHam FULL OF JUSTICE.]]

Born 10/17 in a [[RoomFullOfCrazy secret underground facility]] in [[EagleLand Suburban]] [[GangsterLand America]].

I grew up [[{{Otaku}} playing JRPGs and watching Anime]] and I have an [[CompensatingForSomething abnormal obsession with long bladed objects]].

I recently {{Took A Level In Badass}} and can now play guitar.

My Cowning Media of Awesome are:
* {{Baccano}}
* {{Bionicle}}
* {{BECK}}
* {{Black Cat}}
* {{Black Lagoon}}
* {{Blaz Blue}}
* {{CowboyBebop}}
* {{Durarara}}
* {{Disgaea}}
* {{East Of Eden}}
* {{Eden Of The East}}
* {{Fanfic/Fairly English Story}}
* {{Fallout}}
* {{Fire Emblem}}
* {{FLCL}}
* {{Fullmetal Alchemist}}
* {{Gorillaz}}
* {{Homestuck}}
* {{HouseMD}}
* {{Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy}}
* {{Inception}}
* {{Iron Man}}
* {{JoJos Bizarre Adventure}} and {{JoJos Bizarre Adventure Abridged}}
* {{Kill Bill}}
* {{Law And Order CI}}
* {{Life On Mars}}
* {{The Legend Of Zelda}}
* {{Metal Gear Solid}}
* {{No More Heroes}}
* {{Of Mice And Men}}
* {{One Piece}}
* {{Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door}}
* {{Psych}}
* {{Portal}}
* {{Pulp Fiction}}
* {{Rurouni Kenshin}}
* {{Samurai Champloo}}
* {{Scrubs}}
* {{Shadow Hearts}}
* {{Shin Megami Tensei}}
* {{Soul Eater}}
* {{Soul Calibur}}
* {{Sucker Punch}}
* {{Tales Of Vesperia}}
* {{To Kill A Mockingbird}}
* {{The Twilight Zone}}
* {{The World Ends With You}}
* {{World War Z}}
* {{Yu Yu Hakusho}}

Pages I contribute to regularly are.

* The FireEmblemTellius character sheet. it's my baby. <3
* {{Naruto}} OnePiece and {{Bleach}}'s WMG Page.

!!This Troper provides examples of:

* {{Badass Creed}}: I live by the [[http://z8.invisionfree.com/Rogue_Mages_Clan/index.php?showtopic=5199&st=0 code of honour]] laid down by myself alongside [[DrFeelGood Dr. Samuel Thanatos Peace.]]
* {{Badass Longcoat}}
* {{BFS}}/{{Katanas Are Just Better}}: Sadly most the ones I own are [[{{Homestuck}} Cheap Pieces of Crap]]
* {{Chaotic Good}}
* {{Chivalrous Pervert}}
* {{Deadpan Snarker}}
* {{HeterosexualLifePartners}}: With my BFF Matty.
* {{Heroes Prefer Swords}}
* {{Heroic Bastard}}
* {{Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness}}: From time to time.
* {{Sliding Scale of Idealism Vs Cynicism}} I ping pong back and forth across it daily.
* {{The Power Of Rock}}