Named after Tiiba from Slayers, a small, chicken-shaped demon who insists that he is not a chicken.┬

I love Slayers. I love the Discworld. I hate cooked onions. I I hate garlic in any form, and wouldn't feed it to any living thing. Only garlic should be allowed to touch garlic, because it sucks that much. But anyway, Slayers and Discworld rock. Generally, I like anime, but sometimes also read books. Among books, I've read Asimov, Rowling, Pratchett, Strugatski brothers, and Boris Akunin. I've seen a lot more anime than read books, though, thanks to Netflix. My favorites, besides Slayers, include Tokyo Godfathers, GITS SAC, Excel Saga, Berserk, Trigun, Burn Up, and Vandread, Ruin Explorers, in rough descending order.┬

I am a vegetarian, a transhumanist, and an otaku. I like to use "thou" as a plural.┬

Tropes I embody:┬