A (former) lurker since before the time of TheGreatCrash, who has finally decided to come out and admit it that, yes, they are a Troper, and not worry about wiling away my hours writing up examples and adding to lists.┬

Of course, you might have some curiosity about who I am (you are reading this, aren't you?) so I thought I'd give a bit more information, in the form of numbered answers to unasked questions.┬

#Yes, that's a [[AlfredHitchcock Hitchcock]] reference.┬
#Yes, I am an aspiring writer.┬
#Yes, that includes FanFiction and original work.┬
#No, I'm not going to say where I post it. (It would probably burn out your eyes, and that'd be a bit of a downer.)┬
#I am a musician, likely terrible.┬
#I harbour a secret desire to form one of [[TropeNamesForABand these bands]]┬
#Yes, I would like a sandwich. Especially a tasty one.┬

Blame me for launching┬