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Well, if you insist...

theorc is a twentysomething wannabe writer who combines a healthy combination of [[SelfDeprecation self-loathing and sarcasm.]] She spends far too much time on her computer or reading books, and what's left is usually sleeping and eating, all accompanied by music. She roots for the underdog, as evidenced by her screen name. She rarely descends into {{Shipping}} territory, but when she does (for all of [[strike:four]] [[strike:five]] [[strike:six]] seven couples, none of which she will name) it is SeriousBusiness.

You will find her pimping DoctorWho, {{Torchwood}}, MysteryScienceTheater3000, LifeOnMars, {{X-Men}} comics, varying works of literature (science fiction to fantasy to TrueArtIsIncomprehensible), a bunch of bands, both traditional RPG's and computer-based ones, strategy computer games, and [[strike:no]] one film. She currently does not accept payment by check or credit card.