-->''Ha! I take your reality and replace it with my own! Which happens to include pirates, talking animals, abundant generosity, [[CuteMachines cute talking robots]], and TACOS FOR ALL!''

!!This troper provides examples of:
* {{Wise Beyond Their Years}}
* A mild {{Nightmare Fetishist}}
* {{Kuudere}}
* {{Mama Bear}}, although it's more of a sister bear since I don't have any children.
* {{Big Eater}}, with an exception of most spicy snacks.
* {{Genre Savvy}}
** Well, that's pretty obvious.
* {{Meganekko}}, doubles as {{Scary Shiny Glasses}}, often paired with {{Peeka Bangs}}
* {{The Snark Knight}}
* {{Covert Pervert}}
* {{Ridiculous Procrastinator}}


[[folder: Favorite anime series and movies ]]

* ''AzumangaDaioh''
* ''FullmetalAlchemist:Brotherhood''
* ''AxisPowersHetalia''
* ''LuckyStar''
* ''Trigun''
* ''CowboyBebop''
* ''K-ON!''
* ''Haruhi-chan''
* ''Kiki'sDeliveryService''
* ''Howl'sMovingCastle''
* ''Ponyo''


[[folder: Favorite Web animation or originals ]]

* ''TheLazerCollection''
** [[CatchPhrase Dr. Octogonapus BLAAAAH!]]
* Anything involving the {{Slenderman Mythos}}
** ''MarbleHornets'', as soon as a get up the courage to watch the rest of it.
** ''EverymanHybrid''
** ''TribeTwelve''
* ''SaladFingers''