So it looks like I'm me.


Alright. I'm a major D&D buff, with my personal library being amassed over the last six years, encompassing everything from Core revisions to online forum-posts that I found interesting stuffed into folders. My favorite monsters are demons and aberrations, and my favorite Adventure Path so far has been Savage Tide. I'm a charter member of Pathfinder and a subscriber to Kobold Quarterly.

My favorite anime is Evangelion, although I'm not entirely sure why. They're all pretty morbid and terrifying in the end (except for the latest version, which feels like an actual mech show more and more).

Lucifer is my favorite comic series, followed closely by Sandman and Hellboy. Surprise, surprise.

It's hard to pick my favorite video game, with contenders including Prince of Persia: SoT, Bioshock, Legend of Zelda: OoT, Shadow of the Colossus, Knights of the Old Republic II, and Fable.

I am an incredibly fat and damn proud of it.

My favorite western animations are Avatar: The Last Airbender and Samurai Jack.

I am completely addicted to modding my copy of Morrowind and cannot bring myself to stop no matter how hard I may try.

My favorite webcomics are Order of the Stick, Goblins, anti-HEROES, Looking for Group, and, of course, Penny Arcade.

And finally, I write Fan Fiction on under the same pseudonym as you see here. You should probably check out -that- profile as it includes much more swearing, hatred, ranting, and my favorite books. Most of it was written in hatred and disgust, and I really just don't have that old flare anymore. I am, as of now, running on hatred reserves. If I dig any deeper, I'll be in the hatred that I'm reserving for the New Moon movie.

So... yeah. Get on that.