''(To the tune of ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VnabOjAimg Everything's Better with Perry]]'' from the [[PhineasAndFerbTheMovieAcrossTheSecondDimension Phineas and Ferb movie]])''
We find the day better than planned\\
To spend it with [[HomestarRunner The Thnikkaman]]\\
We're always so ecstatic\\
'Cause she's [[ActionGirl so acrobatic]]\\
Our dear, good ol' Caucasian friend\\
[[ScrewThisImOuttaHere Left, but she'll be back in the end]]\\
Life's never fuddie duddy\\
With our [[CloudCuckoolander daydreaming]] buddy\\
[[DeadpanSnarker Snarking at stupid stuff]], It's better\\
[[OccidentalOtaku Reading manga]], It's better\\
Singing a song, It's better\\
Like we're a [[TrademarkFavoriteFood ham]] sandwich and she's the cheddar\\
When we're [[{{Facepalm}} facep]][[OnlySaneMan alming]], It's better\\
Watching [[TheMelancholyOfHaruhiSuzumiya Haruhi]], So much better\\
[[PeopleSitInChairs Sitting in a chair]], It's better\\
[[FuroScene And taking a bath is]] [[CaptainObvious just a little bit wetter]]\\
Every day will surely win\\
When you start it with an Ohian\\
She's [[{{Nerd}} nerdy]] and she's [[{{Bookworm}} a bookworm]] and [[BrilliantButLazy 'crusin]]\\
Everything's better with Susan\\
(Everything's better with Susan)\\
Everything's better with Susan\\
(Everything's better with Susan)\\
Everything is better with Susan\\
(Everything is better with Susan)\\
Everything's better and we\\
Just want to tell you Susan\\
Everything's better with you\\