Starship I think it's time you had your own page. ~ {{@/Silasw}}

Federation Drools! Klingon's Rule! ;) {{@/KorpseMan}}
* Cardassians are better than both of you! :p

About time that red link turned blue...let's kick some OTC ass. ~{{@/Vericrat}}

An awesome avatar. Best-looking one they ever built. ~{{@/Pvtnum11}}

If there was a hierarchy of religious tropers by religiosity, I'd probably be on the lowest rung but still, I feel better knowing that we have you as an advocate. -- @/HouraiRabbit

[[ Loved your post here.]] God bless ya. XD ~ {{@/DRoy}}

[[NickiMinaj MAXIMAS WERE MEANT TO FLY-Y-Y-Y]] ~{{@/Haldo}}

Maxima, how did you get so awesome? -@/LoganLocksley