All right! It's my Troper page!

In case you were wondering, I am not a fascist. I am a [[{{Film/TheIdiots}} SOLLEROD FASCIST]]. Ahem.

I'm mostly interested in films and film history, though I've got plenty of time for all sorts of media. Some people are surprised upon learning that I'm even a ProfessionalWrestling fan.

Some of my favourite films include:
* ''TaxiDriver''
* ''GroundhogDay''
* ''TalkToHer''
* ''[[{{Film/TheIdiots}} The Idiots]]''
* ''[[Film/BigManJapan Big Man Japan]]''
* ''[[WernerHerzog Woyzeck]]''
* ''FasterPussycatKillKill''

Some of my favourite TV shows are:
* ''HaveIGotNewsForYou''
* ''[[GakiNoTsukaiYaArahende Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende]]''
* ''{{Frasier}}''
* ''CurbYourEnthusiasm''
* ''BrassEye''

Online stuff I like includes:
* ''{{Achewood}}''
* The LetsPlay efforts of NintendoCapriSun. [[NiceGuy What a nice man.]]

The end... OrIsIt?