A.K.A. Richard, Rick, Ricky, [[EmbarrassingNickname Spotted Dick]], Spaceman, Linoleum, or what you will.

Is a late twentysomething, [[TheFundamentalist evangelical Christian]] ([[SelfDeprecation albeit not always a good example thereof]]), guy from [[OopNorth the North-]][[NorthEastEngland East of England]] with a crazy imagination on the side. Has also participated in Website/H2G2, AlternateHistoryDotCom, CounterFactualDotNet and also has his own poorly-updated [[http://republicoflyniezia.wordpress.com/ blog]].

Has posted a number of his mostly unwritten story ideas in DarthWiki/UnpublishedWorks, including:

* DarthWiki/{{Freejumpers}} (a tale of maverick world-hopping adventurers)
* DarthWiki/TheGenesisOfJennyEverywhere (an attempted origin story for the open-source heroine)
* DarthWiki/{{Lyniezia}} (an imaginary country that he take his name from)
* DarthWiki/TheMachandraChronicles (tales of a distant world inhabited by humans who randomly got transported there by wormhole)
* DarthWiki/MaeTravellerOfWorlds (a silly story concerning a dimension-hopping LadyOfAdventure-cum-ManicPixieDreamGirl).