One of the many [[CanadaEh Canadians]] of this world under the age of 75 who spend all their time on the internet. [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife TV Tropes has not helped at getting TheKaiYin to rejoin reality.]] When [=The KaiYin=] isn't on TV Tropes, [=TheKaiYin=] enjoys watching anime, eating enough carbs to make Dr.Atkins roll around in his grave and exercise. [=TheKaiYin=] also goes to school, but that's only because [[CrapsackWorld a good job requires you to work hard and be educated,]] [[GoodParents or at least that's what mommy and daddy kept telling TheKaiYin.]]

In her infinite boredom and [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife inability to remove her from the site]], [=TheKaiYin=] has launched these trope pages:

* InnocentlyInsensitive
* MacdonaldHall / BrunoAndBoots
* SelfSacrificeScheme
* WorkHardPlayHard
** BeingPersonalIsntProfessional

!!These Tropes Describe/May Be Exhibited By [=TheKaiYin=]:

* [[AsianAndNerdy Asian and Nerdy]]
* BewareTheNiceOnes --> UnstoppableRage
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}
* CutenessProximity
* DidIJustSayThatOutLoud
* GenkiGirl
* TheKlutz
* NoIndoorVoice
* NotAMorningPerson
* RidiculousProcrastinator
* SarcasmMode
* [[YuriFan Yuri Fangirl]]