{{Tropers/The Bear}} is a 15 year old Type B {{Tsundere}}, [[ClosetGeek Closet Geek]], {{Nerd}}, [[GamerChick Gamer Chick]], {{Tomboy}}, The Smart Sister in [[TheGloriousWarOfSisterlyRivalry The Glorious War Of Sisterly Rivalry]], and [[TheQuietOne The Quiet One]], in addition to being [[TheSnarkKnight The Snark Knight]]. She is [[GoodWithNumbers Good With Numbers]], somewhat [[BrilliantButLazy Brilliant But Lazy]] (also [[NotAMorningPerson Not A Morning Person]]), wears [[JadeColoredGlasses Jade Colored Glasses]], and believes that [[RealWomenNeverWearDresses Real Women Never Wear Dresses]].