Describe ThatWackyGerman here. ┬

He is, as his name says, German.┬

He considers himself a GrammarNazi regarding the German language. ┬
The irony is killing me... . ┬
A german GrammarNazi... . ┬
** As long as you are a Nazi about the NoSwastikaThing... [[{{Blau}} Another German troper]]. Sorry, couldn't resist...┬
*** Wait, what?┬

When he finds the time, he will add some German TV shows to this wiki.┬

(Does referring himself in the third person make him evil? He thinks so. EvilLaugh) ┬

For those of you who can understand German:┬

Ich gr├╝├če euch!┬

For the ones who don't understand German:┬

[=Schnitzel! Oktoberfest! Blitzkrieg! Hosenbein! Milchschaum!=]┬

Please excuse my english.^^┬