'''Warning: before you go any further, I do ramble a lot, so if you're one of those people who doesn't take the time to read all this, I suggest that you TURN BACK NOW.''' Ok, moving on now...

Just a bit about me:

* The meme ForeverAlone? Me in a nutshell.
* I'm an eternal optimist. My friends make fun of me for it, but at least I'm always smiling!
* I speak English, [[GratuitousSpanish Spanish]], fluent BuffySpeak, and a bit of [[HarryPotter Parseltongue]].
* [[SpongebobSquarepants I'm ugly and I'm proud!]]
* I ''looooooooooooove'' {{Adorkable}} guys. However, {{Adorkable}} guys do not love me back. So I've got that going for me. It seems that AllLoveIsUnrequited, at least for now...
* I've been described by my friends as a {{Moe}}, which mainly accounts for the fact that I look 3 years younger than I am and the fact that I'm FunSize (5 feet and loving it, baby!).
* I love all things comedy. I love seeing the smile on people's faces after I tell them something funny or show them a video on YouTube, because it makes me smile knowing that I made someone happy. The only exception to my whole "I love comedy" mantra is RomanticComedy. Maybe it's because my best friend loves them, so she drags me to the movies to watch them with her (which I admit, it gets a little awkward sometimes, especially during the kissing scenes), so now I'm absolutely sick of them.
* I'm a ShrinkingViolet, so I have trouble talking to people, especially new people.
* I'm a NaiveEverygirl. I fit this trope basically to a T.

My favorite...

[[folder:TV Shows]]
* PhineasAndFerb Obviously....
* TheOffice
* {{Glee}}
* ModernFamily
* FishHooks
* TopChef
* TheAmazingRace
* TheBuriedLife
* FamilyGuy
* SpongebobSquarepants (the old episodes, that is)

Yeah, I think I watch too much TV...

* Anything and everything by {{Pixar}} (particularly the ToyStory trilogy). Except Cars. [[RambleMode Well, I guess it was ok, but it definitely wasn't one of my favorites...]]
* {{Aladdin}}
* {{TheHangover}}
* {{Superbad}}
* {{Tangled}}
* {{ForrestGump}}
* ForgettingSarahMarshall
* '''All''' of the HarryPotter movies. Nuff said.

Eh, there's more, but if I named every single movie I enjoy, that might take up an entire page.

* {{TaylorSwift}}
* Ke$ha Don't judge me! Her songs are catchy! *gets hit with brick*
* {{Paramore}}
* {{GreenDay}}