I've been lurking for a while and have only recently decided to actually register.

I'm not that good at descriptions, but I'll attempt to do so.

The internet is practically my life. Yep, I'm online almost all the time. I live in the UK (but I will NOT go into further specifics.)

I don't really watch or play much, just tend to browse the internet... I do have some particular interests, however.

Here's what little I can gather to describe me, this section might lengthen.

* {{Berserk Button}} - Being touched by most people, mentions of certain characters, quite a lot of stuff, really, leading to...
** Also, if on the same forum as me, keep the number of pony threads to one at the most. Making additional ones is done at your own peril. OT regulars know what I mean by THAT one.
* {{Beware the nice ones}} - Nice being someone who tends to keep to themselves in this case... Described in detail on that article's troper tales.
* {{I Knew It}} - [[spoiler:[[{{Touhou}} Kogasa]] in TD.]] I suggested this one somewhat jokingly, to boot.
* This one is based off information about a certain game, so YMMV on it...
* {{Making a Splash}} - According to {{MARDEK}}, that is. You can look up the traits associated iwht the elements on the wiki detailing that game. I pretty much cover everything except the beautiful part. As I said, YMMV.
* I have particular attachment to a few [[{{Memetic Number}} Memetic Numbers]] - [[{{Touhou}} 9]], [[{{HitchhikersGuidetotheGalaxy}} 42]], [[{{ThreeHundred}} 300]], 1337... and even though I hate the source material for THAT meme... 9000.[[{{Doom}} Of course, THAT can be put down to a]] [[{{BFG}} certain FPS weapon...]]
* To some extent, {{Oblivious to Love}} - I know what love is, but don't process emotions well, so would nto be able to tell what it is... I have rather a lot in common with an RPG character for some reason. (Which one? Read the page quote on that article, and take a guess.)
* {{Watch it for the meme}} - ''{{Inception}}''. (of course, it probably helps I had experienced yo dawg before even HEARING of it.)
* [[{{WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes}} Why Did It Have to be Inflatables?]] - Yep. Scared of all inflatables... and it is genuinely scared. As in, scream and run if only way to avoid.

Trope add-ons by tropers (Courtesy of the [[@/VoidsEmpathy Emissary of Darkness, The Eternal Void]]

* NiceGuy - Because of your [[BewareTheNiceOnes potential]] [[BerserkButton to become]] [[UnstoppableRage VERY ANGRY]]...I guess ~@/VoidsEmpathy

Here's my 25 favourite musics. Mouse over the names to see what they're from (you're probably going to have to for a couple of them.)
* 25. [[{{Touhou}} Love Coloured Master Spark]] ...Yeah. I don't really know why I like this one. Then again, it's name DOES contain [[{{Kamehamehadoken}} Master]] [[{{WaveMotionGun}} Spark]]...
* 24. [[{{Touhou}} Necrofantasia]] Awesome music, for a boss that's in a league of her own.
* 23. [[{{Touhou}} Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom - Nuclear Fusion]] Suitable final boss music. Also, ☢ CAUTION ☢ CAUTION ☢ CAUTION ☢.
* 22. [[{{Touhou}} Faith is for the Transient People]] ...I have no idea why I like this one, really.
* 21. [[{{Touhou}} Beloved Tomboyish Daughter]] THE STRONGEST Touhou music. Yes, Cirno's theme.
* 20.[[{{DoctorWho}} I Am The Doctor]] (I don't know if it's official name, just first name that cmae up for it. It's the 11th Doctor's theme. It's the second newest.)
* 19.[[{{HitchhikersGuidetotheGalaxy}} So Long and Thanks for all the Fish]] (this is the only one with lyrics, and the last oen that isn't from a game. It's the 4th newest.)
* 18 [[{{Videogame/SonictheHedgehog}} Green Hill Zone]] (Nostalgia)
* 17 [[{{SonictheHedgehog2}} Metropolis Zone]] (Rough level, good music)
* 16 [[{{Sonic3andKnuckles}} Act 2 boss theme]] (Why is Sonic 3 better than the other 2 classics musicwise?)
* 15 [[{{MARDEK}} Regular battle theme]] (I don't remember if this is new for the last update or not - tied for newest if it is, 3rd newest if it's not.)
* 14 [[{{MARDEK}} Guardian Battle]] (Newest one. that is all.)
* 13 [[{{Doom}} Intermission/E2M3]] (F**K YEAH DOOM.)
* 12 [[{{FinalFantasyX}} Regular battle theme]] (Good battle music is good. Also ,I prefer regular numbers to the roman numerals.
* 11 [[{{FinalFantasyVII}} Regular boss music]] (YES. MY LEAST FAVVORUITE FF GAME HAS MUSIC JUST SHORT OF THE TOP 10. Shocking, isn't it?)
* 10 [[{{FinalFantasyIV}} Final boss music]] (I liek it, any more reason than necessary.)
* 9 [[{{Sonic3andKnuckles}} Sky Sanctuary Zone]] (Yep. More S3&K.)
* 8 [[{{Sonic3andKnuckles}} Penultimate boss music]] (Before FF rose to the top 10, this was 4th. MORE S3&K)
* 7 [[{{FinalFantasyVI}} Major boss battle]] (sounds serious, really like it.)
* 6 [[{{Sonic3andKnuckles}} Death Egg Zone]] (EVEN MORE S3&K)
* 5 [[{{Sonic3andKnuckles}} Lava Reef Zone act 1]] (blah)
* 4 [[{{Sonic3andKnuckles}} Flying Battery Zone act 2]] (I generally prefer act 1 to act 2. Not so in htis case.)
* 3 [[{{FinalFantasyV}} Final boss music]] (FINALLY a break from the S3&K. Also, my first FF. Why isn't this 2 then? well...)
* 2 [[{{FinalFantasyV}} Clash on the Big Bridge]] (... BECAUSE OF THE MUSIC ASSOCIATED WITH [[{{BraggartBoss}} GILGAMESH]], THAT'S WHY!)
* 1 [[{{Sonic3andKnuckles}} Doomsday Zone]] (Considering the amount of S3&K in teh top 10, this should come as no surprise.)

* {{Doctor Who}} - Best get the obvious one out of the way first. If you couldn't tell this one right away then YOU MUST BE EX-TER-MIN-ATED!
* {{Sonic}} - Specifically, the games. I have only one definite favourite game, it's Sonic 3 & Knuckles
* FF - I still don't know much about how to edit, so I will not directly link to this one. I like msot of the games in the series I've played (and there is one that I'm not keen on, I'll cover reasons why later)
* A certain {{bullet hell}} series - Not much to say here... except, perhaps... ⑨!
* {{Doom}} - IF YOU NEED A REASON, THEN RIP AND TEAR! Or gibbings by the {{BFG}}-9000
* {{Quake}} - Specifically, 3 Arena/ Live.
* {{MARDEK}} - I was surprsied to see quotes on 3 of the pages in soem form (especially {{Oblivious to Love}} WHICH HAS P-DIALOGUE FROM CHAPTER 3 AT THE TOP OF THE ACTUAL ARTICLE!)
* [[{{ThreeHundred}} 300]] - [[{{MemeticMutation}} Gee]], [[{{ThisIsSparta}} I wonder why?]]
* [[{{HitchhikersGuideTotheGalaxy}} Hitchhiker's Guide]] - Again, slight {{Memetic Mutation}}... Specifically, 42. Of course, I would still like it even if 42 wasn't a meme... [[{{EarWorm}} So Long and Thanks for all the Fish / So sad that it should come to this / we tried to warn you all but oh dear...]]

* USED to hate all anime. Thanks to a troll on Kongregate's OT board, I'm pretty much tolerant now. This does not mean I will touch it, however.
* FF7 fanboys - WORST. FANBASE. EVER. FF7's my least favourite game becuase of these guys.
* And various other stuff, really.
* Everything that is not Sonic, Disgaea, Touhou, DoctorWho, boobs, or memes. There. I have saved you the trouble. ~ @/{{GameSpazzer}}


* -highfives for all the Sonic related music- :D -@/{{Nekoalexa}}
* Fez or Stetson? -@/{{steampowered}}
* How many [=TARDISes=] do you have? =P -@/MegaMagikarp
* Man, this is one big page. ~ @/StrangeDwarf
* The faeries are in your page, stealing your TARDIS. - [[@/{{StolenByFaeries}} a rogue faerie]]
* Do ''you'' know the way to SesameStreet? -@/MegaMagikarp
* -words go here--@/Vanthebaron
** -more words go here--@/Vanthebaron
* A whole lot of music from the Sonic the Hedgehog games is just awesome! Comment responses are good, too. (8^) --Tropers/{{AlBundyFan365}}
* You've been sidewinded by the Evangelist of Doom! Actually, those were just really cool words that {{Tropers/Enzeru}} had to use.
* Can you hear it? The drumming? Call The Doctor! -@/{{Strelok}}
* IT IS TOO HOT -[[@/{{Vanthebaron}} read to pass out]]
** they brought a fan in...fan feel good-[[@/{{Vanthebaron}} no longer read to pass out]]
* Hello from a front yard that might or might not be mine! --@/{{Tre}}
* Are you the same Tardis as the one on OT? -- Cammy_G
** If you're from Kongregate? then yes.
* Yes, you can has. -@/{{Anno R}}
* [[http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/26000000/-Rarity-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-26049773-373-306.gif Get the cool shoeshine!]]
* ...Eh, I don't get it. - Beorc
* The world is ending today at around 7 or 8 pm. Or was that on Sunday? Anyway, I don't believe that. Have some soup instead. -hands can of soup- ~[[@/TheIndefiniteOne theindefiniteone]]
* Hmm, this page is missing sumfin... -sets it on fire- Much better! ~{{@/Jinjoman}}
** -Extinguishes fire with [[http://static.tumblr.com/1nhm15y/LRwly64rr/18033_-_absurd_res_rainbow_dash_vector.png Rainbow Dash]]- No. Fire is not good.
* (Scrawls on page with marker) Take that, society at large!- @/{{steampowered}}
* Greetings and congratulations for surviving the end of the world without flinching once. -@/NathanielTheSeeker
* [[{{@/Jinjoman}} POKEMON HIJACK -HYPER BEAM!]]
** How pathetic. *[[http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/268/2/7/twilight_sparkle_vector__by_dina_di-d4av5cf.png Twilight Sparkle]]*
* I have no memes or hijacks for you. Have one of [[{{Tropers/KarlKadaver}} Karl Kadaver's]] Fresh-Baked Kookies instead.
* Dogs are the enemy. ~[[@/TheIndefiniteOne theindefiniteone]]
* Have a hug. Everyone should have one. ~{{@/RenaTheArchmage}}
* Besides DoctorWho, TARDISES reminds me of "Tardies". Or something. ~[[@/TheIndefiniteOne theindefiniteone]]
* Alright, let's suit up and go fight Dr. Morbis! ~{{@/YouMustDie}}
* I've been waiting to vandalize a fellow Alternate Character Interprator -@/{{raigakuren}}
* Britain, eh? Ahem. I don't know you, but hell, you deserve a song.\\
He's a little rad,\\
Oh so cool, and really intricate,\\
Got a sense of humour,\\
And powers of awesome to rival a puma,\\
An awesome fella, I gotta tell ya - [[{{Tropers/Inhopelessguy}} The Songseamster]]
* ohai touhou and occasional off-topicer - @/{{CommanderObvious}}
* I feel like an MP now. Second home. @/{{Inhopelessguy}}
* Hi, I don't think we've... -picks at coat fluff-... ~ @/{{Aralyn}}
* A toast, from one troper to another (an imaginary toast, of course, since I don't drink alcohol). - @/AmusedTroperGuy
* Well, I've been here twice. Where's the fridge? @/{{Inhopelessguy}}
* Wow. Hopey is on a rollllllll! @/InhopelessGuy (Yes. I just realised I could do that.)
* This space claimed by @/{{Quarterman}}
* Someone whose handle is TARDISES is bound to be awesome. Thus, [[ThisIsSparta you! Are! Awesome!]] -@/{{desdendelle}}
* @/{{Shad|ow Bender}} was here!
* You are the most ardent solipsist I've ever met, TARDISES. Congratulations. -Raz_Fox
* Whenever I see you on /v/, I'm going to post pictures of [[http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/105/1/d/applejack_by_blackgryph0n-d3e1fk3.png ponies.]] Umad? - @/{{Aramil}}
* I think you'd be glad to know that you are still spoken of, even long after your departure. [---- I can't say "fondly spoken of", though... [[http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-nmS4_wQXZO0/TuaGjGuEg_I/AAAAAAAABgM/y4LmzQbiEY0/s1600/u_mad_sorry.jpg ;)]] ----] -@/MobileLeprechaun
* Hey, I'm a FFVII fanboy and I disapprove of your hate.
* Your page looks lonely. Let me cheer it up!


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