->''"Death!Delicious,''strawberry-flavored'' DEATH!"''
-->--'''Dr. Walter Bishop''',''Fringe''

Just some guy who doesn't know what to do with himself. I joined the site in August 2010 after lurking the site a month before. I usually go by Straw or Strawberry. The former is preferred, since there's a lot of other strawberry tropers.
Also, I'm Jamaican. And Asian. Figure it out yourself.

I am also a part of RolePlay/WeAreAllPokemonTrainers.



* OHMYGOD you like Taking Back Sunday!? :O @/{{cutewithoutthe}}
**How did you figure that out?
***....I don't remember! XD
* No longer a Scolipede? Congratulations! Oh, and I wrote on your page.- [[{{@/AgentDragonhunter}} Agent Dragonhunter]]
* Straw, y u no be nice to us? D: - [[{{@/Hobgoblin}} Don Zigzagoon]]
** Because you're vandalizing the city!
* Were you on the TF2 server yesterday? It was enjoyable. Also, synesthesia. -@/{{Aramil}}
** That wasn't me. I only have the 360 version of TF2. The PC version doesn't run well on my laptop.
** Oh. Well, their Steam name had something to do with strawberries.
* Ooh, strawberry-flavoured stuff! -Smiles- -@/{{desdendelle}}
* Hey there, it's me, the Penitent! I'm a bit of a synesthesiate, too, and I'm only 17. A lot of the stuff applying to you also applies to me... apart from the above, also considered a genius by my friends, and also think that it's a bit of a stretch (the quote from {{Firefly}} about "when I tell you my little sister makes me look like an idiot child" often comes to my mind. Anyway, I've just joined {{We Are All Pokemon Trainers}}, and it's cool to meet like-minded fellows!
* You find being evil fun? Well then, I reckon you'll enjoy "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgulsLQRH6I When You're Evil]]" (by Music/{{Voltaire}}) very much. Second thoughts, maybe I shouldn't give you inspiration...
* Oiy Oiy Oiy Oiy! How are ya? -[[@/{{BluBeriPi}} Sage Lee]]