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'''Race to climb the Venus Lighthouse!'''

Two parties of Psyenergy adepts wander the world of the Golden Sun opposed to eachother in a struggle that will shape the world. One team formed by the Mars Adepts of Prox, seek to light all of the lighthouses to prevent the world from being consumed by the void. The other a group of mixed adepts tasked by an ancient guardian to stop this event, thinking that Alchemy is too destructive a force to allow it to be unsealed.

* Both sides will be running through a gauntlet of puzzles and minor monsters set in a progression of 5 floors.
** Each floor is increasingly difficult but if too much time passes the NPCs will figure it out.
*** The Protagonists, Issac and gang, are better at puzzles while Saturos and team are more powerful.
* Each puzzle is made to be solved, pay attention to the details and if you don't find the details search for more.
* Teleportation and flight abilities are magically disabled within the confines of the Lighthouse. The players will not be warned against this to start, but if someone does try to teleport they will teleport to the beginning of the lighthouse instead. (fortunately its not as hard to climb a path that has been cleared already.)
* The walls and floors/ceilings are invulnerable to damage unless its part of the puzzle to be destroyed.

'''Important [=NPCs=]'''
* Issac and friends - This party is strong and quite intelligent with a wide variety of skills.
* Saturos and party - This party is more specialized, having incredibly strength but not as many abilities available to solve the puzzles.

'''Victory conditions'''
* Light or Seal the lighthouse.
** If both parties arrive at the top it will come down to a battle.

'''Failure conditions'''
* The other team achieves victory
* All [=NPCs=] on either side are defeated.
** If ALL [=NPCs=] are defeated on both sides simultaneously, both teams fail.

'''Assault on Poyeen!'''

The world of Poyeen is an economic gold mine of resources in a group of allied robotic forces. While the world's defenses are strong they've recently dealt with a massive invasion from the Demon Force, a huge multi-dimensional force bent on conquering everything. Pold defeated this invasion and took this opportunity to finally destroy the Demon Force Base. With them weakened this presents a unique opportunity to take over the planet and its rich resources.
* The wild is a hostile place. It will be necessary to either somehow control the wild robotic life or destroy it as you approach an enemy location.
** The wild have taken over the old Demon Force base. Clearing out this area and taking over its facilities will provide a new source of mooks for this mission.
*** The enemy will not be aware of you taking this base, but doing this before attacking the enemy will give them time to build up forces at all three bases.
* The enemy has three seperate areas of built up forces. The main force Pold is by far the strongest of the three. While attacking Pold first may lead to a quicker resoltion if you do that the other two will reinforce it. It will likely be best to destroy the two lesser bases first.
** Destroying the other two bases will allow Pold time to build up its defenses.
** Destroying the important [=NPCs=] is important, if they manage to escape they will be repaired and stationed at Pold.
* The enemy has factories and repair facilities. The longer the battle is drawn out the more this will work against the overlords as enemy forces get re-built.
** Making a stealth assault to destroy these facilities in Pold is a viable option.
'''Important [=NPCs=]'''
** Saggitary Maxis - Stationed at the Pold base, Maxis uses a Railgun that can strike, with a slow rate of fire, very fast at a ridiculous range making him a priority target
** Vanguard Lancer - Stationed at the Pold base, Lancer uses a large lance and is an expert in melee combat.
** Cat C. - Stationed at the South Western base, Cat C. is a small bot with some fire-power but generally weak. Her voice however is capable of freezing enemies in place to be destroyed by other supporting forces.
** Vulder - Stationed at the Eastern base, Vulder is equipped with both two machine-guns/Beam Sabers and strong flying abilities that can transform into a monster bird form giving up some power for mobility.
'''Victory conditions'''
* Destroy all four important [=NPCs=] and the factories and repair facilities
** Leaving the factories and repair facilities alone is a bonus condition granting increased rewards.
* Take over Pold base and destroying at least 2 important [=NPCs=], forcing surrender from the others.
'''Failure conditions'''
* Losing control of all bases will cause you to be auto-pulled out. (You start with an initial base and the mission is to take bases)
** The enemies will only attack if given time to build up forces.
* If the challenge takes too long, eventually off-world reinforcements will arrive and overwhelm the overlords.

Work In Progress

* Name: Saito Hiraga
* Universe: ZeroNoTsukaima
||* Physical description:||
* Personality: Saito is a young, easy going sort of person and someone whose intelligence is rather average. Its because of these things that Saito tends to accept events happening around him, even when he was first introduced to the reality of a magical world it did not take him long to accept it. However, there are basic points which Saito refuses to accept. He dislikes the notion of nobility and a noble's honor. Saito simply does not agree with fighting to your death for a country. But to fight for one's love, that is something Saito will do which has forced him to fight for the magical country he lived in. Saito does have his own sense of honor, not backing down from a fight and risking himself for others whenever he can. On the lighter side of things Saito can rather friendly and helpful, and he can often be playful at times with people close to him.
* Powers/Skills:
** Gandálfr - The runes inscribed on Saito's hand are the mark of a Void Mage's familiar. Glowing blue while active, they give Saito the power of becoming an expert with any weapon he is holding. Whatever he is holding must have been made with the intention of being a weapon, so 'improvised' weapons or decorative weapons cannot be used but even vehicles can be used. In addition to gaining great skill with any weapon, Saito is physically augmented while the power is active and he learns of the name of the weapon. He gains great strength, agility, and endurance while the runes continue to glow. Enough strength and agility to swing a sword and create a large burst of wind in every direction or to divert most of the arrows shot at him from a huge volley from an army.
*** However, it is not enough to deflect bullets or the like. Also notably his power does not augment the abilities of the weapon he is holding. While Derflinger can handle huge amounts of stress being a magical weapon, an ordinary sword might break being swung against the scales of a dragon. This power also stops working the moment Saito stops wielding a weapon, which can make him fall unconscious if he has suffered a large amount of damage as he loses the endurance he had for wounds while Gandálfr was active.
*** One should note that if Saito was to die or Louse, his master, were to die the contract as a familiar would be broken and Saito would lose this power.
*** The power of Gandalfr is also subtling forcing Saito to accept his master and to be attached to her, constantly pushing him to try to develop his relationship with her and his desire to protect her. These subtle changes have made Saito very brave and loyal, both to Louise and to anyone else he considers friend.
* Signature Equipment:
** Derflinger - The intelligent magical sword created for the purpose of being wielded by a Gandálfr, Derflinger is a powerful artifact able to withstand great stress and cut through metal though naturally it also takes a powerful wielder to do so (which any Gandálfr is). Deflinger's magic is such, like any other magical construct, that it is difficult to overcome directly and can be used to block moderately powerful magical spells. Weaker spells can be absorbed completely, while larger spells can take longer to absorb so pushing Saito back and off his feet. However he won't stop indirect magical effects. He can move slowly (not levitate at all but he can unsheath himself slightly to move the mouth he has on the hilt) and speak, and if the weapon he is inside is destroyed, he can survive by going into another nearby weapon and enchanting that though it takes a powerful magic (Or used too many times to defend against moderately powerful spells in a row) to destroy the weapon he is enhancing. The new weapon somehow or another changes to gain moving parts for a mouth.
* Backstory:
** Saito was a simple high school student in Japan before being sucked into a world of magic and wizards. Brought here to be a familiar of a young mage at a magical academy, he has been subjected to terrible and abusive treatment by his new master but he has come to accept this position especially as he found her to be cute, and his basic survival needs like food and water depended on him following orders. Quickly, he forgot about his old life and lived here, helping Louise and showing just how powerful his familiar skill is. Things moved on and Saito found himself meeting with artifacts from his world which had lost none of their power here such as a Rocket Launcher and a Fighter Jet. His services got him recognized by the Queen who he soon became friends with. But events that were drawn out turned into a declaration of war from another country and they were caught in a bad position with the enemy army bearing down on Saito, the Queen, Louise, and others. [[spoiler:Because of their accomplishments, Louise was asked to stay behind and ensure everyone else's escape, but instead Saito married her, and slipped a sleeping potion on her to save her life while he took up her duty to delay the enemy army of 70,000 (all mages no less). Saito took on the army, killing a countless number but even the power of Gandálfr allowing him to deflect an arrow storm and cut down a huge troll, his body tired, and he took damage the enemy assaults. He took a fatal wound, and the enemy tried to finish him off but he was saved as Derflinger teleported them both away to safety. It was there an Elf, Tiffania, happened upon him, (no doubt Fate had a hand in this meeting) who used an ancient one-shot charm to heal him. He reunited with Louise and the others, and the innocent Elf ended up following him to the academy and became a student.]]

* Superhuman Strength: superhuman strength that you can further increase by drawing upon outside energy sources

* Superhuman Durability: powerful enough to shrug off Black Bolt's scream, which is freaking powerful

* Flight: he can give himself wings, but in this case, he can use his telekinesis to lift himself off

* Teleportation: don't need to explain this one

* Bio-Molecular Alteration: I'm going to give you some sort of this: Desco will be able to change her body. The rest of the Bio-Molecular manipulation powers are too loose and will probably lead to problems. Something we could do is give Desco some degree of Bio-Molecular manipulation- not enough for her to do the stuff you said, but enough to maybe give her some mutations, with the downside that the more she uses it, the more she poisons her body, which means she'll need to find a new one.Energy generation and absorption and projection: don't need to explain this one too.

* Superhuman Speed: duh.

* Telekinesis: duh three.

* Blood of Apocalypse: if we go with that 'the more she uses it the more she poisons herself' idea, then this is how she would be able to get a new body. Put a few drops of her blood in a vat of organs and create a new body for herself.Pretty damn smart

After all was said and done and Desco was back in her room alone eating Sardine, sweets, and anything else her mind could come up with, something still tugged at the back of her mind. Zeal had said she was a Final Boss. Desco had been distracted by all the wishing but she still wanted to know more about Zeal. She wasn't just a Final Boss, she had actually gone through with it! She fought and lost to Heroes, as all Final Bosses are destined to do. Desco wanted to know more about all of that, she wanted to know what to do and what not to do as a Final Boss herself.

Desco wandered out of her room, the halls were susciously quiet despite the large number of powerful Overlords in the area. Well, that the rooms were soundproof didn't even occur to Desco. But she found Zeal's Room. Desco already knew where this room was because she had accidently wandered into it when she first arrived to the Tower. Desco reached up and knocked on Zeal's Door. "Hello? Is anyone home? Its Desco!"

The one who ended up opening the door was... It was actually Schala who opened the door. Since it was early in the morning, if one could give a time period to the tower, most of the summoned forces of Zeal's were still in bed, including both Dalton and Zeal herself. Neither were really worried about Schala having another bout of disobediance against her mother since the very heroes she had gotten help from were not here to help her. Schala looked down to see... well, Desco.

"Oh, hello, young one," Schala said to little Desco, somberly.

The door opened to show someone Desco hadn't seen before. This must be one of the people that Zeal had wished for. Who did Zeal wish for again? Desco couldn't remember. "Hello! Desco was hoping to talk to Zeal." Schala would probably notice how nonchanlantly Desco spoke Zeal's name. "Desco wants to know more about Zeal's past."

"Oh... my mother is still asleep," Schala answered calmly, but still looked at Desco with much suspicion, as she knew her mother. "I am Schala Zeal."

Desco slumped a little, dissapointed. She would have to wait. But Schala Zeal, that reminded Desco that Zeal had brought her Daughter. "So you are Zeal's daughter, Schala? I am Desco. Desco is an artifical demon created by humans. Can you tell Desco more about Zeal?"

"Oh, what do you wish to know about my mother, Desco?" Schala asked Desco, seeing her more as a very strange little girl than the monsters the others might've been. Still, she was not happy to be talking about her.

Desco noticed that Schala was a bit tense with Desco, but unable to see any problems she moved on. Desco waved, making a gesture that would indicate Zeal. "She said that she was a Final Boss and was defeated by Heroes. Desco wants to know more about what happened. How did the heroes beat her? What did they fight through to get to Zeal? Desco wants to know because she wants to be a Final Boss but Desco has no experience fighting Heroes."

"My mother's actions against--" Schala began to explain, disliking her mother's plans. "I do not remember her final defeat, but her plan had been to harness the power of Lavos to make the Ocean Palace in an eternal floating fortress... a Black Omen upon our planet."

"From what my mother has said, she was successful at summoning this Black Omen and sat upon its throne." Schala said, smiling slightly at remembering meeting Crono and his friends. "The heroes you speak of then charged into it aiming to destroy it and stop her."

Desco nodded, listening intently to what Schala said. So she was dealing with the heroes and made a final lair to fight them in, only to be beaten when they managed to get through the dungeon and fight her. But from what Schala said, Desco wouldn't be able to get too much more detail as she wasn't actually there. "Did you fight the Heroes? What kind of power did they have? Did they use the power of friendship and love?" Desco spoke quickly, excited. She has learned a lot about the power of friendship and love in Hades. Desco used that power with her friends to help save Earth. She was still uneasy about that time.. but if she let Earth get destroyed she wouldn't have been able to kill all humans herself and make Big Sis ruler of the world.

"I believe they have the power of friendship and love," Schala explained to the little artificial demon. "I was there to see an earlier fight of theirs against my mother and Lavos, and they were also talented magic-users..."

"That fight was hopeless and ended in the death of... one of them," Schala frowned, remembering Crono's death. "But they were able to bring him back to life if Dalton is to be believed."

Desco's tail, which couldn't be seen normally as she somehow hid it in her dress clearly too small to actually hold it, slithered out and Desco pushed herself back into the air supported only by the tail, her arms moving above her head and legs pointing up. It was Desco's way of expressing a lot of excitement and joy. "Desco knew it! Desco has been studying the power of friendship and love. She has tried to use it herself. Desco loves her Big Sis and Big Bro and has used some of that power to beat Fear The Great."

Desco went back to her standing position. She didn't think much of coming back to life, the Netherworld Hospital could always do that as long as you had someone that wanted you back and had money. "Thank you for telling Desco." Unsure of what to do now as she had to wait for Zeal to ask her more questions, Desco hesitated for a few moments. "So what do you do?"

"At the moment, I am not sure myself," Schala frowned to Desco, looking somberly. "I had controlled the Mammon Machine which allowed for my mother to harness the power of Lavos for herself, but... I think my mother still cares for me and I am still a talented magic-user."

Schala did not remember anything of what happened after she had used her magic power to send the Prophet and Crono's two friends to safety after Crono's death. It was all blank other than feeling cold, dark and alone.

Desco pondered what this Lavos thing was. It must be some kind of power source like a reactor. But it wasn't important. This Schala seemed like a nice person, she answered Desco's questinos. "Would you like to be friends with Desco?"

Desco did the same pose she did earlier with her tail. "Yay! Desco needs to wait for Zeal so she can ask more questions. Do you want to come to Desco's Room? Desco can made candy, ice cream, sardines, and lots of stuff with it!"

We could just summarize what happened in the room, and come back to Zeal's room later in the day. Schala can use the time to realize that in general Desco isn't much different from any other little girl in personality.

Schala had accepted her offered and learned that Desco was much more like a normal girl than she would have thought from being brought here... other than her peculiar goal, of course. Schala would spend the next few days visiting Desco whenever she needed to get out.


Desco had lost track of time hanging out with Schala, it was about time she tried to see if Zeal was awake. She had more questions to ask about Zeal's past. Desco wanted to hear more about these heroes that she had fought, what Zeal's evil plans were that they had foiled, and anything else Desco could think of on the spot. The little final boss walked up to Queen Zeal's door again and knocked. "Hello? Its Desco again!"

This time the person who opened the door was Dalton, who looked down at Desco. He appeared to be supervising the construction of weapons for Zeal's forces and assessing the amount of Dreamstone they had.

"What do you want?" Dalton said grumpily.

Desco hestitated for a moment, this guy was a little more scary than Schala. The way she had spoken about him made him seem rough and tough, but its the first time Desco has spoken to him. "Desco wants to talk to Zeal! She tried earlier but Zeal was sleeping."

"Oh fine..." Dalton points to one of the ones who looked to be standing around. Queen Zeal had informed him that Desco was one of the Overlords, and Greed was busy looking for Schala. "You! Go summon Queen Zeal."

"She shall be here momentarily," Dalton said as the lazy worker left to find Queen Zeal, though he kept an eye on Desco. He was still looking rather grumpy.

Desco nodded and wasn't sure what to do next. She was still nervous as Dalton hadn't invited her in and he didn't look too happy. Desco waited in silence for Queen Zeal to come out from wherever she was. Desco didn't question that it took time for her to come, despite that Desco's room was just one large room right inside the door. She hadn't imagined needing anythig more.

Soon enough, Queen Zeal entered the main room. She however did look different from how she had looked in the past... She was younger and far more attractive than what Desco had seen of Zeal before. Her hair was a dark shade of blue now and her eyes were the color of mauve.

"Oh, Desco," Zeal looked over at Dalton. "Invite her in. We can talk in the dining room."

"Yes, ma'am..." Dalton moved out of the way of Desco and allowed her to come in. "Come in, Desco."

Desco looked in a little awe as Zeal's appearance had changed. She still looked like Zeal but she looked.. younger and changed the color of her hair and eyes. Desco entered the room and jumped back onto her tail that came out from under her dress, her arms above her and legs pointed out and up showing her excitement. "You look beautiful! Did you reincarnate?" Reincarniation was a process where Demons were reborn in the Netherworld. While they often lost most of their power they gained new powers and appearnaces and it helped them unlock stronger potentials. Desco hadn't done it before herself, except that she probably 'had' been reincarnated when she was brought here.

Queen Zeal thought about the question for a moment as she lead Desco to the kitchen to discuss things in private, but she did finally answer her, "I suppose you could call it that..."

The kitchen was quite expansive and glorious to look at... It was both futuristic and medieval in its design and looked quite impressive. Eventually Desco and Zeal were led to a large table and the two sat down in two chairs. Zeal crossed her legs as she looked over the little demon.

Desco followed, unaware of the impressiveness of the layout of the area as she was still focused on how Zeal had reincarnated. It made Desco want to be all grown up. She loved being this cute little girl, but sometimes she wanted to be an Adult, and look as beautiful as Zeal does or Artina does. Desco climbed into her chair. "Desco talked to Schala and still wants to know more about the Heroes that beat you. Can you tell Desco more about them?"

"I can," Queen Zeal agreed to Desco's request. "From what I have been told, they are time travellers... six of them, not including the accursed Prophet who had betrayed me."

"They all knew magic like those native to my kingdom save for the blond Earthbound One and the crummy looking Golem of theirs," Zeal continued to explain. "One was a humanoid Frog and the rest were human."

Desco nodded. "You fought them across time? Desco's never seen a time machine." That was a troubling thought for Desco. Time Travel would be hard to deal with wouldn't it? Heroes could time travel to any point in Desco's life to attack her. Its not like Desco could burrow herself into a planet for billions of years and only be accessible on specific times and dates to fight. "That must have been difficult to deal with. But you still managed to summon Black Omen? Couldn't the heroes time travel back and stop you?"

"I suppose they could have, but I do not think their time travel allowed for that," Zeal noted about the heroes. "However, my forces had hampered their ability to time travel twice, and Dalton did eventually end up in their time period to deal with three of them though not before they began time traveling."

"However, that was unfortunately after my defeat by their hands," Zeal added, frowning about being defeated by that group.

Desco nodded again, "Final Bosses can only be beaten by Heroes. Thats why Desco wants to know more, she wants to beat lots of heroes before one party beats her." Desco considered it for a moment. "Reincarnating would help you unlock more power to defeat other heroes! Or when you fight them next time, in the next story."

"That is what I am hoping," Zeal noted to Desco after her explaination on the dynamic between Final Bosses and Heroes."The Black Omen was even full of some of the most fearsome creatures throughout time itself, and it was not quite enough to stop them."

"Once they reached my throne room, I gave it my all against them and it was still not enough at the time," Zeal frowned in her thoughts about the various battles those heroes had faced instead the Black Omen. "However, if I become more powerful, I will be able to stop any heroes who challenge me."

Desco put her hands up in the air. "Thats what Desco is trying to do! But Big Bro has bigger expectations for Desco. Desco has to annhillate God! Thats harder than being a Final Boss." Desco rested her arms. "She has to be able to beat Heroes before she can go after God."

"That is a very lofty goal for your brother to assign you to," Zeal said in a very serious tone. "You have not said anything about your family."

"You want to know more about Desco?" Desco thought about it for a few moments to consider what to say. "Desco was created by daddy in the human world. Her purpose was to help Big Sis take over the world! But Desco was only a prototype and lost to her sister Des X. Desco was discarded and sent to the Netherworld, sealed away. Then Big Sis and Mr. Valzy came and unsealed her. Desco lost to them and they weren't even heroes! But Mr. Valzy promised to help Desco and so Desco helped Mr. Valzy and Big Sis take over the Corrupterment." Desco's version of the events are somewhat colored from her point of view. "Desco mades lots of friends in Hades. Eventually Desco helped Mr. Valzy beat Fear the Great. But Big Sis stopped wanting to take over the world so Desco lost the purpose of her existance. Mr. Valzy gave her the new goal of defeating Almighty God, creator and ruler of the entire universe. Thats when Desco decided to call Mr. Valzy Big Bro!"

Zeal was silent for a while, being slightly overwhelmed by the explaination. "It sounds like you had an exciting existence."

"Anything else you wish to know about me or those heroes?" Zeal asks Desco, wondering if the little demon had any more questions.

"Uhh.." Desco brought a finger to her chin, thinking. "That was all." Satisfied with what she knew now, Desco considered what she wanted to do. "Desco wants to go play with Schala more! Desco is friends with her now."

Zeal looked surprised at this question, but it did explain where Schala had been. However, letting Schala play with Desco seemed like a good idea to get on better terms with Schala as well as get Desco to be a closer ally. "Alright, I will allow you to play with my daughter and shall allow my daughter to visit you."
"Okay!" Desco didn't see the need for permission but was happy to have it. Desco brought her arms up in the air. "Desco is going to go find her now!" So the little Final Boss got up and left the room to go search for Schala. Maybe they should explore outside the tower..

"She may be outside the tower!" Zeal told Desco as she left, waving her off. Zeal turned to Dalton, looking rather seriously at Dalton.

"What is it?" Dalton asked Queen Zeal with crossed arms and not looking happy.

"We may need to keep an eye on her," Zeal told Dalton in a serious tone.

Desco was off again to find Schala again to go play and explore. But she wasn't in her room so Desco started wandering hte halls of the Tower by herself. The little Final Boss moved down hall to hall, taking random turns and becoming entirely lost. Until Desco found herself in an area with very big doors that she hadn't seen before. Was this where the Dragons lived? Desco's steps echoed as she ran quickly down the hall with airplane arms, head turning left and right all the way looking at the doors. Ahead the sounds of machines running filled the hall and Desco charged forward to find a door that was open. Her arms dropped to her sides as she peered through the huge door. The high tech machinery being assembled rang a nostalgic nerve in Desco, as it reminded her of one of daddy's workshops. Desco walked slowly inside and looked at the machines around her with intense interest.

Among the other advanced looking machinery within the room, small animals shaped robots roamed about the room, moving machinery and tools all about. One of the robots-a little lady bug like bot (though it wouldn't seem so small to Desco)- drove past Desco, before pausing and moving back in front of her. The robot seemingly stared at her for a moment, before driving off in a hurry. The little ladybug robot stopped beside a round craft that was suspended from the ceiling by a large claw like device, and prodded something underneath it.

"What is it? Can't you see that I'm busy here?," Came the distinctive and somewhat annoyed voice of Doctor Eggman from underneath the craft.

As Desco looked at the strange things inside, she noted the distinct style unlike her father's work. These all looked like animals or based on animals while daddy's work was more stereotypically science fictiony with lots of sleek and sharp designs. A voice tore her away from looking at the machines. "The door was open and Desco wanted to see what was inside!"

Dr. Eggman moved himself out from under the craft and stood up so as to better look at the intruder into his laboratory. Looking over to the door he saw that it was indeed open. “Could’ve sworn I closed that…” He mumbled to himself.

D”r. Eggman then took another look at Desco. “Ah yes, you're the child who talks over the intercom with the clown," Dr. Eggman mused. "Allow me introduce myself. I am Dr. Eggman, the greatest scientist the world has ever known, and soon to be the greatest scientist in the whole multiverse!" Eggman exclaimed with theatrical aplomb.

The tentacled abomination Desco calls Yogsothoth appeared behind her and her tail slithered out from under her skirt. How the tail managed to fit under there as its pratically as big as her was a mystery, but she leaned forward with her arms b behind her. "No you're not! Daddy is the best Scientist!"

"Is he now?" Eggman asked while stroking his mustache. "Has your father built legions of robots loyal to his every whim? Has he built massive airship fleets? Has he created unstoppable orbital fortresses, capable of destroying planets?" Eggman asked, the need to establish himself as the superior scientist rising.

Desco went back to a normal standing position and put her arms up into the air above her. "Daddy had made powerful bodysuits and built several powerful Pirate Ships for Desco and Big Sis! And he created a legion of artificial demons! Most importantly Daddy created Desco and her little sister, Des X! And we are Final Bosses!"

"Artificial demons, you say?" Dr. Eggman asked. "Hmm...that does sound rather interesting," he admitted. He'd never really been to into genetic engineering, but his grandfather, Dr. Gerald Robotnik, had been a respected bio- engineer before GUN had stuck their meddling noses in his business and ruined everything. He actually had a great deal of respect for the science. And that last comment, about her father creating her… “Are you telling me that your father created you through his work in genetic engineering?” The term "final boss" also resonated with him for some reason though.

Desco sprang back on her tail. "Yes! Desco's daddy created Desco. She was created to take over the world for Big Sis!"

"Well, it seems your claims of your father's genius are warranted after all," Dr. Eggman exclaimed, observing Desco more closely. "Creating organic life from scratch is no easy feat."

"Yes!" Desco puffed out her tiny chest. "Desco was strong enough to destroy planets before she came here. Desco thinks she was reincarnated when she was brought here."