I usually post on the music forum. It's nice to meet you.

While you're here, you should recommend me something cool.

!!Here are some pages I created.

* {{Dubstep}}
* ScooterRidingMod
* ComicsRuleEverythingAroundMe
* {{Music/Titus Andronicus}} (the band, not the Shakespeare play)
* {{Skream}}

!!Here is some vandalism.

Hey! I would like to buy HalfLife and... Oh! That steam! That's cool too! --@/WartysNeryon
** Just remembered... Vandalizing again... Just about to crack a [[ValveSoftware Valve]] joke but I already did so. --@/EarlOfSandvich
* TreasurePlanet FTW! :D -@/{{Nekoalexa}}

Daft Punk! I have a poster of them hanging up jere. Love 'em. You've got good taste. {{@/Tre}}

* ^ Seconded. Daft Punk is the shit. And welcome to TvTropes! Remember to pick up the free gift bag and get your hand stamped on the way out.

The faeries welcome you to TvTropes. [[SchmuckBait Come and have something to eat with us.]] - [[@/{{StolenByFaeries}} a faerie]]\\
[[spoiler: The faeries are leaving toads and diamonds.]]
* My avatars welcome you to TVTropes as well. Feel free to ask for any of them. -@/{{Balmung}}

* How'd you like it if 60's Grant Morrison wrote a comic book about Joss Whedon making dubstep in a steampunk world? - [[@/{{YonTroper}} some guy from the forum game]]
** That, sir, would be shamelessly pandering to my interests! But I'd probably read it anyway, cause it's Grant Morrison.
* Your name makes me think of SteamPunk -@/{{rmctagg09}}
** And it makes ''me'' think of [[ValveSoftware Steam]]. --[[@/FuschlatzOReilly Fusch]]
*** And the Victorian Era. -@/{{The Ginkei}}
* [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=12981312040A30560100&page=1 What the hell are all these damn Bollywood movies about?]] --@/SeanMurrayI

* Nice works page you created there. Coffee? *raises flask* - @/{{Bisected8}}
* Ooo, you've done some more. :D - @/{{Bisected8}}

* So, this time, it's vandalism for realsies! -Spray paints all the walls, even the FourthWall.- --@/{{Balmung}}

* Tit for tat. You've shown me your tats, so I'll show you my-Waaaaaitaminute.- --@/{{Sakan4k}}

* I recommend anything by {{Cave}}, {{Treasure}}, and ARC System Works.- --@/{{Tropers/SonicGTR}}

* Gorram Ninja. POST FIRST EDIT LATER. So, keep calm, keep careful under stress, keep a book nearby, and [[{{NCIS}} never forget your knife]] -@/{{Enkufka}}

* Hi, idku, but hai anyways.
** Hello! I recommend OsamuTezukasMetropolis, especially thru Netflix if you use that. ~{{Tropers/Enzeru}}

* POW HA HA! ~ {{Tropers/PippingFool}}

* This needs moar vandals!!! =) - @/VoidsEmpathy

* Yo dog I heard you like {{Dubstep}} so I put Dubstep in yo Dubstep so you can rave while you rave --@/LolipodDistortion

* Now Playing Dissidia012. Player 1: Tifa. Player 2: Random. Player 1: O->O->X->O->O. A combo with a feint, your character is sent flying! -@/{{Enkufka}}

* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyVeQaFGOGo dance or you get the chair leg]]-@/{{Vanthebaron}}

* Behold, the Vandilze-inator! -{{Tropers/RobbieRotten}}

* A can of paint in spray-able form! It's contents are now on your wall forming a benign and friendly greeting. No, I'm not on drugs. -@/{{Sakan4k}}

* BEWARE THE PIGS. ~[[Tropers/TheIndefiniteOne theindefiniteone]]

* Your username reminds me of {{Portal}} in the weirdest way possible. --@/{{Tre}}

* It would be really funny if it turned out that you ''actually are'' steam-powered, because then it would be even funnier when I tell you, "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto" for absolutely no reason at all. --@/SeanMurrayI

* -scribbles on page with a Sharpie- This line is reserved for me and myself only. ~[[Tropers/TheIndefiniteOne theindefiniteone]]

* You have made me the victim of another wormhole. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY. ~[[@/TheIndefiniteOne theindefiniteone]]

* Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! - [[@/AikoHeiwa Aiko Heiwa]]

* Thus begins my thousand year reign of Vandilization!-{{@/Jinjoman}}

* Aha!!!! So @/TheIndefiniteOne has been here, hm? Weeeeellllll.......[[KillItWithFire BURN!!! CLEANSE!!!! MAIM!!!! KILL!!!!]] Just joking here....I think....have a biscuit! - [[@/VoidsEmpathy Eternal Void]]

* I hate to burst your bubble, but someone who manipulates sound is a "Phonourgist." Unless you mean that you read sounds. Or you meant to call yourself a phonomancer... Then I'm a stupid, freakin' idiot and you should never listen to me. Ever. [[SincerityMode Ever.]] - @/KarlKadaver

* Harumph! [[@/AikoHeiwa Aiko Heiwa]]
** HERE I AM AGAIN! [[@/AikoHeiwa Aiko Heiwa]]

* [[DubStep OH MY GOD!]] ~@/{{raigakuren}}