A contributor from Dronfield in the UK, currently [[strike: studying chemistry at Hull University.]] [[strike: failed Uni, looking for a job. [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption Badly.]]]] [[HereWeGoAgain studying game software development at Sheffield Hallam University.]]

A fan of SuperRobotWars, MegaMan, {{Transformers}}, TimeHollow, Many different {{Anime}} (Especially MobileSuitGundam) and {{RPG}}'s; his mission: to add tropes he notices everywhere, while soaking up knowledge [[strike:to take over THE WORLD!]] to use in his own fiction.

Quasi Notable edits:
* Launched the entry on the DS game TimeHollow.
* Launched BraggingThemeTune
* Launched the entry on the {{Homestuck}} ShowWithinAShow SweetBroAndHellaJeff
* Launched a separate character page for Characters/MegaManXCommandMission